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Solar Power is a non polluting energy source that offers you an opportunity to consume less energy and help to conserve the environment.
The benefits of roofing with solar power are numerous and may easily become the most important energy source of energy for new green homes in the near future due to the fact that solar power is a renewable resource of energy. What are the downsides of solar panels?Although solar panels seem to be a win-win for the environment and your pocket, not everything is perfect.
Do solar power panels work at night?Yes it’s true that solar panels can only gather energy for the sun during the day but, solar panels draw the power from the sun into a battery source for latter use. How are solar powers good for the environment?Roofing with solar power panels are energy efficient and do not emit harmful emissions or hazardous waste.
East coast builder Absolute Green Homes is a top green builder specializing in constructing green homes for sale in New York's Westchester County, and is also licensed to build in Connecticut. With help from a green home builder that does remodeling as well, any home can become a green home. With so much success surrounding the 2009 NAHB National Green Building Awards, the organization is accepting submissions for 2010. To become a qualified ENERGY STAR builder, a builder must construct a home that meets energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S.
Any home that meet EPA's guidelines and is three stories or less can earn the ENERGY STAR label including: single family, attached, manufactured homes, and low-rise multi-family homes, modular construction , log homes, and concrete homes.
Many ENERGY STAR home builders have been recognized by ENERGY STAR for their energy efficient building processes.
Home ENERGY STAR builders are realizing the value of adding energy efficient products within the new home. Many home builders are making sure to be ENERGY STAR qualified with energy cost on the rise, but one builder has been building green home before it was trendy. Best Concept Home was one of the most exciting award categories recognized by the National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB) at their 10th annual National Green Building Conference. The green home builder to receive the best concept award was the Maryland-based firm Torti Gallas and Partners, who also holds offices in Los Angeles and an international division in Istanbul, Turkey. Fortunately, they also excel in developing new green homes for sale – single family dwellings that are beautiful, functional, and sustainable.
A project that reflects a more common residential effort is the revitalization plan for the Ponce De Leon and College Hill Homes neighborhoods in Tampa, Florida. SummerHill Homes has committed to building energy efficient homes and was recognized by the U.S. So exactly how much environmental benefits do SummerHill Homes with ENERGY STAR offer to the environment? SummerHill Homes commitment to the ENERGY STAR label and has lead them to meet the strict guidelines for energy efficiency set by the U.S. ENERGY STAR qualified homes offer new home buyers all the features they want in a new home as well as the benefits of a green home. One of the most important categories recognized by the National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB) at their 10th annual National Green Building Conference was most affordable green home. Green Builders makes it a priority to fully embrace sustainable building practices and to use earth-friendly products and materials whenever possible, applying these practices in the earliest stages of development – and the results speak for themselves.
Another category of honors recognized by the National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB) 10th annual National Green Building Conference on May 11 was Best Custom Home. Chaffey Homes believes that selecting a custom built home begins with finding the best combination of perfected craftsmanship and outstanding value.
When the National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB) met on May 11 for the 10th annual National Green Building Conference, they honored numerous green home builders for adherence to NAHB’s Model Green Home Building Guidelines in 2008. Specializing in delivering high performance new homes to San Antonio home buyers, Imagine Homes promises savings of up to 50% on new home heating and cooling costs. In fact, because Imagine Homes is on the forefront of green home building practices, other home builders are beginning to taking notice.
Congratulations to Imagine Homes on this honor; and, to Beazer Homes for following their lead. Common sense dictates that the Bay Area is likely to offer more green home builders than many other regions.

