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In 1971 the Lafayette Center for Medical Education (LCME) at Purdue University was established as one of seven regional campuses offering courses in the first year curriculum of the Indiana University School of Medicine. The Indiana University Center for Aging Research was established in 1997 through collaboration between Indiana University, the Indiana University School of Medicine, and the Regenstrief Institute, Inc.
We have remained true to our spirit of cooperation by producing world-class interdisciplinary research that informs the scientific community, partners with providers, and betters the lives of patient and lay communities. Medical students and faculty at IU School of Medicine-South Bend recently raised about $3,600 to benefit St.
This is the third year AMWA has sponsored a fund-raiser to benefit a local community agency, with this year’s recipient being St. AMWA members raised about $2,400 by selling beads at sporting events and hosting a discount restaurant night at Five Guys on Eddy Street. The Stache Bash closing ceremony was supported by Jimmy Johns and Papa Vinos, who provided food for more than 100 guests.
INDIANAPOLIS -- The Indiana University School of Medicine and its affiliated hospitals boosted the area economy by an estimated $7.96 billion in 2008, according to a study released by the Association of American Medical Colleges. Altogether, the association's member medical schools and teaching hospitals had a combined economic impact of $512 billion and accounted for more than 3.3 million full-time jobs in the 46 states (and the District of Columbia) where the association's member schools are located. The IU School of Medicine and its affiliated teaching hospitals -- Clarian Health, Roudebush Veterans Administration Hospital and Wishard Health Services -- accounted for more than 52,000 full- and part-time jobs, according to the report.
The report estimates that spending by out-of-state patients and their visitors from outside Indiana totaled $56 million, not including money spent directly at the hospitals or the school itself.

The AAMC report, "The Economic Impact of AAMC-Member Medical Schools and Teaching Hospitals," does not include the economic impact of patient care-related spending at hospitals, nor does it account for the economic benefits of physician training programs and community service programs. May 14, 2014by Kevin FrylingOne of the best ways to get to know someone is to come together over a meal, which is why the head of the IU School of Medicine has chosen supper as the way to meet those whose futures are formed under his leadership.
Some of the topics discussed at the first session with fourth-year medical students were the dean's vision for the future of the IU School of Medicine as well as advice for new physicians entering the next phase of their careers. The opportunity to meet directly with the leader of the second-largest medical school in the country was also a learning experience for the first-year medical students who participated in April's session.
Margaret’s House during a fall fund-raiser sponsored by the American Medical Women’s Association.
Margaret’s House attended the final event—Stache Bash—which included a dinner, a raffle for gift baskets and the crowning of the 2012 Stache Bash king.
Margaret’s House, a day center for women and children that provides hot meals, hot showers, parenting and financial classes, and other services to impoverished women and children in the South Bend community. Additional funds were raised money through "Penny Wars," in which each participant had a milk jug to collect money, with pennies adding to the overall “tally” and silver coins and dollar bills subtracting from the “tally.” The participant who had the largest tally at the end of the contest, Dr.
Pradhow sported an impressive “stache” by the end of the month, Kerr joked that  Erynn Thinnes, a second-year medical student at the IU School of Medicine-South Bend, boasted the “craziest” facial hair. More than 20 local business also donated items to be given away in gift baskets, including Advanced Ophthalmology of Michiana, Biggby Coffee, The Body Shop, Build-a-Bear, Camelia Cosmetics, Chippewa Bowl, Chipotle, Family Video, Five Guys, Hot Box Pizza, Kilwin’s, Martin’s McAlister’s, Movie 6 Mishawaka, Papa Vino’s, Schutz Brothers Inc., Starbucks, Target and Urban Swirl. Physicians providing care at those hospitals include IU School of Medicine doctors and residents, young physicians who are receiving training in their areas of specialty.

According to the Indiana Clinic physician group, patients traveled to Indianapolis for care by IU School of Medicine physicians from the 49 other states, Puerto Rico, the U.S. According to the report, every dollar spent by a medical school or teaching hospital indirectly generates an additional $1.30 when it is "re-spent" on other businesses or individuals. Hess also talked about the "dynamics of the mentor-mentee relationship" and his own path to serving as the 10th dean of the IU School of Medicine.
He plans to a pursue a fellowship in pediatric cardiology with a focus in public health after his time as a pediatric resident at Children's Hospital Colorado, so the subject held a special interest for him. Some female participants in Stache Bash also got into the spirit by sporting elaborate artificial facial hair. Each day from mid-October until the Stache Bash closing ceremony, Thinnes added material to a felt mustache on her upper lip, concluding in an elaborately styled facial coiffe to rival that of a silent film villain. Hess' own time as a resident, such as a memorable moment when the chair of his department invited him to participant in an important meeting with faculty and administrators. At the start of his career, he never anticipated taking on such a leadership role, but he approaches it with excitement and a sense of great responsibility. In addition, AWMA members have volunteered their time at the charity’s clothing exchange program.

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