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When it comes to considering a certain type of energy as low cost, one must analyze the costs of the energy source, its availability or scarcity, and the production costs involved in developing that type of energy. Coal is considered a low cost energy source, especially in the United States where it is the primary source of 50% of the electricity consumed. Accounting for a fifth of the energy production in the United States, nuclear power constitutes another contentious issue when it comes to providing low cost energy. In addition to hydroelectric, wind and solar energy, Washington State offers competitively priced natural gas, delivered via pipeline from British Columbia and Alberta, Canada. Forward thinking firms, especially those with manufacturing concerns or data centers, have significant energy requirements that can strain traditional power grids. Washington has also put in place incentives for businesses that want to utilize or produce alternative energy. Companies who are generating electricity using fuel cells, sun, wind, biomass, tidal, wave or geothermal energy, anaerobic digestion or technology that converts otherwise lost energy from exhaust or landfill, are eligible for sales and use tax exemptions.
Businesses, local government entities and even individuals are encouraged to produce their own power and can apply for reimbursement for the energy produced through the state’s innovative renewable energy cost recovery and incentive payment program. Your business can gain the competitive edge by reducing energy costs while gaining access to a stable, scalable power grid.
Low cost energy that is plentiful and stable is just one reason why businesses Choose Washington. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Pollution-free energy system which needs no input power and which can charge batteries and provide lighting. The style of operation used by Barbosa and Leal looks as if it is related to the developments of Lorrie Matchett.
Low cost energy is a highly used expression in the media lately, and it has generally been used to mean a source of energy that is cheaper than most common ones (also known as conventional sources, such as gas, oil and coal), and in most cases it has been used to refer to sources of renewable and alternative energy.
Low cost energy refers to any type of energy that, through its source or technologies involved, can offer the prospect of a lower cost for its usage.
From the production cost point of view, renewable energies are trying to become a low cost energy option. On a social level, advancements in technologies and government incentives like business and residential tax credits for gaining more energy efficiency allow for a constant diversification of available energy types and have spurred the growth of low cost solar energy, wind energy, biofuels energy and many more. On an individual consumer level, one can drive the energy cost down by keeping in mind some easy and useful energy saving tips that can have been compiled and included in this guide.
Turn things off when you are not in the room such as lights, TVs, entertainment systems, and your computer and monitor. Plug home electronics,such asTVs and DVD players, into power strips; turn the power strips off when the equipment is not in use—TVs and DVDs in standby mode still use several watts of power. Take short showers instead of baths and use low-flow shower heads for additional energy savings.
Drive sensibly as aggressive driving such as speeding, and rapid acceleration and braking, wastes fuel. Providing Real Estate services for the cites of Frisco, Plano, McKinney, Allen, Little Elm, Prospre, Celina & North Dallas.
I enjoy building new business relationships across the country and would love to find a way to work together on a transaction or a referral.
Also each Home Built is completely pre-wired to hook in a backup Generator if needed during power outage! Energy star Rated Windows with Low E Insulated Glass and Tilt Sash for Easy Cleaning, full Screens . Here are a few of the most talked about energy sources – starting with coal and nuclear power energy and moving on to alternative energy sources.
Its abundance makes it a vital energy source, but its environmental costs are a contentious issue.
In terms of volume and amount of energy, nuclear energy is seen as by far the best conventional energy that also minimizes gas emissions that fossil fuels produce. Wind energy is highly used in Europe and has started to become more used in the United States as well. Low cost energy is one of the many reasons companies like BMW and Amazon Web Services have located their operations here. Additional sources of natural gas are also being explored, as is the ability to manage our power grid for maximum efficiency, stability and reliability, allowing seamless load balancing to ensure uninterrupted and consistent flows of energy. Washington State is proud of our legacy of being an energy power­house, offering businesses the affordable power they need, when and where they need it.
