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Promeat Plus, a highly effective and natural safeguard specifically designed for meat applications, provides advanced protection with half the quantity versus Sodium lactate. Erythritol is a new and unique natural polyol bulk sweetener,which is suitable for a variety of reduced- calorie and sugar-free foods. Inthaco is a company specialize in Spray Drying extract powder from fruit, vegetable and grains such as lime, pineapple, pandan, black rice and etc. MultiromeA® LS from DSM is a low Cost In Use yeast extract generating strong umami taste providing flavoring and seasoning developers the opportunity to meet current consumer demands for intense taste, indulgence, salt reduction and naturalness without compromising on the quality of products or affecting their profitability. A non-dairy base powder blend to be mixed with warm water, producing a liquid recombined sweetened condensed filled milk, to be used as is or mixed with coffee, chocolate and other beverages, just like dairy recombined sweetened condensed milk. Lactalis Ingredients WPC80 (Regular, Instant, Heat Stable), versatile & high protein source brings functional & nutritional properties in Infant formula, Dairy product, Health Foods & Bakery.
Gelatin (or gelatine) is a translucent, colorless, brittle (when dry), flavorless solid substance, derived from collagen obtained from various animal by-products.
As milk is essential but difficult to access when prices start soaring, METAROM developed a station to make it available to everyone.
A non-dairy base powder blend to be mixed with cool water producing a liquid non-dairy cream to be whipped and used as topping, garnish or decoration, in many food applications, just like dairy cream.
Dextrasol is a Dextranase based product whicha€™s applied in sugar industry to minimize yield losses due to impact of Dextrans. Synthetic Colours for food, pharmaceuticals, color cosmetics, personal care, ink plastics and industrial applications. We are the leading manufacturer in China and specialize in producing High Fructose Corn (Starch) Syrup-55, High Fructose Corn (Starch) Syrup-42. Natural Vitamin K2 from Natto, The product specification is from 1000ppm to 4500ppm, in both powder and oil forms.
Sucralose is non- caloric, high-intensity sweetener derived from real sugar through a multi-step process.
Spice Oleoresins, Essential oils, Natural colors, Organic certified extracts, FAIR TRADE Certified extracts, super critical fluid (co2) extracts, Beverage flavoring, Health ingredients, Spray dried and Encapsulated products, granulated products, Herb extracts, floral extracts, dry fruit extracts, resinoids, green spice extracts, roasted and fried spice extracts, Vanilla extracts, ETC. In 2014, a stray cat (or at least it seems to be a stray) at a Bulgarian seaside town of Varna made headlines due to his green colour. The "green kitten" was caused by water pollution not a mutation; her colour faded when she was no longer exposed to the polluted water.
Cat lovers hoping for a new colour which could be passed on by breeding were sadly disappointed - the picture on the right is an artist's impression only. The green colouration did in fact turn out to be due to the high copper content in water in the area - this had caused a verdigris effect on the kitten's grey fur. British scientists at the Roslin Institute produced fluorescent green pigs and chickens using a lentivirus to introduce the green fluorescent protein gene (GFP) from jellyfish.
In October 2008, scientists announced "Mr Green Genes" a transgenic ginger tabby cat that glows green under UV light. Because of the way the tortoiseshell colour is inherited, all tortie and calico cats should be female.
Pandora (owned by Bill B, Granby, MA, USA) is a brindled cat with what appears to be an unusual mutation.
Antiquarian accounts must always be taken with a pinch of salt since facts may be obscured by mythology. The trait, if it is more than a folktale, has vanished and no such cats have been reported in recent times. Not quite an all-black Siamese cat, but certainly worth of mention is the black-tongued black cat owned by Nickolas Heckman. Old Thai writings are littered with strange coloured cats; for example the "Ratana Kampon", a pink cat with a band around its body. Some Oriental breeds carry dilute modifier genes which change a cream colour into a pinkish cream called "apricot". In 2005, a 9 year old white cat called Brumas turned pink after going out for a walk near his home in Bratton Clovelly, Devon, England. In 2010 The owner of a pink cat got into trouble after she dyed her white cat cat, named Oi! In 2011 four abandoned four-week old kittens were found at Ladds concrete factory in Redruth, Cornwall. Leukoderma ("white skin"), leukotrichia ("white hair") or vitiligo, is a cosmetic condition that produces a "cobweb" or "snowflake" effect and is most easily seen on black cats. Jocelyne Durrenberger of the Metrowest Animal Awareness Society reported the case of Sticky-Furred cats in October 2006. Hypertrichosis means excessive hair growth and while you might think a cat with this condition would look like a Persian, they actually look like this cat whose pictures went viral on the internet during early 2015. Moony, also of Quebec, Canada, also has a hormonal disorder that causes excessive hair growth, giving her wiry whiskers and extra-large claws.
