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Please note that we are unable to respond back directly to your questions or provide medical advice. This entry was posted in paleo and tagged coffee, eczema, itchy blisters, raw goat milk on August 20, 2012 by nathalie. Note: Some of the information in the database (mole size and comments) is provided by the owners of the images. I was driving back home the other day and when I arrived at home, I noticed my forearm had a skin rash in the form of red bumps on it. They feel like a small ball and can usually be moved around slightly.Insect stings and bites are often itchy and swollen.

I thought I was getting warts all over my hands, but luckily I think it’s just blisters.
I have attached a picture of the red bumps on my forearm to better show readers what this skin rash looks like. I have some leftover maple cream cheese frosting from her birthday cake that needs to get eaten, so I’ll use that for a topping for the kids.
Then, yesterday, I noticed I had the same thing on my shoulder but the skin bumps are not raised they do not itch. Here are some pictures, I didn’t use any filters on them as I wanted them to be accurate, except for the foot one.

I just got back from a barefoot walk (which felt so good on my itchy, blistered feet!) and I was hoping I could filter them enough to look clean. I had had a glass of milk Saturday morning, and again last night before bed, not thinking anything of it.

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