Our energy experts, power producers and regional business partners have extensive experience in working with businesses that have significant power requirements. Very easy to understand, build and use, employing school-taught principles and readily available materials and having no moving parts, this is a perfect demonstration of one way to collect free energy. The links at the end of the file are merely pointers to my websites and have nothing to do with the download of the file. Renewable energy is a term that refers to a type of energy that is derived from a renewable source (wind, water, the sun, biofuels and others). However, they can definitely be considered low cost energy when it comes to the environmental cost associated with energy production – in this area most environmentalists point to the major advantages of renewable energy over conventional energy such as coal.
Hundreds of years of reliance on coal, and then oil, has led to a narrow minded energy industry that has powered innovation while simultaneously sending devastating amounts of greenhouse gases into the planet. Most environmentalists claim that the damaging effects that coal energy has on the environment are a strong reason to try to reduce the usage of coal in energy production. However, the cost of managing nuclear waste and the potential threats that nuclear waste management poses to the environment increases the cost of nuclear power energy in the short run until better technologies can be developed to lower these risks in the long run.
Unfortunately, it cannot compete with conventional energy types as its production is limited to a location with atmospheric conditions that allow for winds to be harnessed and create energy.

Most renewable energy production methods have been radically transformed by improvements in technology and research, and this has in turn led the trend of lowering renewable energy costs. Recently advances in technology give the promise of providing clean coal energy at lower costs in the future. Here, you can find a map of the United States depicting wind energy potential across the nation. There are unofficial firewalls between some countries, for example, with India not being able to access some sites in Germany. Hundreds of years of reliance on coal, and then oil, has led to a narrow minded energy industry that has powered innovation while simultaneously sending devastating amounts of greenhouse gases into the planet.Renewable and alternative energy resources can change all that. Its potential is quite promising and more technological advances can allow wind energy to become a more used type of energy that, in addition to being environmental friendly, is also cost efficient since its energy source is naturally self replenishing. This renewable resource is augmented by a growing reliance on environmentally friendly wind and solar power.
While few people have an issue with solar, hydro and wind power, these methods are not strong enough to take over the huge reliance that America has on non-renewable resources like coal, oil and natural gas.One of the few efficient and clean energy resources available today is nuclear energy.
It is also safe to create and can easily take the place of many of the current fossil fuels.The only problem that America has with nuclear energy is in the name. There is something about the word ‘nuclear’ after World War II that leaves everyone feeling uneasy. Because the two share a name, that threat is carried over into nuclear energy.But, nuclear energy is not created with the same processes that weapons are. In the event of an accident, a nuclear energy plant would not have the same effects that an attack with a nuclear weapon would have. In fact, there are so many safeguards on America’s 99 nuclear power plants that even when an accident has happened, there has been very little damage.If America forgets the negative connotations that often come with nuclear technology, they will find that they have an amazing energy resource at the tip of their fingers. Unlike other methods, the making of nuclear power does not involve burning coal, which is one of the dirtiest means of producing energy.Coal has the highest carbon content when compared to each of the different fossil fuels. Although it is being traded in for cleaner natural gas, it still makes up for 18% of all energy used in the United States. Making electricity is the biggest use of coal, and the industry takes up as much as 91% of America’s coal stocks.Coal releases a high amount of methane, which is one of the biggest contributors to global warming. There is so much methane released from mines every year that it made up 0.9% of all greenhouse gas emissions released in the United States in 2012. The methane from coal mines also contributes to around 10% of all the methane emission from humans across the globe.It is also important to note that coal mining results in acid mine drainage.
Ultimately, it contaminates nearby rivers, creeks and streams.When it is properly maintained, the production of nuclear power and nuclear plants has little to know impact not only on the Earth’s atmosphere but also on the land, water or habitats around it.
