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When we talk about our Higher Self, it tends to conjure up all kinds of images of some kind of angelic, mystical being located in some faraway place.
The Manifesting Guidance Program 1-12 Series - Spiritual Healing, Self Love, Psychic Development, Spiritual Abundance and much more! Spiritual Healing is the ability of one or more persons to be the instrument, or means, of restoring mental, emotional and physical health to another, through the application of spiritual energies from a non-physical dimension. We are all just the channels of healing energy, and spirit help, where they can if possible, even if it gives peace of mind, to the recipient, we as humans, cannot not cure an illness, only beyond our world, can spirit, manifest a miracle, and yes!Miracles can happen, as long as you as a human know, that you cannot promise, a person to be healed. Holistic Healing will bring to you full awareness of what is happening in the present to live with Mindfulness in the NOW. When you attain this 5th dimension consciousness you experience a connection with your Higher Self. In this Quantum State of Consciousness our planet, Earth,  is undergoing a huge vibrational shift right now and you are a crucial part of this shift.
Distant Healing is a highly developed and tested system of energy based healing techniques that utilizes divine energy to balance, harmonize and transform the body's energy processes. Spiritual Distant Healing synthesizes the principles of energy healing from all over the world and has become one of the most advanced and complete method of working with energy in the body. Spiritual Distant Healing influences this natural life force to bring about a healthier physical body. Imagine all your negative feelings and all sort of painful life experiences you carry through that long could dissappear? My distant healing service will work on your physical, etheric, emotional and mental bodies. I offer this special form of distant healing service exclusively and as a unique, blessed gift to YOU.
The aura of all your energy bodies will be cleaned, cleared, attuned and healed by different HEALING MODALITIES. First station is the violet temple under Archangel Zadkiel and Master Saint Germain where your energy fields will be cleared  through the violet flame. After that initial process I get in touch with spiritual healing authorities and refer the particular problem you encounter to them. After that, my Higher Self will connect to your Higher Self and Soul and transmit the Spiritual Healing Power Package to YOU.
Note: Please prepare your Healing attunement at the time frame we arranged beforehand via e-mail confirmation. Time frame: Healing Transmissions should be renewed after one nonth, since the your energetic field changes rapidly. Cut your healing time dramatically and receive your Spiritual Healing CDs Transformation Package. The advanced Spiritual Distant Healing includes the first but beforehand I will clean the etheric body and the chakras - which are the entrance doors of all energies - to ensure full assimilation of the healing energies. What is the difference: You can compare it with a general doctor (Spiritual Distant Healing) and a specialist. Through advanced Healing techniques I am able to remove 'negative energies' (so called elementals – click here to learn more) which can block chakras, leave you feel drained or can cause many problems like depression and other psychological effects.
STEP 1: I diagnose and analyse the origin of the symptoms you are suffering from to find out the 'energetic holes' and unbalanced chakras in your bodies.
STEP 5: Your 'aura - including physical, emotional and mental body- will be sealed so that the healing energy can do its work. STEP 7: Please prepare your Healing attunement at our time frame we arranged beforehand via e-mail confirmation. Cut your healing time dramatically and receive your Spiritual Healing Transformation Package.
Diseases start on the etheric level before they manifest in the physical body and can be healed through the etheric body.
The belief in a Higher being, in whichever form a person believes in, has been used throughout the history of mankind in healing.
In our modern hi-tech world it is not always fashionable to rely on a Deity which you scientifically cannot quantify or dissect, yet in times of desperation, when all modern medicine has failed with a medical cure, it is always the Spiritual healing route that people turn to - either through their own religious convictions or by using a Spiritual healer.
People practicing as Spiritual healers come from various religious denominations or simply believe in the Universe, and the Universal healing power.