Feline Cutaneous Asthenia, where the fur forms wing-like folds or is unusually elastic, is detailed at Winged Cats.
If you are interested in medical curiosities, books worth reading are "Mutants: on the Form, Varieties and Errors of the Human Body" by Armand Marie Leroi and "Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine Vols 1 and 2" by George M. Previously, differentials of feline facial pruritus were discussed to include ectoparasites such as flea allergy, otodectes, Notoedres and cheyletiella, food allergy, atopy including possible food storage mite allergy and demodicosis.
Dermatophytosis in cats may have many different presentations ranging from deep crusting lesions to miliary dermatitis to asymptomatic (Photo 1).

Bacterial pyodermaBacterial pyoderma in the cat is certainly not as commonly diagnosed as in the dog, but is still a differential to consider in feline facial pruritus (Photo 2).
VirusesViruses are important pathogens in respiratory infections in cats, yet rarely cause skin lesions. Malassezia infectionsMalassezia infections in cats particularly affecting the facial folds may play an accompanying role in idiopathic facial dermatitis of the Persian cat (Photo 3). Although most veterinarians consider pemphigus foliaceus (PF) to be rare, it is actually not uncommon to see this disease in cats with a facial dermatitis. Pemphigus foliaceusWith the use of Chlorambucil, complete blood counts need to be routinely checked for reduction of red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets.
Hot topics on dvm360Not One More Vet: Veterinary peers discuss suicide, offer safe place for dialogue May 14, 2016Is the gold standard the old standard? It has been part of the human diet for thousands of years due to its presence in fruits and other foods.
With its new flavor, up to 50% of drinking milk can be substituted with safety standards guaranteed. It helps reduce final molasses purity, improve clarity of juice in clarifier, overall increase in capacity utilisation of boiling house.
The Chow dog breed has a purple tongue, which may appear blackish, so a feline "black-tongued" mutation is feasible.
As a cautionary note to would-be breeders of black-eyed, black-tongued, black-clawed, black-toothed cats, a debilitating medical condition such as porphyria is emphatically not a sound basis for a breed! This cat, which died in 2003, was black-furred and had black paw-pads, but golden eyes - so far quite unremarkable. The description of "pink like the inside of a conch shell" corresponds to the "cameo" colour of red tipped and shaded Persians in the West. Oriental breeds are mainly derived from Thai cats and the apricot colour is very likely to have shown up in its native Thailand.
White spots appear on the coat; these become more extensive with age until the cat has a white lace pattern on the black fur. The best known are the various Rex strains, various hairless strains (including the Sphynx) and the American Wirehair.
Less common differentials include infections such as dermatophytosis, viral, and bacterial pyoderma, Malassezia dermatitis, Pemphigus foliaceus (PF) and idiopathic facial dermatitis of the Persian cat. Liver enzymes need to be monitored with Itraconazole use as does complete blood counts with Griseofulvin for idiopathic pancytopenia particularly in FIV positive cats.
Affected cats have marked dark material deposited in the facial folds sometimes accompanied by erythema, ulceration, otitis and blepharitis.
Erythritol has a high digestive tolerance, is safe for people with diabetes, and does not promote tooth decay. During our processing the product remains a food and can even be consumed at any stage of the production process!
Its fur and even its claws were green and the discovery created a sensation among zoological experts in the country and geneticists hoping the colour was due to a genetic mutation. The kitten and her 5 year old owner became celebrities for a while, but the green colour vanished as the kitten moulted her coat and new fur grew through; the new fur was unaffected by copper because the kitten was no longer drinking copper-rich water. The human medical condition porphyria can cause teeth and nails to stain red or black-red and this would explain the Ninlaret's black teeth.
Alternatively, it is an exaggerated account of a Siamese-type cat which did not have the gene which causes the colourpoint pattern; analogous to the Foreign (Oriental) Black. During the 1970s, "Pink Persians" (cameo Persians) were exhibited on the BBC's "Nationwide" programme. Ultimately the cat may go completely white or be left with diminishing isolated patches of colour. Clinically, many of these diseases appear similar including Pemphigus foliaceus and bacterial pyoderma which can be difficult to differentiate both clinically and histopathologically.
If positive, cultures should be submitted to the lab for identification to be sure dermatophytosis is present and not contaminants that may register a false positive. Lufenuron has been published to be effective for dermatophytosis, yet personal experience suggests unreliable results. Malassezia yeast is sometimes isolated and treatment with antiyeast medications may help in some patients. GNT never uses solvents or preservatives and all EXBERRYA® Colouring Foods are GMO-Free, Kosher and Organic Compliant. Recently, fish by-products have also been considered because they eliminate some of the religious obstacles surrounding gelatin consumption.
