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New Haven was founded in 1638 by English Puritan+s, and a year later eight streets were laid out in a four-by-four grid+, creating what is now commonly known as the "Nine Square Plan", square, now a National Historic Landmark+ and the center of Downtown New Haven+. The city served as co-capital of Connecticut from 1701 until 1873, when sole governance was transferred to the more centrally located city of Hartford+. New Haven had the first public tree planting program in America, producing a canopy of mature trees (including some large elm+s) that gave New Haven the nickname "The Elm City".
Before Europeans arrived, the New Haven area was the home of the Quinnipiac+ tribe of Native Americans+, who lived in villages around the harbor and subsisted off local fisheries and the farming of maize+. In 1637 a small party of Puritans reconnoitered the New Haven harbor area and wintered over. By 1640, the town+'s theocratic government and nine-square grid plan were in place, and the town was renamed Newhaven from Quinnipiac. Economic disaster struck the colony in 1646, however, when the town sent its first fully loaded ship of local goods back to England.
In 1661, the judges who had signed the death warrant of Charles I of England+ were pursued by Charles II+. New Haven became part of the Connecticut Colony in 1664, when the two colonies were merged under political pressure from England, according to folklore as punishment for harboring the three judges (in reality, done in order to strengthen the case for the takeover of nearby New Amsterdam+, which was rapidly losing territory to migrants from Connecticut).
For over a century, New Haven citizens had fought in the colonial militia alongside regular British forces, as in the French and Indian War+.
On July 5, 1779, 2,600 loyalists and British regulars under General William Tryon+, governor of New York, landed in New Haven Harbor and raided the 3,500-person town+.
New Haven was incorporated as a city in 1784, and Roger Sherman+, one of the signers of the Constitution+ and author of the "Connecticut Compromise+", became the new city's first mayor. The city struck fortune in the late 18th century with the inventions and industrial activity of Eli Whitney+, a Yale graduate who remained in New Haven to develop the cotton gin+ and establish a gun-manufacturing factory in the northern part of the city near the Hamden+ town line. The Farmington Canal+, created in the early 19th century, was a short-lived transporter of goods into the interior regions of Connecticut and Massachusetts, and ran from New Haven to Northampton, Massachusetts+. New Haven was home to one of the important early events in the burgeoning anti-slavery movement+ when, in 1839, the trial of mutineering Mende tribesmen+ being transported as slaves on the Spanish slaveship+ ''Amistad+'' was held in New Haven's United States District Court+.
The American Civil War+ boosted the local economy with wartime purchases of industrial goods, including that of the New Haven Arms Company+, which would later become the Winchester Repeating Arms Company+.
New Haven's expansion continued during the two World Wars, with most new inhabitants being African American+s from the American South+ and Puerto Ricans+.
In 1970, a series of criminal prosecutions+ against various members of the Black Panther Party+ took place in New Haven, inciting mass protests on the New Haven Green involving twelve thousand demonstrators and many well-known New Left+ political activists.
From the 1960s through the late 1990s, central areas of New Haven continued to decline both economically and in terms of population despite attempts to resurrect certain neighborhoods through renewal projects. Since approximately 2000, many parts of downtown New Haven have been revitalized, with new restaurants, nightlife, and small retail stores. In April 2009, the United States Supreme Court+ agreed to hear a suit+ over reverse discrimination+ brought by 18 white firefighters against the city.
In 2010 and 2011, state and federal funds were awarded to Connecticut (and Massachusetts) to construct the Hartford Line+, with a southern terminus at New Haven's Union Station+ and a northern terminus at Springfield's+ Union Station. The Greater New Haven Convention and Visitors Bureau has a more extensive list of New Haven firsts.
According to the United States Census Bureau+, the city has a total area of , of which is land and , or 6.67%, is water. New Haven's best-known geographic features are its large deep harbor, and two reddish basalt trap rock+ ridges which rise to the northeast and northwest of the city core.
The city is drained by three rivers; the West+, Mill+, and Quinnipiac+, named in order from west to east.
