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Abuja, Friday, July 13, 2012: As many as 200 villagers trying to scoop up fuel from an overturned tanker were killed in southern Nigeria on Thursday, when the petrol carrying vehicle exploded in a horrific inferno.
The incident occurred in a village of the southern Rivers state where people had rushed to collect petrol that had spilled from a tanker that had overturned. Eyewitnesses said the fuel-laden tanker skidded off the road, spilling its contents, while trying to avoid a head-on collision with a Toyota Corolla car. A spark led to a fire that engulfed the area, killing scores of villagers and injuring many others. National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) spokesman, Yushua Shuaib, had told a news agency earlier that the death toll was 95 with 18 injuries in the accident. The Kobe Bryant latest news involves the Basketball superstar in a major injury which lead him to be put under surgery, and ultimately putting him away from the court for nine months. The 36-year-old basketball player has had a successful surgery involving his right rotator cuff. To add to the latest Kobe Bryant news, Lakers' General Manager Mitch Kupchak said that he doesn't think Bryant will retire anytime soon, and is expecting him to return to play on the court with the rest of his team mates come next season. According to ESPN, Kupchak said, "I don't think he's retiring, he said he's looking forward to training camp. The General Manager also added that he expects Kobe to use the whole of nine months for his recover.
He said, "He'll be in a brace and it will be an awkward-looking brace, I think that would prevent him from doing anything for quite some time in terms of being able to use your lower body.
Diabetes is spreading its tentacles slowly and gradually and a lot of factors are responsible for the increases in the number of people being afflicted by this lifestyle disease. According to a latest research conducted in this field suggests using light beam for measuring sugar in blood through the skin which will require pricks on the finger just for the purpose of calibration.
Also, continuous monitoring of blood sugar is far better than checking it at certain intervals.

Many companies are striving hard to develop blood sugar monitors that require no blood-letting.
In GlucoLight device, a sensor is used for scanning using which is done using infrared light. Public Health England has today released Everybody Active Every Day (EAED), a framework for national and local action to address the national physical inactivity epidemic. The framework sets out a vision where physical activity is fun, easy and affordable and exercise and recreation is available to every community across England. Active Society: Create a radical attitude change to make the active choice the easiest choice. Moving Professionals: Activate the large network of public facing professionals to spread the word to make physical activity the social norm. Active Environments: Create environments to support physical in daily lives by re-shaping existing environments. Progress will be measured at population, organisation, programme and individual level based on the percentages of physically inactive and physically active adults in England.
The framework sets out a long term vision and resources to support this vision will be updated. The Dental Health Foundation website makes use of cookies to make the site better, find out more. A government official said he had counted 200 dead bodies in the fire accident that happened near Mbiama in Ahoada West Local Government Area. But Rivers State Commissioner for Health, Sampson Parker, said he counted more 200 corpses at Ahoada General Hospital.
The projected time for his recovery is nine months, considering everything goes well for him. But at some point in time, his shoulder will get to the point where he can jog and do treadmill and do things on the court.

It is very important to keep this disease under control lest it has a lot of negative impacts on the body.
For this reason, monitors needs to be hooked up with insulin pumps thereby ensuring people getting insulin as and when they may need it, 24×7. As much as possible, pre-existing assets should be maximised as opposed to making new investments. The first of these resources What works – the evidence sets out an evidence base of what works to get people active at a population scale.
It is important that you act quickly and follow the recommendations above so why not print the poster and display it where you can access it easily. Regular monitoring of diabetes is essential and for that purpose, there are various tests available which can also be conducted in the comfortable confines of a home. These days, the current devices that are available require only a thin needle that is inserted under the skin.
This is the reason why people suffering from diabetes who also require regular insulin shots need to check the level of blood sugar several times in a day. A cuff worn on the finger is used in OrSense device that restricts flow of blood periodically like checking blood pressure.
It also uses a sensor for the detection of signals that are blood specific using infrared light which is transmitted in the finger.
New model being developed by the company will allow patients to wear them on their wrists just like a wrist watch.

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