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EditSynopsisThe Futaba Detective Agency, being run by Rentarou, who has taken over the family business, after his father's death 3 weeks ago. My biggest problem with a lot of anime is that I have to force myself not to fast forward past a lot of scenes.
Futakoi Alternative is a funny action-filled series which manages to maintain a deep, gripping story despite it's unrealistic setting. Futakoi Alternative tells the story of one Rentarou Futaba, self-employed as a detective (more-or-less), and his twin assistants, Sara and Soujyu Shirogane. Once you hit episode 5, you may start to really notice that Futakoi Alternative is not much of a comedy anymore.
Then, after establishing a realistic and solidly depressing mood, Futakoi Alternative suddenly (and I mean SUDDENLY) switches back to its original state. The unfortunate flip-side to this is that all these extraordinary touches can produce heightened expectations for the show. The background music of Futakoi Alternative varies a great deal in terms of both style and quality. The opening theme starts off as a sort of synth-pop-orchestral piece, but quickly switches to hard rock.
The ending theme changes briefly about two-thirds of the way into the show to a different arrangement of the same song with just piano and vocals.
I just have to mention the music that plays during the preview segment at the very end of each episode. Sara and Soujyu are certainly based on the tsundere and yamato nadeshiko archetypes, but they are never slaves to them. Precisely WHY the twins and Rentarou happen to interact in this mutually-self-actualizing way is unclear, but this complaint is inane.
Futakoi Alternative is immensely (and surprisingly) enjoyable to watch, although for different reasons at different points in the series.
If you can tolerate that structural problem, Futakoi Alternative has some extraordinary qualities.
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Ask your guests to write their message on a little wooden heart and drop it in the top of the frame.
How about asking your guests to write you suggestions for your bucket list, they can comes up with their own suggestions, write them on a card and pop them in a larger bucket or mailbox.

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With our latest collection we know that with you have all the details you need create the wedding of your dreams. The beauty of alternative dance and the alternative dance music movement is that it spawned other subgenres, all of which remain popular today due to these alternative dance bands.So, what are the best alternative dance bands?
When watching the first episode, I really had no idea where the story was going, but believe me, I wanted to know! He's tough and can be hilarious, but he has his inner demons and doubts which makes him into more than a simple harem character. After watching the first episode, which was a very fun action-comedy episode (think shows like _Excel Saga_), I thought that all it had to do was keep that up and FA would rank as an unjustly forgotten show. Some episodes make no sense, like the one with the twin teachers (what on earth was that about).
As far as we can tell, more of them continue to play than have (permanently) called it quits, from stalwarts like Pearl Jam and Red Hot Chili Peppers to one-hit wonders such as Dishwalla and Primitive Radio Gods. All of the best alt dance bands are on this list and you won't be surprised to see the likes of New Order - the alternative dance pioneers - along with the likes of 1990s alt dance icons The Prodigy,  Hot Chip and Justice on this list. Not only this, but the brilliant mix of action and comedy had me wondering where those 20 minutes had gone.
Even though Futakoi Alternative starts out as a cheerful series, it develops into something deeper, more heart gripping, however, it does all this without losing it's original feel.
After your wedding your can hang the frame on the wall and it’ll make a lovely wedding keepsake. All of these great alt dance artists were at some point the biggest dance music band and made waves on rock radio. Even though I was stunned after the first episode, one question had me worried, would the remaining episodes be as enjoyable?
Also, without spoiling too much, it really does feel like this anime wraps things up nicely in the end, something that a lot of good animes fails with. The action plot may be worse; at first I thought it was supposed to be some sort of hyper-dramatic fantasy rendering of some minor detective incidents because there was no overlap between the two plots and the world-building seemed competent, but then I realized no, it was serious, the strange super-powered squid was actually the action plot and then the plots *merge* upon ludicrous fiat. The problem is that the realistic romance plot seriously stumbled, and then was compromised further by connecting to the action plot, which is ultimately not dynamic or funny enough to work: protagonists hopping in a biplane to Germany is not cool, it is stupid.

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