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As most of you know, we’ve reviewed all of the Exotic weapons that are currently accessible in Destiny.
This helm will allow you to aim down sights a little better, and which may help you get more damage out of your Super. The other perks on the helm work very well, revolving around your grenades, allowing you to use your Super and melee ability more often. Because this helm increases the Golden Gun zoom, don’t use the Over the Horizon and Deadeye talents.
Whereas the zoom may be beneficial in a select few circumstances, an extra shot will allow you to easily take down at least 1 more enemy, which of course is great in PvP if you miss one of your first three.
The helm will increase your Discipline as well, decreasing grenade cooldown time, which meshes well with the two other perks. Increasing you grenade throw distance is a great help, as it will better your chances of getting grenade kills, which will boost you Super energy charge rate, which then brings you back for more Golden Gun action. In PvP, Mask of the Third Man will allow for a bit more of an extension as well, since every kill won’t be using up as much energy.
Mask of the Third Man, being the only Exotic helm that’s specific to the Bladedancer, is a great choice if you enjoy that subclass. Mask of the Third Man will also increase your Intellect, increasing  the passive charge of your Super. Cosmetically, it’s got a Hive-esque design, and the three glowing eyes even change color depending on if you are a male or female. Each of the Knucklehead Radar‘s perks are great in their own way, though it may serve you best in PvE. It’s going to provide you a lot of Strength, which works well with the Light the Blade perk, allowing you to use your melee ability even more.
Being able to see your radar while ADS lends itself well to all playstyles, and all formats of the Crucible.
In PvP you’re left with the increased awareness from your radar and a melee cooldown from grenade damage. This helm can become a crutch too if you rely on it, and after changing to something else, you may have to rethink your playstyle. Knucklehead Radar isn’t worth passing on completely, but ask yourself: Do you really think Sensor Pack will benefit you in PvE? Big Game: Golden Gun fires one shot, delivering 6x damage, while granting Keyhole for overpenetration. The Nighthawk provides “Big Game,” which has your Golden Gun deliver 6 times the damage of a single Golden Gun shot, while limiting your Golden Gun magazine to only one bullet. However, this damage will be limited to a single target, removing what was arguably Golden Gun’s greatest niche in add-disposal. Multiple shots also possess the capacity to take better advantage of Combustion, whose mini explosions can quickly match the power of the Nighthawk. Its pure Intellect, Ashes to Asset, and Inverse Shadow are the best possible combination of stats and perks to get you Golden Gun as fast as possible. Golden Gun is already a one-hit kill, so this helmet provides no utility outside of its pure Intellect and Ashes to Asset.
This new Exotic provides “Stalker” for either the Gunslinger or Bladedancer, while additionally granting an amped up version of Backstab (4x damage) for any melee from behind, plus a damage over time effect (not mentioned in the tooltip).
The fact is that you simply won’t be behind enemies frequently enough to be dropping them like flies with your melee. Pure Strength is great for giving your your special melee ability back, and that’s about it. Stalker has always been somewhat of a gimmick, especially when it requires surrendering Hungering Blade and usually means full invisibility as a build.
Gunslingers already have Triple Jump, but could possibly benefit from the Bones of Eao by upgrading their very own Double Jump.
Blinkers beware, “Boners” (okay, no, we won’t call them that) are going to be a handful. Again, jumping is only as useful as the player who initiates it, so your mileage will most certainly vary. You can go with Shoulder Charge or Juggernaut knowing you’ll be sponging plenty of damage when unleashing your Fist of Havoc.
Both Shoulder Charge and Unstoppable are must-haves for PvP, and the Eternal Warrior won’t force you to pick between either. Unfortunately, Inverse Shadow is actually useless, and Infusion is pretty close to it, so if you’re gonna go with the Warrior, it will have to be because you desperately want Shoulder Charge and Unstoppable. The second example of a damage-proc’d Exotic Ability, the Wrath Conductors dish out Arc AoE damage following any melee damage taken by the Guardian wearing them. Nightfalls with Lightswitch, level 34+ PoE with Lightswitch are going to be no-nos for these gauntlets.
Besides the Wrath Conductors, the Gauntlets run a split-stat profile of Intellect and Strength, which is not too shabby for Strikers, and quite good for Defenders.
