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Shooter is a 2007 action thriller directed by Antoine Fuqua (Training Day) and based on the best-selling novel "Point of Impact" written by Stephen Hunter. USMC Sniper Bob Lee Swagger (Mark Wahlberg) engages several ground targets with his M40A3 sniper rifle at the beginning of the film. Here it appears that Barrett has jammed and Swagger is seen having to clear it (the editing makes it look like he has to rack the bolt after each shot).
A sniper rifle is seen mounted on a remote weapons platform which has been speculated to be a Precision Remotes Telepresent Rapid-Aiming Platform (TRAP), which is basically a computer-operated weapon platform that holds a standard rifle. According to the remote scope's readout, it appears that the rifle mounted is a Barrett M82A1 fitted with a suppressor. The hefty Cheytac M-200 Intervention rifle has a pivotal role as one of Swagger's personal sniper rifles.
Bob Lee Swagger aims at stew can a mile away with his Cheyenne Tactical M-200 Intervention.
Bob Lee Swagger shoots at a stew can a mile away with his Cheyenne Tactical M-200 Intervention. The Remington 700PSS, a heavy barreled tactical version of the Remington Model 700 designed for use by police, makes two appearances in the film. A Secret Service sniper armed with the Remington rifle provides overwatch during the Vice President's speech. Nick Memphis (Michael Pena) training to shoot with a Remington Model 700PSS while ignoring distractions at the river. Swagger with a Remington Model 700PSS with an arctic paint job during the mountain standoff.
One of the mercenary snipers aims an Remington 700PSS rifle with arctic paint job during the mountain confrontation. Sarah Fenn (Kate Mara) later gives Swagger (Mark Wahlberg) a Cooey Model 600 which he later uses with a "homemade silencer" to kill Memphis' captors. Swagger fires a Cooey Model 600 with a improvised suppressor constructed from a water bottle.
The AKM rifle is carried by some of the enemy fighters engaged by Swagger and Fenn at the film's beginning. One of the enemy fighters is seen carrying an AKMSU when engaged by Swagger and Fenn at the film's beginning. There are several appearances of M4A1s in the film, one with a PVS-14 Night Vision Optic and Cobray 37mm Launcher is seen being used by Donnie Fenn (Lane Garrison) to fire at a helicopter. Donnie Fenn (Lane Garrison) fires an M4A1 with a PVS-14 Night Optic and Cobray 37mm Launcher (notice that despite Donnie Fenn being a Marine, he is wearing an Army UCP uniform). During the assault on the ranch, a mercenary is seen looking through the PVS-14 Night Optic mounted on his M4A1 despite the fact that it's broad daylight.
A production image of Swagger (Mark Wahlberg) runs for cover with the M4A1 and a slung Remington 700. Two bodyguards protecting Colonel Johnson (Danny Glover) at the end of the film carry Heckler & Koch G36Cs.
Heckler & Koch G36KVs are carried by the four guards outside the cabin where Sandor (Rade Serbedzija) is sequestered. One of the targets Swagger snipes in the beginning of the film is seen on a DShK heavy machine gun mounted on the back of a truck. In the Ethiopia sequence at the beginning of the film, several Browning M2s can be seen mounted on Humvees and enemy vehicles. During the firefight at the ranch, two gunners in a helicopter can be seen firing RPD light machine guns.
Frank Russo (Darrin Massey) is armed with what appears to be a SIG-Sauer P228 pistol as they are setting up the "suicide" of Nick Memphis.
When Payne (Elias Koteas) confronts Sarah (Kate Mara), he can be seen with a SIG-Sauer P226 fitted with a suppressor. After Swagger (Mark Wahlberg) gets the information he needs out of him, Sandor (Rade Serbedzija) grabs a Walther P99 from his bookshelf to use on himself. A nickel plated Taurus PT92 with pearl grips is taken off Senator Meachum (Ned Beatty) and thrown on the ground.