New Haven lies in the transition between a humid continental climate+ (Koppen climate classification+: ''Dfa'') and humid subtropical climate+ (Koppen ''Cfa''), but having more characteristics of the former, as is typical of much of the New York metropolitan area. New Haven has a long tradition of urban planning+ and a purposeful design for the city's layout. Downtown New Haven+, occupied by nearly 7,000 residents, has a more residential character than most downtowns. New Haven's economy originally was based in manufacturing, but the postwar period brought rapid industrial decline+; the entire Northeast was affected, and medium-sized cities with large working-class populations, like New Haven, were hit particularly hard.
The Knights of Columbus+, the world's largest Catholic fraternal service organization and a Fortune 1000+ company, is headquartered in New Haven. The median income for a household in the city is $29,604, and the median income for a family is $35,950. It is estimated that 14% of New Haven residents are pedestrian commuters, ranking it number four by highest percentage in the United States. New Haven is a predominantly Roman Catholic+ city, as the city's Dominican, Irish, Italian, Mexican, Ecuadorian, and Puerto Rican populations are overwhelmingly Catholic. The city council, called the Board of Alders, consists of thirty members, each elected from single-member wards. New Haven lies within Connecticut's 3rd congressional district+ and has been represented by Rosa DeLauro+ since 1991. The Greater New Haven area is served by the New Haven Judicial District Court and the New Haven Superior Court, both headquartered at the New Haven County Courthouse. Clockwise from top left: Downtown New Haven+ skyline, East Rock Park+, summer festivities on the New Haven Green+, shops along Upper State Street+, Five Mile Point Lighthouse+, Harkness Tower+, and Connecticut Hall+ at Yale. The university is an integral part of the city's economy, being New Haven's biggest taxpayer and employer.
In April 1638, the main party of five hundred Puritans who left the Massachusetts Bay Colony+ under the leadership of the Reverend John Davenport+ and the London merchant Theophilus Eaton+ sailed into the harbor.

However, the area north of New Haven remained Quinnipiac until 1678, when it was renamed Hamden+. This ship never reached the Old World, and its disappearance stymied New Haven's development in the face of the rising trade power of Boston+ and New Amsterdam+. Two judges, Colonel Edward Whalley+ and Colonel William Goffe+, fled to New Haven to seek refuge from the king's forces.
Some members of the New Haven Colony seeking to establish a new theocracy elsewhere went on to establish Newark, New Jersey+. In 1716, the Collegiate School relocated from Old Saybrook+ to New Haven and established New Haven as a center of learning. As the American Revolution+ approached, General David Wooster+ and other influential residents hoped that the conflict with the government in Britain could be resolved short of rebellion. A militia of Yale students had been prepping for battle, and former Yale president and Yale Divinity School+ professor Naphtali Daggett+ rode out to confront the Redcoats. That area is still known as Whitneyville, and the main road through both towns is known as Whitney Avenue.
In conjunction with its declining population, New Haven experienced a steep rise in its crime rate+. In particular, the area surrounding the New Haven Green has experienced an influx of apartments and condominiums.
The 360 State Street project is now occupied and is the largest residential building in Connecticut. The company expanded and became the Connecticut Telephone Company, then the Southern New England Telephone Company+ (now part of AT&T+). The city still serves as the world headquarters+ of the organization, which maintains a museum downtown. It was built with funds collected from the community and is maintained by Greater New Haven Holocaust Memory, Inc.
These trap rocks are known respectively as East Rock+ and West Rock+, and both serve as extensive parks.
The West River discharges into West Haven+ Harbor, while the Mill and Quinnipiac rivers discharge into New Haven Harbor.
Comprehensive Report: New Haven pg3 The downtown area provides about half of the city's jobs and half of its tax base and in recent years has become filled with dozens of new upscale restaurants, several of which have garnered national praise (such as Ibiza, recognized by ''Esquire+'' and ''Wine Spectator+'' magazines as well as the ''New York Times+'' as the best Spanish food in the country), in addition to shops and thousands of apartments and condominium units which subsequently help overall growth of the city. Simultaneously, the growth and expansion of Yale University+ further affected the economic shift. Two more Fortune 1000 companies are based in Greater New Haven: the electrical equipment producers Hubbell, based in Orange+, and Amphenol+, based in Wallingford+. Census Bureau+ reports a 2010 population of 129,779, with 47,094 households and 25,854 families within the city of New Haven.
