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It’s hard to pick up a magazine today or even watch television, without seeing ads for anti-aging remedies. If you are considering a career in the medical aesthetics industry, it’s time to call National Laser Institute! As the leading medical esthetics school in the nation, we offer courses tailored to those seeking a complete career change, aestheticians, cosmetologists, and more. If you’re interested to hear what students are saying about our school and training program, view our video below!
In past years, women and men spent billions of dollars on creams, lotions, and potions–all promising to turn back the hands of time.
These breakthroughs include Cosmetic Lasers, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), BOTOX®, Restylane®, and Microdermabrasion.
These natural remedies can be effective without some of the harsh side effects of prescription medications.

We are the first laser training school in the nation to combine classroom instruction with one-on-one observation and hands-on training on both laser and IPL.
We offer the most comprehensive training of any of the medical esthetic schools in the country with no prior training required. Natural remedies and cures for yeast infection have been used for thousands of years in cultures all over the world. What are the natural remedies and cures for yeast infection?Natural anti fungals as natural remedies and cures for yeast infection:Garlic has natural anti fungal properties.
It can be taken by mouth at 4000 to 6,000 micrograms, up to twice daily.Capryllic acid destroys candida.
Olive leaf extract kills viruses, bacteria and fungus, and is effective against yeast infections. Another way to fight yeast infection is by inserting a tampon into your vagina that has been soaked in unsweetened yogurtSalt water soak:Add 1 cup of sea salt to a tub of warm water.

You will get treatment for the yeast infection and reduce the symptoms associated with yeast infections as well.Raw garlic crushed and applied to the skin or used as a suppository is a natural remedy and cure for yeast infection.
Adding garlic as a regular ingredient to your diet will help to prevent yeast infections.Tea tree oil and oil of oregano are natural oils with anti fungal properties that can be used topically as natural remedies and cures for yeast infections. An ice cold beer soothes dry pipes, but it contains yeast and can cause a yeast infection, In fact, men who drink beer regularly have yeast on their penises.
And the kicker to this is they will have no symptoms, but can possibly give you a yeast infection. I wonder if a study has been done on the incidence of yeast infections in women whose men are beer drinkers.

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