However, outside of punching, punching, and more punching, the Feedback Fence should be sidelined. As it stands, they shoehorn you into using Shoulder Charge in order to deal more damage to one target at most every 4-to-5 seconds. Thankfully, you’re at least left with pure Intellect if your knee tires of constant, deadening impacts.
Really the only thing holding Scatter Grenades back has been the inaccuracy of the dispersal of their mini-grenades, but now you have a barrage of lethal purple frags ready to kill anything they touch.
Energy Projection allows pinpoint precision in placing these pesky projectiles, and Innervation is a situationally useful way of regenerating Grenade Energy quickly in an orb-heavy fireteam. If Scatter Grenades indeed turn out to be super Axion Bolts, the Nothing Manacles will be something to  be very wary of. The Purifier Robes are the Sunsinger Exotic to have, especially in that they’re the only Sunsinger-specific Exotic that is coming with House of Wolves. What’s more is that it forces your Sunsinger to run Fireborn, and requires dying in order to use. There’s a whole lot to be excited about, even with a dud like Peregrine Greaves in the mix. Similar to Light Beyond Nemesis, the Apotheosis Veil is equipped with Infusion which regenerates your heath when picking up orbs.
Uniquely, this helmet is equipped with the Private Reserves perk that triggers health regeneration when Super abilities are activated.
Private Reserves is one of those perks that can potentially save your life and turn around and engagement, equally useful in PvP and PvE, but is a perk that will only benefit you in a few situations.
While Fireborn Sunsingers won’t find much use in the Apotheosis Veil, a Voidwalker or Radiant Skin Sunsinger’s can make interesting changes to their playstyle with it.
Private Reserves is a niche perk, but it can be worked into pretty much any playstyle with ease.

Apotheosis Veil will give you Discipline, decreasing the grenade cooldown, which goes well with the Serpent’s Tail talent. Light Beyond Nemesis is another subclass-neutral helm.  It shares the Keeper of the Pack perk with Crest of Alpha Lupi, allowing you to really support your teammates.
The Keeper of the Pack won’t affect the countdown timer in raids, but it does help when physically standing over someone and holding the revive button.
Ultimately this is a decent helm for personal support, but with Infusion and Keeper of the Pack, the perks just are too niche to qualify this helm for general use. Even though Light Beyond Nemesis is subclass-neutral, it’s really outclassed by every other helm, and should be replaced if possible. Do you love using Nova Bomb? Insatiable will decrease the cooldown on your Nova Bomb every time you kill something with it, which sometimes can allow your Super to recharge instantly.
It’s recommended that you use Bad JuJu with Obsidian Mind, as kills with that weapon will further increase your Super recharge speed! Finally, the increased grenade throw distance… this perk feels out of place on this helm, but is a nice quality of life addition if your gloves don’t happen to have it. This is definitely one of the best Exotic pieces for the Warlock, even though it looks bland, it’s absolutely worth using. Quintessence Transfer – Replenish Super energy when you kill an enemy with a grenade. If you’d like to use your grenades and Super a lot, the Skull of Dire Ahamkara will allow you to throw grenades further, which hopefully results in more kills. This helm will give you Intellect, increasing the passive charge of your Super, which meshes well with the other two perks. Until the House of Wolves is released, there’s 2 Exotic gauntlets for each class, and this article will analyze each of them. With No Backup Plans, your melee strikes can fortify you with a Force Barrier, giving you extra durability in combat.
With Rain Blows you are going to have an increased melee attack so when you run into multiple enemies, these gauntlets can help you make quick work of them. The cosmetics for these gauntlets are very unique with their purple holographic illumination; they highlight the wearer well.
The Strength from it will reduce the cooldown of your melee ability; we all know a Titan loves to melee! Obviously in PvP enemies don’t drop heavy ammo automatically, so these would be best in PvE, though you could still benefit from the other 2 perks.
Young Ahamkara’s Spine will double the time your the tripmine lasts for, just like the Sunbreakers with the Solar grenade. What is also great on these is the Ashes to Asset perk, which gives you more super energy for grenade kills. These gauntlets lose some credibility in PvE as Tripmine grenades are not a popular choice due to their singular targeting habits and are usually swapped out with something that provides more  area of effect damage. These are OK gauntlets, but ultimately we recommended that you wait for an Exotic helm such as Achlyophage Symbiote.
