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As I’m sure with most first-time mothers, being pregnant is different, often difficult and sometimes incredibly emotional. Each woman handles her pregnancy differently as we all have different personality types, phsycial strength and emotional capacities. No matter your situation in life, low energy levels can zap you of your joy and contentment.
Whether you are beating yourself down because of your inabilities or whether it is someone else, you must cut the negativity out of your life! No matter your situation (pregnancy, disease, health condition) low energy levels don’t allow you to accomplish what you once did.
Brian SI am a 52 year old man whose weight at the start of my treatments was considered obese. On the surface, decreased energy may not seem too dangerous.  However, the prolonged condition can lead to serious health issues. When the will to engage in physical activity is no longer there, you will see the impact it has on your overall wellbeing.
Fortunately, restoring testosterone levels can have a significant impact on the amount of energy and enthusiasm we have.  After just a few treatments, men report they feel rejuvenated, rested and their energy has been restored.
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Having that kind of negativity will never help you to feel any better, much less gain energy! Missing a few workouts or passing up the offer to walk with a friend isn’t the end of the world.
Don’t overlook the fact that you no longer want to associate with other people, because it is not normal. I understand about analyzing and realizing mistakes made, but having little energy isn’t something that you can always fix.

But as changes take place physically and emotionally, I find that I’m struggling to cope and deal with my low energy levels.
When I’m just plain tired mid-afternoon because I”m pregnant, I get upset with myself!
Having someone with whom you can bounce your ideas off and get feedback about a situation is vital.
Sometimes one of the best things you can do for yourself, is to stop beating yourself up over what you cannot control. When I sit all day and can barely function, I wonder my significance and think that my contribution to the world is small. But when I put into place realistic expectations for myself in the area of housekeeping, cooking, scrapbooking, etc, I feel much better! Obesity is linked to so many serious health conditions; it seems crazy to let your low testosterone level put you at that risk.

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