Senator Meachum (Ned Beatty) can be seen shooting clays with a Side by Side Double Barreled Shotgun. When Swagger (Mark Wahlberg) goes to Donnie's wife Sara Fenn (Kate Mara) for help, she can be seen with Remington 870 Express in the doorway to which Swagger mentions that it's too long to draw quickly before she lets him into the house. Several M29 81mm Mortars can be seen being used to fire on Swagger's and Fenn's position in the beginning of the film. Donnie Fenn (Lane Garrison) has an Cobray 37mm Launcher on his M4A1 in the beginning of the film which he uses to destroy an enemy vehicle while trying to fight off the helicopter.
This shot confirms that the launcher is in fact a Cobray 37mm launcher and not a 40mm grenade launcher. In den 70er Jahren folgte daher das M40A1, welches neben einem neuen Zielfernrohr (Unertl MST-100 10x Fixed) auch einen McMillan HTG Schaft verpasst bekam, welcher aus Fiberglas bestand und in Woodland Camouflage ausgeliefert wurde.
Die bisher letzten Änderungen an dem M40 System fanden dann Ende der 90er Jahre statt. Fortress M40A3 SchaftDie japanische Firma Fortress war bis jetzt in Europa weitgehend unbekannt und US$360 für einen Airsoft-Schaft ist nicht gerade eine Okkasion.
Bereits beim Auspacken des Schaftes fällt einem die Verarbeitung auf, welche zwar zufriedenstellend aber nicht umwerfend ist. Die hintere Schraube der Abzugseinheit steht etwas zu weit nach oben, wodurch sie in den Repetierbereich hineinsteht und man nicht mehr Repetieren kann. Nach all den Punkten die im Laufe dieses Reviews bemängelt wurden, kann man wohl nur noch schwer behaupten, dass der Fortress M40A3 Schaft sein Geld wert ist.
Gerade in Zeiten der Airsoftglobalisierung ist es nur eine Frage der Zeit, bis eine chinesische Firma eine bessere Kopie für einen Bruchteil des Preises auf den Markt bringt. The film stars Mark Wahlberg as Bob Lee Swagger, a US Marine sniper who finds himself framed for an assassination that he believed he was trying to prevent.
In the final confrontation on the glacier, at least one of the enemy snipers in the mountain appears to use a M40A3 sniper rifle with a custom paint job done to blend in with the current terrain.
Visible in this shot is the rear sight welded directly to the receiver, as opposed to the rail mounted rear sight found on the later M107. Also visible in this shot is the folded front sight, which would not be visible on the later M107 which conceals the sight within the full length top rail. It is first seen employed by Secret Service snipers who take up positions during the Archbishop's speech.
This is the one and only time Swagger shoots right-handed after being shot, due to the tactical nature of the situation.
A sawed-off Remington 870 Express is seen when Sarah shoots an intruder in her home before being captured by Jack Payne (Elias Koteas), it is unknown if this is a second shotgun or if Sarah cut the stock and barrel off the one from earlier (Athough it is unlikely that she would cut down the stock, sand it smooth, contour it and re-stain and finish it, it's probably meant to be the same shotgun). The line 870 Express is visible as well as the finish appears to be the matte bead blasted type of the Express model. Neben Lauf und neuerlich dem Zielfernrohr wurde auch der McMillan A1 HTG Schaft durch das modernere McMillan A4 Modell ersetzt. Die Erwartungen in ihr Produkt lagen daher entsprechend hoch, als sich wenige Tage nach Erscheinen beim Retailer Redwolf Airsoft ein Exemplar in den SASV-Werkstätten wiederfand.
Das Sun Project M40XB wird lediglich über zwei Schrauben am Schaft befestigt und der Wechsel auf den A4 Schaft ist in wenigen Handgriffen erledigt. Mit einem Sprengring oder einem anderen kleinen Distanzstück beim Schraubenkopf ist dies jedoch sofort behoben. Fortress hat zwar sichtbar viel Arbeit in die Details gesteckt und dabei auch großteils gute Arbeit geleistet, letztlich hapert es jedoch an der Verarbeitung.
Bis dahin ist das Produkt trotzdem innovativ genug um für Bastler und USMC Enthusiasten interessant zu sein, gerade wenn man auf der Suche nach einem Airsoft Replica der besonderen Art ist. The rifle appears to be a Remington 700 7.62 (trued and blueprinted by a gunsmith fitted with a McMillan A4 stock, Harris bipod, and a US optics MST-100 scope (considering the year)).