Spiritual healing is used in all forms of healing from the most insignificant problems to life-threatening situations.
The mechanics of Spiritual healing cannot be explained in medical terms, but could be said to be a time where the patient and God become one, and where the Deity then intervenes and provides the healing. Spiritual healing can take many forms - for the individual it can be quiet contemplation, prayer, acceptance of the Deity's bigger plan in life, an acceptance of love, total forgiveness and understanding that man is but a part of the universe and the greater plan of God, or where a Spiritual healer is involved it could include prayer, incantations, meditation, laying on of hands etc.
Faith and prayer are a powerful combination and the results can be miraculous - discounting the charlatans that present themselves in this field - and bring comfort and hope to thousands of people. The above is a short summary of spiritual healing technique, and is not meant to be a full discussion on the subject, but is only included in this website for the interest of our visitors and their broader understanding of holistic medicine and healing. If you are suffering from any medical condition please contact your licensed medical practitioner. The treatments listed below relies on alternative healing with essential oils, and please note that no clinical trials or results are available and rests heavily on anecdotal proof. SIMPLE INSTRUCTIONS TO FIND FAIN PARK IN PRESCOTT VALLEY ARIZONAGet onto AZ- Highway 69 and head toward the western side of Prescott ValleyBetween Glassford Hill Rd. Though there is a small amount of truth to that image, the Higher Self is a lot more physical and most importantly, local than most people tend to imagine. There are many healing methods, but divine energy has no confined faith, creed or nation and it is wide-spread in many faiths today. SPIRITUAL DISTANT HEALING is applied over distance on the bioelectromagnetic field known as the aura, which contains the mold and blueprint of the physical body. Spiritual Distant Healing is based on the principle of directability and the principle of interconnectiveness.
It works to positively influence your karma, remove elementals (Click here to know what elementals are) and all kind of negativity on all levels. You aura will be also cleared from negative words, thoughts, emotions and actions, created by you now and in the past. I merely guide this process as in Spiritual Distant Healing - and as here in Advanced Spiritual Distant Healing prepare this process and set a space for the healing to occur. It contains the energy centers (chakras), and duplicates of the physical organs but cannot be seen with the human eyes due to higher energy frequency. Spiritual healing can take two forms - that of a sick person being healed through his or her own belief in his or her God or Spiritual guide. What people should be careful of when seeking out a Spiritual healer is to make sure that they are genuine and sincerely believe in what they do, and are not merely con-men and charlatans seeking to make money out of people's desperation - because these lowly and despicable types of humanity do unfortunately populate this realm of healing and in so doing bring great discredit to those who practice their belief with a pure heart and compassion.
No two auras will be exactly alike, no matter how similar, because just as fingerprints relate only to the person they came from, so the aura relates only to the one person it surrounds.
By attuning yourself to this Fifth Dimension you are affirming the change that is taking place and bringing heaven to earth right now. This invisible bio-energy or vital energy keeps the body alive and maintains a state of good health.
By ordering an energy healing session for yourself or others, you are giving me permission to work with the soul.
If you value any of the content you found here, the universe wants you to donate appropriately, so we may keep our mission and purpose alive!
Diseases first appear as energetic disruptions in the energy field before manifesting as ailments in the physical body. And you have always the chance to write me for free advice on your health, food consumption, mental pattern, background of your problems etc. She acts as a guide, counselor, best friend, parent, and many other aspects depending on what we need at any given moment.
All it requires is unconditional love, and compassion for others, and you can develop your spiritual self.
It is up to the soul to choose which energies it wishes to implement at any given moment. What most people dona€™t realize is that there is also a very physical component to this higher part of us. Our physical self, which includes our life situation, relationships, and so on, is the outward reflection of what is going on at a higher level that is filtered through our egos.
Most visual psychic activity is done through the pituitary, but full sensing is done through the pineal gland.

What I mean by that is, our Higher Self will communicate with us in various ways: through intuition, hunches, sudden unexpected life changes, etc.
These glands filter frequencies of psychic data based upon input from your conscious, subconscious and unconscious programming. Thus you begin to express yourself more from feeling and from the heart, rather than from reason and intellect.
Join the new AIR era, begin to transform, recycle your thoughts with new vibrations before the New Year 2014 starts! This is a vibration frequency whereby you project more beauty and kindness than ever before.
But in essence, it is our physical self that is the a€?receivera€? of these messages, just like a fax machine or a telephone. You begin living with a higher mind whereby your mind and emotions unite and you consequently will know what your soul already knows.
If one chooses to receive and follow that guidance, the potential is that one would become the physical manifestation of his or her Divine Self.
But the truth is that everyone, from now on, will live in two realities, the one that we see and the one that we feel and sense. If not, then the opposite is true to the varying degree at which one chooses to accept and follow the divine guidance brought through from the Higher Self. And because our Divine or Higher Self is an infinite being, our own potential is also infinite.Besides someone who acts as a guide for us, who is this Higher Self? Every single one of us has a blueprint, a kind of a€?divine templatea€? that holds a tremendous amount of information. The amount of information that this blueprint carries is phenomenal, covering every aspect of who we are, what we are doing here, every lifetime wea€™ve ever experienced, as well as all a€?potentialitiesa€? of what we are meant to become.
The main function of our Higher Self is to help us gain access to the information that resides within this blueprint. She is our inner voice, spirit guide, best friend, mother, father, tour guide, entertainment director, and so much more, all rolled into to one very magnificent Divining Angel.
The process is not as difficult as one would think; it just takes a little bit of practice and patience. When we develop a two-way communication with our Higher Selves, we can learn to follow this guidance so that we can live to our fullest potential. Wea€™ve all experienced hunches, or gut feelings that seemingly come from out of the blue, telling us something that doesna€™t always appear to be logical. Wea€™ve all experienced moments when we choose to follow that guidance, even if it didna€™t make any sense, only to find out, there was a reason why we were guided in that direction.
These knowings that we receive arena€™t coming from nowhere; they are coming directly from the part of ourselves that is in Spirit who can see the full picture even when we cannot. If we could learn to tap into that knowing part, we would be able to bypass many difficult lessons and the flow of our life would be much freer and fluid than otherwise possible.Following Divine GuidanceWhen we first were looking for a new home, we just did the typical things that people do when looking for a place to live, and it didna€™t work.
As soon as we consciously decided to follow divine guidance, we found a place in literally a few hours. To top it off, we not only found our new home quickly, but it was a very enjoyable experience in the process as well and completely stress-free. This is what can be accomplished when you partner with your Divine self and trust that it will guide you to where you need to be. The benefits of developing a conscious communication with your Higher Self is not only useful, but absolutely necessary if we are to even come close to becoming the glorious being that we are all meant to embody. Once we accomplish this we can begin to live as we were meant to: As spiritual beings, having a human experience.
We can then live our fullest and grandest expressions of ourselves anytime we choose and learn to manifest our reality simply by choosing our experiences. We must make the choice and do the work and heal the parts of ourselves that believe us to be limited and small. This is not always an easy process, but is the most rewarding one that any of us could have, and it is the reason we are all here.

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