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A lamp that destroys skin cancer cells leaving little if any scarring could revolutionise treatment for thousands of patients. It can be used to treat all non life-threatening skin cancers, which account for 95% of the 40,000 new cases diagnosed each year in the UK. Its inventor said that it is at least as effective as conventional treatments, but is quicker, cheaper, less painful and easier to use.
Skin cancer is the most widespread of all cancers and the number of sufferers is increasing at the fastest rate. It has three forms - two that can be treated easily and are unlikely to be fatal, and a third, malignant melanoma, that is rarer but much more aggressive. Dr Colin Whitehurst, of the Christie Hospital Manchester, developed the photodynamic therapy lamp to treat the less harmful types - basal cell carcinomas and squamous cell carcinomas. Irene Tomlinson, 54, from Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, was one of the first patients to undergo the treatment.
The treatment was developed at Christie Hospital in ManchesterShe developed lesions in the early 1980s. She said she was left with disabling pain that forced her to give up her job, holidays and social life.

She now has some normal skin growth on her lower leg and a painful 6mm growth on her little finger has been reduced to nothing. A light sensitive cream is applied to the affected patches of skin several hours before the lamps are used. However, when light from the PDT lamp, similar to a laser beam, is shone on the treated area the protoporphyrin kills off cancerous cells. Patients undergoing the treatment require no injections or surgery, need far fewer sessions to achieve results and can attend as day patients.
At Academic & Aesthetic Dermatology Consultants, we provide the highest quality of care while making you feel at home.
At our San Diego Dermatology Clinic, we see you at your convenience, even the same day you call for an appointment. We don't want you to suffer needlessly when we can usually offer a dermatological skin treatment the same day.
This offers peace of mind that when you have a skin condition, you can be seen promptly by Dr. Tip: To turn text into a link, highlight the text, then click on a page or file from the list above.

Magnesium is important element that help human to lose weight and most of plants are green because of the magnesium element are there that’s how you will notices. Normally the body converts this to a substance called protoporphyrin and filters it out of the system. It forms a crust and under that it gets to work, rebuilding the skin until it's as good as new. Using a laser would bring direct heat to the cancer tumors and either shrink them and or basically destroy the cancer all together.
Magnesium reacts only some metals or not at all with most of the acid like phenols, hydrocarbons, aldehides, alcohols, amines, and esters. There is sometimes a wait once you're there, but he's the only dermatologist around who will accept same day appointments.

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