Connecticut municipalities (like those of neighboring states Massachusetts+ and Rhode Island+) provide nearly all local services (such as fire and rescue, education, snow removal, etc.), as county government has been abolished since 1960. She was sworn in as the 50th mayor of New Haven on January 1, 2014 and is the first woman to hold that office. New Haven is served by the New Haven Police Department+ and the New Haven Fire Department+.
Martin Looney+ and Gary Holder-Winfield+ represent New Haven in the Connecticut State Senate+, and the city lies within six districts (numbers 92 through 97) of the Connecticut House of Representatives+.
The federal District Court for the District of Connecticut+ has a New Haven facility, the Richard C.
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It is located on New Haven Harbor+ on the northern shore of Long Island Sound+ in New Haven County, Connecticut+, which in turn comprises the outer limits of the New York metropolitan area+.
Dutch traders set up a small trading system of beaver+ pelts with the local inhabitants, but trade was sporadic and the Dutch did not settle permanently in the area.
These settlers were hoping to establish a (in their mind) better theological community, with the government more closely linked to the church than the one they left in Massachusetts and sought to take advantage of the excellent port capabilities of the harbor. In 1660, founder John Davenport's wishes were fulfilled, and Hopkins School+ was founded in New Haven with money from the estate of Edward Hopkins+. John Davenport arranged for these "Regicides+" to hide in the West Rock+ hills northwest of the town. In 1718, the name of the Collegiate School was changed to Yale College+ in response to a large donation from British East India Company+ merchant Elihu Yale+, former Governor of Madras+.
On 23 April 1775, which is still celebrated in New Haven as Powder House Day+, the Second Company, Governor's Foot Guard+, of New Haven entered the struggle against the governing British parliament. Yale president Ezra Stiles recounted in his diary that while he moved furniture in anticipation of battle, he still couldn't quite believe the revolution had begun. The factory is now the Eli Whitney Museum+, which has a particular emphasis on activities for children and exhibits pertaining to the A. Today, roughly half the populations of East Haven, West Haven, and North Haven are Italian-American+. The area of New Haven is only , encouraging further development of new housing after 1950 in adjacent, suburban towns. Certain sections of downtown New Haven+ were redeveloped to include museums, new office towers, a hotel, and large shopping complexes.
In 2010, New Haven ranked as the 18th most dangerous city in America, albeit with crime rating under the significant safety benchmark of 200.00. In recent years, downtown retail options have increased with the opening of new stores such as Urban Oufitters, J Crew, Origins, American Apparel, Gant Clothing, and an Apple Store, joining older stores such as Barnes and Noble, Cutlers Records, and Raggs Clothing.

After the tests were scored, no black+ firefighters scored high enough to qualify for consideration for promotion, so the city announced that no one would be promoted. West Rock has been tunneled through to make way for the east-west passage of the Wilbur Cross Parkway+ (the only highway tunnel through a natural obstacle in Connecticut), and once served as the hideout of the "Regicides+" (see: Regicides Trail+). Winters are cold with moderate snowfall interspersed with rainfall and occasionally mixed precipitation. Upon founding, New Haven was laid out in a grid plan+ of nine square blocks; the central square was left open, in the tradition of many New England towns, as the city green+ (a commons area). Today, over half (56%) of the city's economy is now made up of services, in particular education and health care; Yale is the city's largest employer, followed by Yale – New Haven Hospital+. Eight Courant 100 companies are based in Greater New Haven, with four headquartered in New Haven proper. Hampton will have its own academy housed at Bethel, while Newport News and York County will combine on academies at Bruton and Warwick high schools.Academies will receive a $10,000 grant from the Virginia Department of Education for startup.
The Quinnipiacs, who were under attack by neighboring Pequots+, sold their land to the settlers in return for protection.
At the time, the New Haven Colony was separate from the Connecticut Colony+, which had been established to the north centering on Hartford+. Under Captain Benedict Arnold+, they broke into the powder house to arm themselves and began a three-day march to Cambridge, Massachusetts+. New Haven was not torched as the invaders did with Danbury+ in 1777, or Fairfield+ and Norwalk+ a week after the New Haven raid, so many of the town's colonial features were preserved. Abraham Lincoln+ delivered a speech on slavery in New Haven in 1860, shortly before he secured the Republican nomination for President+. Other parts of the city were affected by the construction of Interstate 95+ along the Long Wharf section, Interstate 91+, and the Oak Street Connector+. In addition, downtown's growing residential population will be served by two new supermarkets, a Stop and Shop just outside downtown and Elm City Market located one block from the Green. In addition, several smaller streams flow through the city's neighborhoods, including Wintergreen Brook, the Beaver Ponds Outlet, Wilmot Brook, Belden Brook, and Prospect Creek.