Nuclear Power Allows America to Cut Reliance on Natural ResourcesThe USA needs more nuclear power plants in order to prevent damaging oil spills and pollutionEven those who deny that global warming exists admit that our reliance on natural resources is way too high. From energy production to fuel, natural resources like oil, coal and natural gas are at the heart of almost everything we do.Nuclear power can help cut our reliance on natural resources. Although the United States only gets around 20% of its energy from nuclear sources, this can be slowly and steadily expanded to begin to cover more and more of America’s energy needs.The main reason that America needs to stop relying heavily on these resources is because they will run out. The move to more sustainable resources has been slow because many believe that it is not important to fix what is not yet broken.However, as the day that the world runs out of oil comes closer, it is important not just to have a backup plan, but to have a viable back up plan. The backup plan should include nuclear power.It is not just the threat of running out of oil that America should prepare for. The methods of extraction of natural resources are known for having a negative environmental impact. Coal mining and use has long been known as a dangerous business that is simultaneously bad for the environment. The number of miners who die because of collapsed mines or poor working conditions is also shockingly high.There are also similar dangers involved in extracting crude oil. There are so many sites for extracting crude oil that the government does not have enough time to make sure that they are all up to code. As a result, extracting oil is not only dangerous for the environment, it is dangerous for the workers.
The number of oil workers who die or are injured every year is also a problem.The United States currently gets only 20% of its power from nuclear resources. American can use nuclear power not only to better for its environment but for its people as well.
Royalties and taxes do not need to be paid to foreign corporations and governments in order to ensure that the US gets the amount of nuclear power it needs.Nuclear power can be a domestic product. Although the statement that America’s dependence on foreign resources is an old trope, it is a real one. The heavy reliance that America has on foreign oil and natural gas has both economic and political implications.When America focuses on a domestic power resource, it should feel less compelled to engage in both the petty and serious battles overseas with other countries. To say that America and other Western countries do not go to war without natural resource production in mind is naive. Their concern is what made cities such as Baku such a political hotspot during the First World War.
Regardless, this group has decided that to stop major issues in the near future, the temperature must remain below the two degree threshold.
This threshold is measured against the average temperature at the time of the Industrial Revolution.Trying to hit a temperature target is not a new goal. Scientists and politicians have been trying to establish a temperature goal since the 1970s. The size of the sheet alone combined with the rapid melting would mean that the seal level would be raised as high as an additional 23 feet. Scientists do not know how long it would take for this to happen.Although the 2c rule is a generally accepted rule, it is far from being proven scientifically.
Some scientists fear that the 2c rule is not enough to protect the planet’s population from imminent disaster.In order for the world to hit the goal, the amount of nuclear energy that is currently in use must double.

This means that instead of relying on natural resources for 40% of its energy, America must rely on nuclear power for 40% of its energy production.
This would mean that natural resources and nuclear power must switch places – with nuclear sitting at 40% and fossil fuels sitting at 20%.America needs more nuclear power plants to be able to double its capacity. But it’s not just America that needs nuclear power, the world needs nuclear energy as well.
Since America has not built a new nuclear reactor since 1996, America is far behind on both its energy goals and its commitments to global warming.
Nuclear Energy Provides Well Rounded Energy PortfolioRenewable resources like wind power and nuclear power should be part of our energy portfolio.Heavy reliance on any source of energy is bad for America. It does not matter what the energy is, for one country to rely solely on one resource is too much.America’s reliance on oil and coal are supplemented by a small amount of nuclear, hydro and wind energy. While oil and coal have their place, expanding the role of nuclear energy in the American power grid would benefit the system as a whole.A slow expansion would help eliminate rising costs and market turmoil.
America should never rely solely on one source of energy, but it could rely on nuclear energy more than it currently does.When the energy sources that America uses are diverse, the costs of energy remain balanced. Without a heavy reliance on a specific form of energy, the country is not hit so hard when something goes wrong.
If a plant malfunctions, a natural disaster hits or something else devastates a particular energy source, it is comforting to know that the entire energy network will not go down as a result.A well-rounded energy portfolio also encourages competitive pricing.