If you wanted to, you could solo the first part of Crota’s End without breaking a sweat! The other perks are fairly standard for Exotic gear: Inverse Shadow will give you a great boost for PvE when you want to get those Supers back extra quick.
These gauntlets are more orientated around PvE, since Guardians usually only melee when they are going in for the kill, so keep that in mind. Don’t be fooled by the preview: You will be presented with a pretty boring shoulder plate, but on the right shoulder, you have a large scarab-esque mandible extruding upwards. An additional Solar grenade with Gift of the Sun is crucial if you want to take advantage of Sunbreakers‘ perks. The Warlock melee is arguably the most versatile in Destiny, and having two charges that can be doled out faster than normal makes it even better.
Having a perk benefit both subclasses is very rare with Exotic pieces of gear,and it’s nice because you can choose which you prefer.
Cosmetic wise, they cover the forearm with elegantly placed feathers and the Claw upon the shoulder is a very impressive and visually appealing. Built from a Golden Age combat pilot sensorium, it orients the brain during sharp maneuvers.
Only use this if you’re going to accurately use your grenades liberally, or actually think the zoom is helpful. This will help you get grenade kills further away, and if you’re able to kill enemies with your grenades, you can use your Super a little quicker. Mask of the Third Man‘s unique ability is reduces the amount of Super energy used when attacking with Arc Blade. You’re going to always make use out of the Switchblade perk since you’ll undoubtedly be using your melee a lot. Furthermore, Sensor Pack will rarely be necessary in PvE, making it basically useless in PvE. For newer players this is a wonderful helm to use until you have better map knowledge and awareness.
We’ve seen some changes from the original data-mined set, but overall the forecast is similar. If you can line up your target with a couple others though, it’s GG indeed for the Nighthawk.
You can abandon Combustion for Deadeye or Gunfighter (recommended) for the fastest cooldown on GG imaginable. It can probably be used in place of Stalker on a Bladedancer too, freeing up Hungering Blade or Encore. Consider it a slight boost that can start off an engagement with some early burst, and nothing more. They’re especially tricky to assess, as the usefulness of a third jump is almost entirely relegated into the realm of player preference.
The Gunslinger’s Triple Jump is already very tricky to anticipate in the Crucible, and this high-flying alternative will likely prove just as confounding to players who tire of having to jerk their reticle around to track the elusive Hunter.
It offers the simple gift of Unstoppable, and if that’s not enough, you also get to wear the head of a statue – so, you know, there’s that! Like the stalwart and impassive face of the statue you’ll be inhabiting, you will be indomitable and well-equipped for any situation, even if you lack the flash of a truly fun Exotic perk.
You can face a Felwinter’s Lie buckshot blast to the face and live with Unstoppable, and Shoulder Charge is a one-hit killer that  is a delight to land. Other benefits include being able to stand still and having your opponents think you’re just a harmless statue – maybe. However, we could easily see the fun in taking them into the Abyss in Crota’s End to teach those thralls a lesson. What’s more is they offer a bonus brand new perk in Brawler’s Charge, which acts like a permanent Amplify by offering extra Super Energy for every melee kill!

Even if you are, there’s no way these can be worth trading off Ruin Wings, the Armamentarium, or even either of the two Exotics above.
You’re going to want to be letting your frustration out early and often with Fist of Havoc, and Intellect is just the stat to help you do it.
The added Strength, while not necessarily ideal, could mean even more Life Steal, or Soul Rip to earn some extra Super Energy. You should theoretically be able to win most melee duels by simply regenerating health every time you make contact. With Bloom, each could create a flowering void explosion that catches more unwary enemies in its ensuing blast radius. Grenades are a constant threat in the Crucible, and the Voidwalker has most often had to rely on Axion Bolt for cleanup, or Vortex Grenades for spotty area denial in Control.
They’re going to be the very first Exotic example of a split-stat piece of Chest Armor, which is very exciting for the potentially sky-high roll quality. It’s very rare that a Sunsinger is in immediate danger of being insta-killed upon being reborn from the dead, and the ability to temporarily stun foes (we predict it will be similar to the Starless Night effect) will be only marginally useful in most situations, and perhaps only uniquely suited to a very select few. Yes, you could tactically allow yourself to be downed in the midst of a horde of enemies, but this is only really useful one or two times before your team starts wondering why you aren’t just staying alive and popping skulls from a safe distance.