The weather patterns that affect New Haven result from a primarily offshore direction, thus reducing the marine influence of Long Island Sound—although, like other marine areas, differences in temperature between areas right along the coastline and areas a mile or two inland can be large at times. New Haven-based companies traded on stock exchange+s include NewAlliance Bank+, the second largest bank in Connecticut and fourth-largest in New England+ (), Higher One Holdings (), a financial services firm United Illuminating+, the electricity distributor for southern Connecticut (), Achillion Pharmaceuticals+ (), Alexion Pharmaceuticals (), and Transpro Inc. One of the principal differences between the two colonies was that the New Haven colony was an intolerant theocracy+ that did not permit other churches to be established, while the Connecticut colony permitted the establishment of other churches.
Other New Haven militia members were on hand to escort George Washington+ from his overnight stay in New Haven on his way to Cambridge. Westville was the center of Jewish+ life in New Haven, though today many have fanned out to suburban communities such as Woodbridge and Cheshire.
The Oak Street Connector (Route 34+), running between Interstate 95, downtown, and The Hill+ neighborhood, was originally intended as a highway to the city's western suburbs but was only completed as a highway to the downtown area, with the area to the west becoming a boulevard (See "Redevelopment" below).
The recent turnaround of downtown New Haven has received positive press from various periodicals.
DeStefano+'' decision the court found 5-4 that New Haven's decision to ignore the test results violated Title VII+ of the Civil Rights Act of 1964+. As in other cities, many of the elm+s that gave New Haven the nickname "Elm City" perished in the mid-20th century due to Dutch Elm disease+, although many have since been replanted. Raphael Hospital+, Smilow Cancer Hospital+, Southern Connecticut State University+, Assa Abloy+ Manufacturing, the Knights of Columbus+ headquarters, Higher One, Alexion Pharmaceuticals+, Covidien and United Illuminating+.
There are churches for all major branches of Christianity within the city, multiple store-front churches, ministries (especially in working-class Latino and Black neighborhoods), a mosque, many synagogues (including two yeshivas), and other places of worship; the level of religious diversity in the city is high.
In addition to being the site of the college educations of both Presidents Bush, as Yale students, New Haven was also the temporary home of former presidents William Howard Taft+, Gerald Ford+, and Bill Clinton+, as well as Secretary of State John Kerry. Contemporary reports, from both sides, remark on the New Haven volunteers' professional military bearing, including uniforms.
His factory, along with that of Simeon North+, and the lively clock-making and brass hardware sectors, contributed to making early Connecticut a powerful manufacturing economy; so many arms manufacturers sprang up that the state became known as "The Arsenal of America".
The New Haven Green+ is currently home to three separate historic churches which speak to the original theocratic nature of the city.
It was in Whitney's gun-manufacturing plant that Samuel Colt+ invented the automatic revolver+ in 1836. Other notable companies based in the city include the Peter Paul Candy Manufacturing Company+ (the candy-making division of the Hershey Company+), the American division of Assa Abloy+ (one of the world's leading manufacturers of locks), Yale University Press+, and the Russell Trust Association+ (the business arm of the Skull and Bones Society+). The city's demography is shifting rapidly: New Haven has always been a city of immigrants and currently the Latino population is growing rapidly.
Previous influxes among ethnic groups have been African-Americans in the postwar era, and Irish, Italian and (to a lesser degree) Slavic peoples in the prewar period.
May said that more teachers will have to be added to teach the additional classes and as the program grows."Once the governor's seal was put out there, we already had the program," May said. This helps me to be able to do more in the medical field."Because at first I had an idea of what I wanted to do.
But when I got in this program, I learned more about the opportunities that are available to me that I can further my education."Health sciencesHampton City Schools' Health and Medical Sciences Academy has been approved to become a Governor's Health Sciences Academy, with additional courses to be added.

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