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Your best bet in treating cold sores is to increase your consumption of vitamin supplements.
You know that it's great to learn about new advances in health, and better ways that scientists and researchers are developing for us to live better, but what really drives the point home--helps us to appreciate these things more that personal stories and experiences?If you (or someone close to you) has had personal experience with what you've been reading about on this page, why not add your story to the record? Cold sore zapper is an electronic device that uses proven concept in treating fever blisters. By using the narrow waveband of light, your immune system can work on a higher efficiency rate against the herpes simplex virus. For best results, you should use the cold sore zapping machine the moment you feel the tingling sensation. According to a research on treatment of herpes labialis with 1072 nm narrow waveband light, just a single 5 minutes application can send the virus into remission in less than 5 days.

As a result, this accelerates the healing process and decreases the duration of the episode. Not only you will experience fewer outbreaks and quicker relief, but also shorter duration and reduced frequency. If you don’t want to spend so much money in this electronic portable device, then you can consider homemade cold sore zapper. Why do you want to pay through your nose for expensive prescriptions that you only use once?
What if there is a single application that would eliminate the herpes symptoms in lesser time? After the episode is over, the virus will remain dormant until something trigger them to attack again.

Most of these results are seen when they apply the electrical treatment as soon as the tingling sensation is felt. As a clinically proven solution, it can speed up the healing process and get your life back in lesser time.

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