When one industry is not relied on to create the majority of America’s energy, citizens are not required to deal with unjust price hikes. Nuclear Energy Has Relatively Lower Operating CostsNuclear energy is low cost.Although building new nuclear energy power plants have high initial costs, the cost of generating the energy itself is significantly lower than the production of other types of energy. Many worthwhile ventures have high start-up costs but these costs can be justified by both further profits and savings down the lines.When money is invested into building solid nuclear power plants, savings are generated over time. High quality power plants will see fewer accidents and fewer breakages than a lower investment will see. It is common business sense to invest significantly in solid infrastructure initially to avoid losing profits and spending more money to repair less than adequate infrastructure.It is also important to note that the production of nuclear energy is competitive with other methods of producing energy that are currently in action. The analysis of cost production between nuclear energy and electricity powered by coal has been analysed by academics, government bodies, energy companies and other sources.
Once the initial costs of building the plant are alleviating, the savings can continue over a longer period of time.
Nuclear Energy Is a Known TechnologyNuclear power is known tech.One of the best reasons to invest more heavily in nuclear power is because it is a known technology.
Scientists and governments that are informed in nuclear energy understand the ins and outs of using nuclear power.Knowing that nuclear energy works, is effective and is safe is the perfect reason to continue to expand it. Rather than searching for an unknown energy source or trying to force another energy source to be more useful, it makes sense to use what we know about nuclear energy as it stares us in the face.While we know that nuclear energy can be dangerous when things go wrong, it is important to keep nuclear accidents into perspective. When the uranium core at Three Mile Island melted in 1979, the containment vessel prevent most of the radioactivity from being released outside the plant.
It can and has been calculated by scientists.Not using a known technology is waste of innovation and of generations of research and money. It Can Meet Both Industrial and City NeedsNuclear power can help us meet all of our needs and is an efficient power source.Nuclear power is much more efficient than many of the other alternative energy resources currently in operation.
Although wind and hydro power are clean resources that should receive investment, these two sources alone cannot meet the high demands of either industrial operations or the needs of a city.Nuclear energy is especially important for industrial operations. In addition to these industries, nuclear energy applications span into medicine, scientific research, consumer products, food, agriculture, space exploration and water desalination.
The Waste Can Be Reduced Through RecyclingNuclear waste can be dramatically reduced by recyclingMuch of the criticism of nuclear power comes stems from plans for dealing with nuclear waste. But unlike industrial mines, no one has to worry about nuclear power plants dumping waste into lakes and rivers.Around 2,000 metric tons is produced annual from nuclear power plants. It is carefully placed far away from where it could affect any human.There has been a way of recycling nuclear waste for a while.
But after years of research, scientists have found better ways of dealing with nuclear waste and turning it into a positive thing.Two scientists from MIT recently come up with a new ways to eliminate nuclear waste. Using data and methods from previously successful experiments, Leslie Dewan and Mark Massie have found a way to recycle as much as 98% of the remaining waste that is created by nuclear power plants.Using this method of recycling waste is not just a great way to save space in the state of Nevada. By using this method, the lifetime of waste would drop from being hundreds of thousands of years to only a few hundred years.
Nuclear Plants Are Safe Places to WorkNuclear power provide safe energy and a safe work placeThe nuclear production industry in the United States has one of the best industrial safety industry records in the nation. It monitors safety and security for both the reactors and the radiation at every plant in America. The inspectors have to be highly trained and many of them remain independent so that they can provide full evaluations of the plant to make sure that there is no undue influence.Nuclear power plants are also regulated by the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations and the Heath Physics Society. Both of these groups work to not only ensure that the plants and the environments they live in are safe but they also work to ensure that people in the area are well informed on what nuclear power is and how it’s made.ConclusionNuclear power is a well-known technology that is not used because people are scared of it. Certain groups do not feel the need to correct the fearful public by warning them that any energy station is a terrorist target. They also do not feel the need to tell the public how poorly built and run the Chernobyl nuclear site was in the first place.Nuclear power is clean and safe. What are you paying?AndCalifornians and Germans are making more CO2 per kilowatt hour than Illinoisans. The myth is easy to propagate among most people because there is quite a lot of math to do and there is a lot of engineering to learn. University electrical engineering departments offer electrical engineering degrees with specialization in power transmission [electric grids].

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