As a result, this rifle, with correctly manufactured ammunition, can be effectively used out to distances of approximately 1.5 miles.
Note that, in this picture, you can clearly see that the rifle is manufactured for right-handed operation. While on the run, Bob Lee Swagger (Mark Wahlberg) has Nicholas Memphis (Michael Pena) purchase two of these rifles at the sporting goods store, fitted with Leupold Fixed 16x magnification M1 riflescopes.

They are also used by the mercenaries during the firefight at the ranch, one which is commandeered by Swagger, and one, possibly the same one taken from the ranch shootout, with a red dot optic and suppressor is used by Swagger at the end of the film. Ben Davis (Adrian Hughes), and an unnamed man are each armed with what appears to be Berettas as they are setting up the "suicide" of Nick Memphis. After being wounded, Swagger then strips a Glock 17 from FBI Special Agent Nick Memphis (Michael Pena).
Judging from the arm tattoos and body size, it can be surmised that the man is the same guy who helped set up the "suicide" of Nick Memphis later on, Frank Russo (Darrin Massey).
The short shotgun is seen during the mountain scene when Payne has it taped to his hand and is using to hold Sarah hostage when he taunts Swagger by telling him he has no shot. Neben dem verwendeten Zielfernrohr (Redfield 3-9x Variable) gab es auch mit der Haltbarkeit des Holzschaftes Probleme. Wirklich enttäuschend ist die Schaftkappe selbst, da sie nicht wie in den Promotion-Bildern aus Gummi, sondern auch aus Kunststoff besteht, was weder optisch noch funktional etwas hergibt.
Sicherung, Lauf, Abzugseinheit und Magazinschacht passen spielfrei, ein paar Kleinigkeiten gibt es jedoch immer zu bemerken.
Zweite Auffälligkeit ist der Magazinschacht, in den das Magazin etwas zu streng hineingeht. The film also was adapted as a 2017 USA Network television series starring Ryan Phillippe as Swagger. Even though this rifle is a semi-automatic in real life, in the movie, the editing makes it appear that Swagger racks the charging handle between shots (like a non blank-adapted rifle would require). The rifle is usually used with a ballistic computer that calculates bullet trajectory based on atmospheric conditions. These rifles are given a custom camouflage paint job by Swagger and are used near the river where Swagger is training Memphis to shoot under pressure.
During the ranch scene, some of the M4's can be seen fitted with the PVS-14 Night Vision Optics, despite being used in broad daylight. There are no clear shots of their pistols but the unnamed man's pistol may be a Beretta 92FS. Due to the proximity of the gun to the actor on the ground and the unusual sparks coming from the cylinder, this gun may be a Non Gun. Der Inhalt stellt sich aus dem Schaft, einer Anleitung und ein paar Alternativteilen zusammen. Badger Ordnance hergestellt), wurde hier jedoch beinhart zusammen mit dem Schaft nachgegossen - ein Zustand der nach Verbesserung schreit. Nachdem das Magazin ein gutes Stück im Schaft versenkt wird, empfiehlt es sich auch hier einmal mehr ein bisschen nachzuarbeiten, damit das Magazin leichter herausfallen kann. As he is seen taking a shot at a stew can, a ballistic computer can be seen immediately to Swagger's right. The M4 at the end of the film appears to have an EOTech with a 4x Magnifier mounted behind it, and not an Aimpoint Sight, as was on the one that he took from the farm. Also interesting to notice is that Bob Lee Swagger can be seen taking Russo's pistol out of his holster while he is talking to Nick, so this could be where he obtained the Beretta 92FS he is seen using later.
While it is possible, one must realize that the average grouping for even the best rifle (the M-200 being high on that list) at this range will be approximately 20 inches at 2000 yards.
Finally, the rifle, now with an arctic camouflage scheme, is used by Swagger as well as mercenary snipers during the confrontation on the mountain.
Keeping that in mind, the scene was obviously used to showcase Swagger's supernatural ability to snipe. He is seen using it right-handed until his meeting with Attorney General, where he holds it left-handed (due to his shoulder injury).

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