The Purifier Robes are going to be a very tactical choice in any PvP arena, causing mayhem and confusion as you pop back up in glorious golden light to rain fiery death upon those who thought to spoil your fun.
Are there any Exotics here that catch your eye, or was there a perk that looked particularly appealing? Any melee damage causes a boost in the recharge of your grenades; you don’t even have to land a kill to get more energy. In Crota’s End hard mode, this perk plus Infusion will allow you to easily regenerate health and is perfect for the Crota encounter.
Snap discharge is great to have, allowing you to come out on top in a melee fight, and is the one perk that saves this helm from getting a lower score.
It entirely revolves around giving you a large up-time up the Energy Drain buff, which will give you more grenades (leading to more kills).
Energy Projection definitely isn’t the most useful perk to have though, and may never even help you. Depending on the talents you choose in your skill tree, you can have a regenerating FB, more reload speed or more Orbs of Light generated per use. It gives you a huge edge since you will have an endless stream of heavy ammunition at your disposal. Amazingly designed, engraved armour plates make your titan look broader and more prestigious.
With Tripmines this is especially useful, lasting a total of 30 seconds, if you’ve got enough Disipline you can breifly have 2 out at once! From the spooky moving spine on the arm, to the vicious and intimidating skull on the shoulder, it’s no surprise why most people use these as their Cosplay inspiration. It’s insanely good in certain situations, and allows you to do things you could never do before. When you are struck by melee, you are granted 3 seconds of invisibility (6 seconds using Shadowjack). With increased reload speed for Snipers, Fusion’s and Shotguns, you are given another all-round great boost. Song of Flame and Radiant Will are also great as they will have Radiance last longer and have your grenades recharge faster. More control over areas and more damage output for your grenades. The Solar grenade can be useful in encounters when enemies come through predictable chokepoints, and for bosses that have multiple points that can be damaged simultaneously such as the Devil Walker.
It maintains a perfect balance between the two, so players have complete flexibility over which class to play and won’t be left with a useless Exotic if they wish to change subclass. This is an undeniably creative new boon for the Gunslinger, but is instantly polarizing for both PvE and PvP. Yes, you’ll get Golden Gun quickly, but your only chance at a multi-kill is to hope a few Guardians line themselves up. The invisibility is going to make or break these Gauntlets, so if it’s not up your alley, the melee is probably not going to change your mind.
Throw in free Backstab and you’ll have a class other Guardians might actually fear come Trials of Osiris. Do you want to have the maximum distance available to Fist of Havoc – or be a death defying bullet sponge while you’re dropping the hammer?
It will be interesting to see if they also reliably stagger melee-range foes, as this could be an underrated buff to survivability.
Barring any significant changes to its deadliness in PvP, the only possible reason to use the Peregrine Greaves in the Crucible is for their pure Intellect and requisite Heavy Ammo buff. Scholar’s Draw will only proc on kill, but may prove to stack with Soul Rip, for giant chunks of Super Energy at opportune moments.
They could easily replace Axion Bolt as the go-to grenade for those Voidwalkers lucky enough to wield the Nothing Manacles, and having two at the start of any instance would just be icing on the cake.
The only downside is that they force you into using Scatter Grenades, and are thus build-restrictive. Scatter Charge will make Scatter Grenades a bit of a jack of all-trades, and you should be maxing your Discipline to embrace your build if you choose to wear them. We can practically see the ToO Purifier Robes montage videos, in which a gloating fireteam is quickly brought back down to earth by an enterprising Sunsinger, both blinding and finishing them off simultaneously. If you’re a Defender, and don’t have any Defender-specific Exotics (such as Helm of Saint-14), then pick these up. You will almost never have the need to burn through Heavy ammo synthesis packs since you’ll be consistently picking up ammo. These gauntlets are easily identifiable and are bound to make you stand out among the crowd, with a very similar design as the Mk.
There is no cool down either, so the moment you are exposed, you are lined up for yet another vanishing act the next time you’re struck.
Unfortunately, even 4x melee damage from behind is not enough for us to really recommend going full-melee on either Bladedancer or Gunslinger.
Still, a lot could change in an upcoming patch, but just be aware that they look like one of the worst Exotics to ever hit Destiny. Honestly, unless you can answer with an emphatic “yes” to at least two of these, the Bones are probably just gonna remain a cool collectable.

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