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Herpes simplex virus (HSV) is an infection more commonly referred to as just herpes (genital or oral). Herpes is spread through vaginal, oral, or anal sex and through intimate genital to genital—skin on skin— contact without penetration.
Outbreaks will usually run their course, however, there are medications, both over the counter and prescription-based, that can lessen the severity of an outbreak. If you or your partner are pregnant or are planning a pregnancy, and if either of you have herpes, it’s important to speak with your doctor.
Even if your risk is low, it is still very possible to contract an STI— always take precautions to protect yourself.

A 28-year-old unmarried man was dating widely, but always wore a condom during intercourse. While it can’t cure the herpes, it can work to prevent or lessen the severity or length of an outbreak.
The risk to the baby is small, however, if the mother has an outbreak at the time of delivery, a Cesarean section may be recommended. Type 1 usually has to do with ‘cold sores” around the mouth and nose and can be spread to the genital area, while Type 2 is more closely associated with sores in the penis and vagina areas, but can be spread to the mouth and nose. Even with treatment and with no signs of flare up, it is still possible to pass herpes along.

A Tzanck smear obtained from the base of an intact blister was positive for multinucleated giant cells. Suppressive antiviral therapy would be offered if the patient experiences frequent or long-lasting recurrences.

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