Wish we have a nice cooperation with Vietnamese companies, whatever fresh customers or regular customers in future. Mrs Bischoff, whose 5 year old daughter adopted the kitten, said she had tried to wash out the colour without success. A metabolic defect would normally reduce a cat's lifespan, but Miss Greeny reached the age of 14 years. It might conceivably cause dark red staining of the eyes, which would explain the Ninlaret's black eyes. The Ratana Kampon is probably a Foreign (Oriental) Apricot, Apricot Burmese (European style) or an Apricot Colourpoint. This condition has been seen in black leopards ("cobweb panthers"), humans, dogs and other animals.

To rely on the Wood's light is to gain a false sense of security as more fungal species do not fluoresce than do.
A series of two negative fungal cultures after treatment to ensure the patient's dermatophyte problem has resolved is important. The patients are usually older cats and lesions may consist of epidermal collarettes or deep pyoderma with draining tracts. Others may have secondary bacterial involvement, yet antibiotics may only produce partial resolution.
Unfortunately it is not known what triggers the autoimmune reaction of the adhesion between the epithelial cells which defines PF, but factors such as medications, vaccinations, insect bites or underlying neoplasia may play a role in some patients. A vet who examined the cat said it was perfectly healthy but confirmed that it had a copper patina, apparently present since birth, from the tip of its fur to the hair follicles.
Being born to a barn cat, her exact origins are unknown, but the mother was a colourpoint cat that closely resembled a Siamese.
However, a more likely explanation of the Ratan Kampon is the presence of a gene known to modern breeders as the dilute modifier (or "caramelising" gene).
Modern apricot equivalents of the ancient Thai cats can be found on many showbenches where they are considered "new" varieties! This must not be confused with the normal sprinkling of isolated white hairs which appear in a cat's fur during its lifetime. Also normal "scale" may light up under the Wood's light, yet an apple-green fluorescence is what is considered positive in dermatophytosis with Microsporum canis. Topical therapy alone to clinically affected focal areas can give a false sense of security as other areas of infection may be brewing, yet those areas are not being treated. In the few cases reported, response to antibiotic therapy was important in making the diagnosis. Skin biopsies yield acanthosis, hydropic degeneration with dyskeratotic basal cells, sebaceous hyperplasia, with a mixed diffuse inflammation. The raw materials are prepared by different curing, acid, and alkali processes which are employed to extract the dried collagen hydrolyzate. Samples of Miss Greeny's fur was sent to study at Rigshospitalet; no chenmicals were found to be present (such as hair dye), but the hair was green all the way down in the hair follicles so the colour had been produced as the hair grew. Porphyria may also occur intermittently and is also associated with dementia ("The Madness of King George") and photosensitivity (intolerance of bright light); in humans it accounts for some reports of vampires. This black-tongued feline had one litter of kittens, but none survived as she refused to care for them.
When the first seal-point Siamese were exhibited in England, these were described as unnatural freaks! Kitty was seen in a neighbouring garden, it sparked an RSPCA investigation, with RSPCA officers believing it was a sick prank. The Leroi book explains why and how some deformities and anomalies happen - the mechanism is the same in cats as it is in humans.
Before using the Wood's light, it is important to allow the light to warm up for five to 10 minutes or a false negative result may occur. Other diagnostics included skin biopsies which yielded a neutrophilic folliculitis, perifolliculitis or panniculitis. Therapies have included systemic steroids, oral antifungals, hypoallergenic diets and oral cyclosporine. On cytology of the lesions, acantholytic cells along with neutrophils or eosinophils may be present.
However, later on, just near Assisi, we saw another cat which looked white, but on stroking him there was no doubt at all this time his face, legs and fur were pink." . False negatives may also occur if iodine shampoos or topicals have been applied to the cat.
Certainly, ectoparasites and dermatophytosis must be ruled out before the diagnosis of a primary bacterial pyoderma can be made. In a referral practice, the history includes that the patient was initially responsive to steroid injections, and they are referred usually because of steroid tolerance. It can be present at birth or develop later in life, typically when there are hormonal changes.
Skin biopsies are necessary to make the diagnosis, and it is helpful to have the patient as long off steroid as possible to obtain an accurate histopathological diagnosis (Photo 5). I have seen the opposite mutation - where a tortoiseshell cat produced red pigment, but not black, resulting in a red, cream and white brindled cat.
Skin biopsies of the crusts or if present, an intact pustule, should be submitted in 10 percent formalin along with a thorough history. Histopathological findings include subcorneal pustules composed of neutrophils, eosinophils and acantholytic cells and perivascular to interstitial inflammation consisting of neutrophils and mast cells (Photo 6). Fungal cultures must also be performed to rule out dermatophytosis since some fungal species produce acantholysis. Treatment of PF includes oral steroids such as prednisolone, methylprednisolone, triamcinolone or dexamethasone initially to get the disease into remission. Reduction or withdrawl of steroids is the ultimate goal since they may incite diabetes in the cat if used long term.

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