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These awards honor the year's best products, organizations and ideas shaping the Internet of Things and their spirit is to showcase best IoT people, products and companies. Libelium launched in 2014 a Smart Water wireless sensor platform to simplify remote water quality monitoring. Libelium released in 2014 new Smart Logistics modules for Waspmote sensor nodes that provide position, sensing and transmission capabilities to enable real time tracking, via 3G, GPS and GPRS. Libelium released in 2014 new industrial protocol modules and API libraries for Waspmote sensor nodes that allow sensor information from industrial devices to connect to the Cloud.
Libelium launched in 2014 a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) module that connects Waspmote sensor nodes to smartphones, tablets, and all other BLE compatible iOS and Android devices. Libelium added new Cloud technology options to its Waspmote wireless sensor platform by integrating the Cloud solution from TelefA?nica, the global broadband and telecommunications provider, to allow faster time-to-market for Smart Cities and Internet of Things (IoT) projects. Libelium included in the 2014 the Sentilo open source software platform in its core product line for Smart Cities deployments, to link with Libeliuma€™s Waspmote sensor network device and the Meshlium Internet gateway. Libelium received in 2014 the National Young Entrepreneur Award at the annual meeting of the Spanish Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs (CEAJE).
Alicia Asin, co-founder and CEO of Libelium, was in charge of collecting the award from their Royal Highnesses the Prince and Princess of Asturias in the ceremony held at the Hotel Villa Magna in Madrid. She participates in different forums worldwide spreading IoT word and particularly talking about the challenges, actions and outcomes of Smart Cities projects.
Our versatile and horizontal platform allows implementation of any Wireless Sensor Network in a wide variety of Smart Cities projects.
We are focused in develop a technology that make it easier for everyone to develop new products and services for the Internet of Things.
This 3G shield for Arduino enables the connectivity to high speed WCDMA and HSPA cellular networks in order to make possible the creation of the next level of worldwide interactivity projects inside the new "Internet of Things" era. We are concerned with Open Source movement and we truly believe that IoT is a revolution that involves everyone, including (and specially) Makers. The Open Garden platform consist of three different kits, each ready for a specific kind of growing plant scenario: indoor (houses and greenhouses), outdoor (gardens and fields) and hydroponics (plants in water installations).
Open Aquarium has been designed to help you to take care of your fish by automating the control and maintenance tasks that take place in the fish tanks and ponds. Royalty free avenue clipart of electrical cables coming from home with bar graphs showing different energy usage ranging from low use to high use.

A team of researchers from Sweden compared Mexican Cavefish collected from dark underwater caves to Mexican Cavefish collected from Mexican and American rivers (aboveground environments) and came to the realization that the specimens living in dark underwater caves are very cautious about how they use their energy. Since food and oxygen are scarce in such hostile environments, Mexican Cavefish have to have the energy needed to catch prey when and if they come across it.
While the specimens collected from Mexican and American rivers have hold on to their eyes and in fact have perfect vision, the ones collected from dark underwater caves have opted to let go of their eyes in favor of an extra boos of energy. After the scientists studied the energy consumption associated with sight by calculating the amount of oxygen that the animals’ eyes require to function, as well as the amount of oxygen required by the the fish’s brain to process vision, they noticed that young Mexican Cavefish save 15 percent (15%) of their energy when they choose to go blind. Damian Moran, field expert from Lund University (Sweden) and study leader, offered a statement informing that the photoreceptive cells and neurons are the ones to blame as they are constantly hungry for energy. The choice makes sense for the Mexican Cavefish living in dark underwater caves as their environment favors “individuals with reduced visual capacity”. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. We have launched a lot of innovative product releases, increased our distribution network, moved to our new headquarters and received different prizes and recognitions. Equipped with different sensors that measure up to a dozen of the most relevant water quality parameters, Waspmote Smart Water is the first water quality-sensing platform to feature autonomous nodes that connect to the Cloud for real-time water control. The new modules support the most widely used industrial communication network protocols such as RS-232, RS-485, CAN Bus, and Modbus, used for process or industrial automation, building automation, military and automobile applications, for sensor network capability in remote or factory floor environments. The Bluetooth 4.0 wireless protocol, also known as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or Bluetooth Smart, offers low-energy power management for short-range wireless connectivity that is location-aware, and context-aware.
Sentilo is the first Smart Cities software platform developed by a municipality, based on experience and knowledge of the requirements of a large city such as Barcelona.
We moved to a new headquarters last October, a three-storey building where we have 4,000 square meters.
She has been lately attending as keynote speaker at Strata Barcelona + Hadoop World (see the full Alicia keynote video entitled a€?Hiding Information Inside Big Data, and the Hypocrisy of Privacya€?), and at BORDERSESSIONS, International Technology Festival 2014 in The Hague, Netherlands. With more than 70 sensors and 15 radio technologies available, Waspmote has been specially designed to be extremely low consumption. In Cooking Hacks we provide complete documentation about our IoT Awards nominated Open Source projects, e-Health, Open Garden and Open Aquarium. Open Aquarium consists of two different and complementary kits: Basic and Aquaponics, and many several extra accessories.

But the research team also informs that the animals aren’t fussy, as they are even willing to eat the remains of other animals and plants. The absence of light keeps the animals from being able to use their eyes to spot food and predators, so they rely on other senses.
Eric Warrant, Lund University’s expert in Functional Zoology and study author, offered a statement of his own explaining that the Mexican Cavefish are not the only animals that have to consume high amounts of energy if they want to keep their eyes.
As all animals have a strictly limited energy budget, a major investment in the visual system only occurs at a cost to other organ systems”. It is suitable for potable water monitoring, chemical leakage detection in rivers, remote measurement of swimming pools and spas, and levels of seawater pollution.
In conjunction with the new modules, Libelium released an special sensor board to connect 4-20 mA sensors (current loop)a€”the most commonly deployed in industrial environments. Integrated with Waspmote, Libeliuma€™s BLE module allows sensor devices to function as real time location systems, with encrypted data transactions. Waspmote sensor nodes are designed to deploy by the thousands, connecting any sensor using any communication protocol to any Cloud system. Thus, we multiplied nearly sevenfold the space that we had in our previous facilities, where we were located from our birth in 2006, and where we only had 600 square meters.
Please note: this image is protected by copyright law and may not be used without buying a license. The water quality parameters measured include pH, dissolved oxygen (DO), oxidation-reduction potential (ORP), conductivity (salinity), turbidity, temperature and dissolved ions (Na+, Ca+, F-, Cl, Br-, I-, Cu2+, K+, Mg2+, NO3-). Smart Logistics applications include continuous vehicle fleet tracking, container goods control, and asset management, or other location-based services.
The LoRa communication protocol extends wireless connectivity so that Waspmote sensors can transmit data at distances of several miles, even through buildings, and over 20 miles in open spaces.

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