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The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) combinesA the functions of research funding and development of advice within a single national organisation. As Australiaa€™s leading expert body, the NHMRC promotes the development and maintenance of public and individual health standards. It is also responsible for fostering medical research and training and public health research and training throughout Australia; and advancing consideration of ethical issues relating to health.

NHMRC draws upon the resources of all components of the health system, including governments, medical practitioners, nurses and allied health professionals, researchers, teaching and research institutions, public and private program managers, service administrators, community health organisations, social health researchers and consumers.
Please feel free to build further sub-communities and collections for this area and try submitting some test items. To this end, the NHMRC works to raise the standard of individual and public health throughout Australia and promoting the development of consistent health standards between the various States and Territories.

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