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In recognition of the need and value of bringing together clinical and research skills and expertise, the MRC and EPSRC have agreed to partner in the establishment of a number of regional Molecular Pathology Nodes a€“ centera€™s of excellence that will bring clinical and research skills and expertise closer together.
There is compelling evidence for strong associations of kidney disease with adverse outcomes, yet the number of clinical trials in nephrology continues to lag behind most other medical specialities.
The Cohorts for Heart and Aging Research in Genomic Epidemiology (CHARGE) Consortium was formed to facilitate genome-wide association study meta-analyses and replication opportunities among multiple large and well-phenotyped longitudinal cohort studies.
In collaboration with colleagues at the Centre for Global Health, University of Split (P.I.
We acknowledge the invaluable contributions of the recruitment teams in Vis, Korcula and Split (including those from the Institute of Anthropological Research in Zagreb and the Croatian Centre for Global Health at the University of Split), the administrative teams in Croatia and Edinburgh and the people of Vis, Korcula and Split. DNA from 20,000 GS:SFHS participants has been analysed by high density genome-wide chip genotyping, with low failure and high call rates. The Northern Isles of Scotland (Orkney and Shetland) have been isolated from the rest of the British Isles by their geographic position at the extreme northern periphery. A team led by Dr Jim Wilson (University of Edinburgh and IGMM) has from 2013-2015 recruited over 2,000 volunteers from the archipelago of Shetland to increase the sample size from the Northern Isles. University of Glasgow, Glasgow, UKProfessor Sandosh Padmanabhan and Professor Christian Delles(Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences), Professor Ruth Jarrett (Institute of Infection, Immunity and Inflammation). University of Dundee, Dundee, UKA Prof Colin Palmer, Professor Blair Smith (School of Medicine).
This Programme takes advantage of the reduced heterogeneity (genetic and environmental) of isolated populations to identify quantitative trait loci (QTL) of biomedical interest. This provided a means of discriminating between different forms of early-onset diabetes and will help to deliver the most appropriate treatment (Thanabalasingham et al. In order to identify QTL influencing disease-related quantitative traits (QTs), we have performed genome-wide linkage and association analyses in samples obtained from adult volunteers from the islands of Vis and Korcula on the Dalmatian coast of Croatia (see figure), in collaboration with colleagues at the Centre for Global Health, University of Split (P.I.
We have measured many hundreds of biomedically-relevant quantitative traits in all members of the Population isolates, and estimated the genetic parameters influencing each trait. The dense marker data is being used to estimate individual genome-wide heterozygosity which is being analysed in relation to trait values to test the hypothesis that these are, in some cases, correlated. Common variants identified in our own and many other GWAS studies have, in general, been of small effect and have not explained much of the total genetic variance for the traits examined. In addition to identification of new associations, we are also following up confirmed GWAS associations by attempting to identify causal variants using both bioinformatic and laboratory based methods.
The MRC Human Genetics Unit is a partner in the MRC Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine at The University of Edinburgh. La informacion que figura en esta edicion digital esta dirigida exclusivamente al profesional destinado a prescribir o dispensar medicamentos por lo que se requiere una formacion especializada para su correcta interpretacion. Dyane SmartCabinet permite ahorrar hasta un 20% en material fungible de alto valor y disminuir el stock alrededor de un 30%.
Ayer martes se presentaron los resultados del Estudio Challenge, un ensayo centrado en el tratamiento de las heridas crónicas de origen venoso.
Su acción estimuladora del sistema inmunitario ofrece beneficio en las fases tempranas de la enfermedad.

Existen falsos mitos que restan importancia a la necesidad de introducir medidas complementarias que prevengan la aparición de infecciones nosocomiales.
Innovacion para el medico especialista de hospital y atencion primaria: investigacion medica, gestion, tecnologia y servicios sanitarios.
New biomarkers are needed both to predict the risk of kidney disease in unaffected individuals and outcomes in people with disease. A major goal of the CHARGE Consortium is to produce a series of high-impact publications that describe the collaborative results of genome-wide association scans for a number of cardiovascular, lung, blood and aging phenotypes. Data and samples from the CROATIA cohorts have been used in a wide range of research projects, many of which are still ongoing.
