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A Invited by Doreen Walker, Lindsay and Derry (see picture) it was a fabulous shopw, which took Pete back to The Sixties, when he played the part of a camp Genie of The Lamp in 'Aladdin' (see picture below).A All the elements were there, spectacular. Below: Pete plays The Genie of The Lamp (arrowed)A Indeed, this was the first panto that Nikki had ever attended.

Marais, and then came an amazing performance from STEVE CLARK, The One Man Orchestra, who got feet tapping in the auditorium with a great medley of Disney favourites on the Organ, then CHARLIE TIPPETT gave a beautiful Heartfelt performance of Don't Cry For me Argentina, from EVITA.A Then the compere introduced DANCE FOR FUN, (pictured right) to a thunderous applause that threatened to bring the house down.

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