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A blood test is required to diagnose syphilis condition, with inclusion of lesion examination.
When the condition is diagnosed in early stages, antibiotics are the first option to get rid of it. It is good to inform the doctor if you have previous history of allergy towards penicillin.
Any druggist advertising over-thecounter pills or medicines for this disease should not be trusted, as it is dangerous to proceed without health practitioner's guidance. Our website uses cookies so that we can make your shopping experience as simple and enjoyable as possible.

After infection has manifested itself, body's defense mechanism generates anti-bodies to fight this infection. It is more important to use them when one is not into long term monogamous sexual relationship. But, condoms cannot provide hundred percent protection, as sores can occur on areas uncovered by condoms.
The presence of anti-bodies may not pinpoint the infection period, because they may be visible in blood for few months or many years. Hence, a single blood test cannot be used to find out since how long is the patient suffering from syphilis.

Local health authorities offer help when it comes to notifying this to their existing partner. This makes it important for a pregnant woman to undergo this test, so that she does not give this disease to baby in womb.

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