Consumers may not realize that green building objectives are hard for a home builder to achieve on their own.
Plus benefits of green roofing with solar power panels, depending on your usage habits, may even be able to save a few more dollars with lower electric bills every month so you can take advantage of the benefits of a green home. With the housing market on a slow down, considering a solar power system for your home may help add to the allure and resale value of a home. For example outdoor solar lights you see on the roads draw energy during the day to power them at night.
Is it possible to modify a house into a green home, by hiring a contractor to remodel it in a sustainable fashion? However, this is one green home builder with a double specialty; they also offer green-friendly remodeling for existing homes. Companies like Absolute Green Homes are paving the way for other builders to follow suit, so searching for a green home remodeler in your area may yield some great results. Builders realize that homebuyers are increasingly interested in the value of green homes and energy efficiency is the place to start. ENERGY STAR qualified new homes can contain a diversity of 'tried-and-true' energy efficient features that improved home quality, homeowner comfort, and lower energy demand while reduced air pollution. Aston Woods Homes won the 2009 ENERGY STAR Leadership in Housing Award and has been recognized by the U.S.
With ENERGY STAR qualified new homes for sale offering new homebuyers all the features they want in a home as well as the benefits of a green home. Pulte Homes new communities now include Energy Star appliances as a standard in each new home for sale. With over a decade of building new green homes for sale and energy-efficient new homes, Pardee Homes has been a leader in building green homes with more than 24 LivingSmart and 14 California Green Builder-certified new communities (no wounder why California is one of the top Green building states).
One point of interest about Torti Gallas is versatility; the company builds a variety of structures, including commercial, military, government, college campus housing, and city skyscrapers. Torti Gallas and Partners  transformed the gated barracks-style public housing development into a vibrant, new mixed-income residential neighborhood consistent with Florida's best traditional communities. Well living in an ENERGY STAR qualified home is like eliminating the emissions from 145.04 vehicles, planting 239.76 acres of trees, saving 877,344 lbs of coal, or saving the environment 1,720,648 pounds of CO2 per year! Plus energy-saving features come standard with SummerHill Homes like, energy efficient insulation systems, energy efficient windows, tight construction and ducts, properly-sized and installed heating and cooling systems, energy efficient products, and third-party verification of energy performance. After all, building a green home should not only be good for the earth – it should also be healthy for the budget. What company built custom green homes with outstanding adherence to NAHB’s Model Green Home Building Guidelines in 2008? Therefore, it’s only natural that they embrace this belief by offering an array of home buying and design choices.
Chaffey Homes took an active role by starting to enhance their building practices to comply with the regulations for Energy Star and Built Green. Among the honorees was Imagine Homes, a San Antonio developer that lays claim to leading the nation in new sustainable building technology.
The homes in their communities are certified by both the Energy Star and Build San Antonio Green programs, ensuring that home owners enjoy the benefits of energy efficiency, improved indoor air quality,  and drought tolerant landscapes (this is important in states that tend to experience low rainfall, as is the case in Texas).
Beazer Homes, one of the nation’s top 10 homebuilders, partnered with Imagine Homes to gain additional insight on environmentally-conscious home design and construction techniques. To keep buyers abreast of the latest green building innovators, we’ll be highlighting additional NAHB green building honorees in future posts.
And while not all San Francisco-based builders have completed the total green transition, it appears that most firms are taking baby steps toward the process.
Many companies partner with other initiatives to meet their goals; and SummerHill is no exception. Take a look at these masterfully designed communities and their homesites to see just how beautiful a sustainable green home can be!
These large energy efficient reversible fans are perfect for warehouses, manufacturing facilities, restaurants, refrigerated warehouses, gyms, pavilions, and more.For more information about high velocity low speed fans, please call us toll free at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message.
When the system creates more electricity than your home consumes, the electric meter spins backward and you receive credit from your local utility.

A home with Solar Panels is very tempting to potential new home buyers by offering a fixed electric bill. For example, solar panels would be a bigger benefit for homes in states like Arizona and California then in state like Washington where cloudy days are a very common. If you admire their commitment to green homes, let them know by suggesting that they enter. These homes must be at least 15% more energy efficient than homes built to the 2004 International Residential Code (IRC), and contain additional energy-saving features that typically make the new home 20–30% more efficient than standard homes. This is because the energy used to run the home is often from the burning of fossil fuels from power plants.
Plus energy-saving features come standard with SummerHill Homes like, energy efficient insulation systems, energy efficient windows, tight construction and ducts, properly-sized and installed heating and cooling systems, third-party verification of energy performance, and energy efficient products. According to the Department of Energy, all Energy Star appliances use 10-15% less energy and water then standard models when certified by the U.S. Starting in 1998 when Pardee Homes helped pioneer the EPA's Energy Star® program, by building energy-efficient homes that exceeded code by 15% or more. The master plan knits the streets and newly built homes into the surrounding traditional neighborhoods, and capitalizes on the sites greatest natural amenities, such as beautiful, large live oaks.
Additional energy-saving features comes standard with each new home, that makes SummerHill Homes 20–30% more energy efficient than any other standard home.
Additionally, they understand that your home is where your investment - and your memories - will grow. Of course, the NAHB took home design into account as well when selecting honorees; fortunately, Imagine Homes offer the latest in design innovations and cutting edge construction materials. See more detailed images below and pick these up in stores or online (10am EST) Saturday, February 13th for $120. Producing renewable energy naturally by solar power which is a non-polluting energy source this process also offsets peak electricity usage. Unlike fossil fuels which most of the world populations get their energy needs and produce greenhouse gases, is a limited resource. This award distinguishes the important contribution Ashton Woods Homes has made to energy-efficient construction and environmental protection by building more than 1,202 ENERGY STAR qualified homes last year. One of their most notable green home projects include the redevelopment of the Martin Luther King Plaza and its surrounding neighborhood, a revitalization that earned the company a Builder’s Choice Award in 2007.
Green Builders™, one of the nation's largest builders and developers of green homes and green communities, located in Austin, TX. Fortunately, they don’t use those principles as an excuse to limit themselves when it comes to sustainable building.
When owners are experiencing lower utility bills and increased protection from the elements, pollution, and noise, their overall quality of living is improved significantly – all because of the construction and craftsmanship of their home! SummerHill Homes, a builder of distinctive communities in superior settings throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley since 1976, has recently launched their Green Task Force. Solar Power helps to predict and fix your monthly expenses and protects against rising energy prices. They realized they must build the most energy efficient homes in the area to gain a leg up on the competition. Appliances and lighting account for more than one-third of the average homeowner’s utility bill according to the DOE. This internal think-tank is now innovating new green building practices and technologies for the company, and implementing them in many new SummerHill communities. The best way to make sure a new home is energy efficient is to look for the blue ENERGY STAR label, which is the government-backed symbol for energy efficiency.

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