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Mass Save  is a residential energy program sponsored by our local utility, National Grid (electricity). Although it may seem counterintuitive for the utilities to offer customers a program to reduce energy usage, they have a real economic incentive to do so. The Mass Save program subsidizes the cost of installing insulation in existing homes that are not adequately  insulated, as determined at the home energy assessment. My home was identified as having "health & safety barriers" to participating in Mass Save.
There are a number of conditions that will disqualify a home from participating in Mass Save beyond the no-cost energy assessment.
National Grid offers a $50 rebate for recycling a second household refrigerator or stand-alone freezer. Just enter your zip code, home's primary heating fuel source, and a referral code (if you have one). By taking the online assessment, you’ll learn if your home is a good candidate for an in-home assessment.
It offers economic incentives to its residential customers to make improvements to their homes to reduce their energy consumption. If energy usage continues to rise at its current rate the utilities will be forced to build power plants or buy energy from other sources to meet the demand. Air sealing prevents air infiltration between fixed assemblies in your home, such as a foundation sill plate or wall top plate in an attic.

The report you receive after your assessment will include a list of your mechanical equipment with efficiency ratings and the latest corresponding rebates offered by Mass Save. The auditor will point these conditions out to a homeowner and require that the condition be remedied in order to continue.
You will be directed to the online home energy assessment for your Massachusetts utility sponsor. If your profile indicates that you are a good candidate, simply call us, or provide your contact information right from the energy profile to set up an in-home Assessment. The program offers many "no-cost" incentives that are paid for by a surcharge included in our monthly electric bills.
The assessor may use of an infrared camera to help detect insulation levels behind finished walls, floors and ceilings but only as weather permits.
Ask the banker what rating they require.Work done under the HEAT Loan program, except for insulation and air sealing, does not require contractor certification by National Grid. In order to get the rebate you must have another primary operating refrigerator, and the unit to be recycled must be clean, in working condition, and 10-30 cubic ft. It offers homeowners economic incentives to make their home more energy efficient thereby reducing energy consumption and energy costs. The Mass Save program does not include any weather-stripping, which can be installed easily and economically either by a homeowner or a handyman. Often older homes have remnants of a Knob & tube wiring systems that was widely used when houses were first wired for electricity.

This means you can use your plumber or HVAC contractor to replace your heating or domestic hot water system. Typically it is simply a matter of hiring an electrician to inspect the wiring and verify it is no longer in use. Asbestos is considered a Hazardous material and must be removed through a certified abatement process. The source of these problems may not be apparent and may require consulting professionals to flush out the real source of the problem. Mold and mildew just above the ceiling is often a result of moist air from inside the house escaping into the attic. Basement moisture typically results from ground water coming in through the foundation or the concrete floor slab. If you need a general consultation to review the problem go to a general contractor or architect versed in sustainability issues.
Combustion equipment includes anytime that requires a flame to operate such as gas or oil fired boilers or furnaces, hot water heaters, gas clothes dryers, ranges and ovens. It is known to contain Asbestos particles and therefore requires disposal by a certified abatement process.

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