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This web site presents four time periods that describe selected cartographic efforts in the form of monographs.
In order to obtain additional information, or find an illustration of a described map, meant researching and gathering bits and pieces from many different sources - from general works or articles on cartography, travel and exploration, geography, history, etc.
In spite of all of these obstacles, however, I was able, over the past twenty years, to accumulate over a thousand 35mm slides of maps, globes and related material of particular interest to my research. Now with the advent of computer technology at an affordable price, I have transferred my 35mm slide collection to this new digital format so that they can now be examined in much more detail on a computer, and interactively correlated with amplifying background and reference data. My goal is to continue my efforts to explore additional cartographic treasures and to create an extensive collection of illustrations dealing with ancient, medieval, oriental and early Renaissance cartography, along with ample supporting documentation and references; all in the form of an electronic database. Technically, these maps were photographed with first a Minolta 35mm single reflex camera, and later with a digital camera, scanned electronically or found on various internet web sites. All in all, as a result of my passion for maps I have also learned a considerable amount about photography, computer hardware and software, desk-top publishing and database design. The act of gathering, synthesizing, and formatting this information into these monographs is in no way meant to imply any real authorship on my part. These images (and many more) and their monographs have been filed in a FileMaker Pro database that is available upon request. The format of business letters has slowly changed over time with the culture of business getting less and less formal.
Here are the components of a traditional full block business letters -- shown in picture form and with explanations. The format shown here is just a guide -- variations and customizations are common -- and not all elements are needed in every type of letter such as job application cover letters or thank-you letters. If your stationery includes a letterhead, type the date from 2 to 6 lines under the letterhead. If the letter exceeds one page, repeat the recipient's name, the date, the reference or subject line and show the current page number. If someone else has typed the letter for you, it is common for them to indicate so with initials. If you are including other things with the letter such as brochures, this line tells the reader how many to expect.
You have some freedom in how many blank lines to use between blocks and in the margin sizes in order to fit a letter onto a single page. This is a revised and expanded version of the original web site established in 1994 and hosted by the generosity of Henry Davis Consulting.
The numbering system that is employed corresponds to the set of 35 mm photographic slide transparencies that originally accompanied each volume; these slides have now been transferred to digital format as CDs and DVDs .
Of course, this continued research merely led me to find even more interesting specimens for study.

I decided that the only pragmatic way to pursue my growing passion to a€?collecta€? and study these intriguing and beautiful expressions of mana€™s curiosity, science, history and knowledge was through photography. I have now developed a relational database that contains a a€?recorda€? for each map, with cross references to a detailed description, associated cartographers, reference material, and the location(s) of the actual map or globe. These efforts may benefit some future young scholar and leave behind a hopefully useful research tool. And, of course, along the way I have learned a great deal more about my favorite cartographic works.
This was purely a personal endeavor at compiling and editing the type of information on the particular selection of maps in which I was interested, from the sources that were accessible. Also, due to the desire to permit quick downloads and viewing of the monographs, the associated images are at a low resolution. Type your name and address along with other relevant contact information such as e-mail or fax number.
If you have less than three lines on the second page, consider rewriting your letter or adjusting margins to fit on a single page. Can vary from the very formal "Respectfully yours" to the typical "Sincerely" to the friendly "Cordially yours". Each of these sections contain monographs that elaborate on, and illustrate maps from, four distinct periods of history. During this time (the 1970a€™s) there were very few books and periodicals dealing with cartography compared with today. This is when I began to compile a collection of 35mm slides (transparencies) of maps and globes that I found particularly fascinating, together with documenting as much information that I could find about each one. Whenever I happened to be on a business trip, I tried to carve out some time for the a€?hunta€?.
This database facilitates my future research activity by providing easy access to a single reference source. With the popularity and accessibility of the internet, it should provide a means for databases like this one and for map collections in the great libraries and universities of the world to be shared with any map lover anywhere that has access to a personal computer and an internet connection. The list of literary sources used in constructing these monographs are specifically identified at the end of each monograph, and a more comprehensive list of references is provided in the Bibliographies. I merely wanted to bring together, in one place, all of the scattered bits of information relating to each map that I have found through canvassing various libraries from California to Great Britain to Japan.
I found that this approach allowed me to satisfy the collector in me, as well as a means by which to study and appreciate maps and globes in greater detail. Along the way I did engage in traditional map collecting (who could resist the temptation) and soon found that one quickly runs out of wall space, closet space, garage space and a wife's patience. I established an internet web site in 1994 that receives many inquires for additional information.

I became interested in maps during my undergraduate research in history at the University of Texas, forty years ago.
The maps that most fascinated me were from the period before the invention of printing and a€?scientific discoverya€?. So it was back to the photography and the ability to satiate my collector impulse to my hearta€™s desire.
Unfortunately, this meant that, even as my financial means appreciated, actually collecting such one-of-a-kind artifacts was even more difficult since most of these were in the possession of major world libraries and museums. The photographs that I take normally contain one shot of the entire map; and, through the use of close-up lenses, I take detail blow-ups of particularly interesting or significant portions of specific maps or globes. The selection of particular cartographic works was purely a personal one, based more upon the mapa€™s aesthetic appeal than any other criteria; although the more one knows of their history, the more certain maps take added interest and aesthetic appeal due to their particular, or relative, significance. The European pre-Renaissance period, Middle East and oriental cartography has attracted very little scholarly or public attention which reduced the likelihood that even facsimile copies would be available. Therefore, in this way I have been able to acquire copies of many of my favorite maps and globes most of which are not a€?collectablea€? in the normal sense, even as facsimiles. Vous demenagez et vous devez par consequent informer votre operateur de ce changement d'adresse.
It should also be noted that most libraries and museums will not allow just anyone without a€?proper credentialsa€? to even view their collections, let alone photograph them. They are finally all easily accessible in one place for further study, instead of residing in countless libraries, museums, books, periodicals, etc. Vous envoyez alors une lettre informant celui-ci du changement d'adresse.Ce que dit la loi a propos du changement d'adresseAfin que le consommateur soit en mesure de recevoir les courriers le concernant de la part d'un operateur de telephonie mobile aupres duquel il a souscrit un engagement, il a le devoir de le tenir informe de tout changement concernant sa situation personnelle, ce qui inclut le changement de domicile.
The relevant books which were out-of-print that could be found in libraries were often classified as non-circulating reference material.
Et ce afin que le fichier client de l'operateur soit a jour et conformement aux dispositions des conditions generales de vente incluses au contrat.Nos conseils pour votre lettreLa lettre d'information du changement d'adresse doit etre envoyee par lettre recommandee avec avis de reception au service client de votre operateur. I was not a college professor or recognized scholar, published author, map dealer or any one with a€?connectionsa€?. Because of the unscrupulous thieves that have visited libraries, even a€?sweet talkinga€? a librarian does not work like it used to.
Since my visits to many high profile libraries were often a target of opportunity associated with a business trip, advanced introductions for entrA? were not always possible. Using the inter-library loan system became one solution, since I had only to establish a trusting rapport with just one local librarian.

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