Generation Scotland operates as a biobank and as of 2015, over 200 applications from investigators had been processed by the GS Access Committee. QC analyses were performed, data cleaned using quality scores and proportions typed, sample identity verified against recorded gender and pedigree and data checked for unknown relationships based on estimated identity-by-descent. The ORCADES study has been running successfully since 2005 in the neighbouring Orkney Islands and provides a rich resource of 2,000 deeply phenotyped subjects, including data on essentially the same traits and questionnaires as used in the Croatian studies. This has been achieved firstly by contributing to the association mapping of over 700 common variants influencing quantitative traits (QTs) and diseases over the past five years, as shown in >200 publications. We have carried out single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) genome-wide association studies (GWAS). La informacion que figura en esta edicion digital esta dirigida exclusivamente al profesional destinado a prescribir o dispensar medicamentos por lo que se requiere una formacion especializada para su correcta interpretacion. The focal point of the design, analysis, interpretation and publication of research results for each specific phenotype is the Phenotype Working Groups (PWGs).
Prof Harry Campbell), participants have been recruited to three Croatian cohorts, collectively named the 10 001 Dalmatians study. GS:SFHS has a breadth of phenotype information, including detailed data on cognitive function, personality traits and mental health. Population stratification was assessed by analysis of principal components and imputing to the 1000 Genome data set.
All subjects have at least two grandparents from Orkney and there is a high degree of kinship.
In current work, we are building on the special properties of isolate populations which have advantages for detecting low frequency, rather than common, QTL variants. QT association studies were then carried out which identified a number of strong associations (see Publications). The data collected includes quantitative information on important domains of cognition such as short and long term memory, speed of processing, executive function and verbal intelligence in addition to derived traits such as the general intelligence factor (g) and a measure of cognitive decline. The laboratory analyses, currently on over 12,000 samples from a range of cohorts, are led by Prof Olivier Devuyst, University of Zurich, and use a variety of techniques including high-throughput ELISA assays, colorimetric methods and ion chromatography. The MRC HGU QTL group, particularly through Caroline Hayward, has a long-standing collaboration with CHARGE, with data from the isolates and Generation Scotland cohorts contributing to a wide range of PWGs.
In the CROATIA-Vis study (recruited in collaboration with the institute of Authropological Research in Zagreb as a population-based study during 2003 and 2004 in the Dalmatian island of Vis), all subjects visited the clinical research centre in the region where they were examined and samples were taken.

Although data collection was cross-sectional, GS:SFHS becomes a longitudinal cohort as a result of the ability to link to routine NHS data, using the community health index (CHI) number. The quality of the checked data was assessed by GWAS analysis on anthropometric and lipid phenotypic quantitative traits, correcting for family relationships using a polygenic kinship matrix and for population stratification using principal component analysis. The high degree of haplotype sharing is evident in principal components analyses of Y chromosome variation: Orkney and Shetland stand side by side, isolated from all other sampling sites in the British Isles. We have increased the size of our isolate population samples, by recruitment of 2,000 people in Shetland to the Viking Health Study and increasing the number of people in the Croatian cohorts to 6,000.
We are currently investigating the predictive value of genetic markers associated with complex traits.
Isolated populations have a potential advantage for this due to the availability of deeper coverage provided by next generation sequencing coupled with imputation. ECUT is a collaboration between the MRC HGU QTL group and researchers in CCACE (LBC1936), Croatia, Italy and Switzerland. Biochemical and physiological measurements were performed, detailed genealogies reconstructed, questionnaire of lifestyle and environmental exposures collected, and blood samples stored for further analyses. These results are being compared with those in published meta-analyses and the genome-wide data are being used by the QTL group in a range of research projects involving both international consortia and local experts. These island groups represent one of the most isolated populations in the UK, with a shared Scottish and Scandinavian inheritance.
The group has also established the Multiple Sclerosis in the Northern Isles (NIMS) study a€“ an MS case-control collection from both Orkney and Shetland.
For example, having found an association between variants in the SLC2A9 gene and serum uric acid, we carried out functional analysis of this putative hexose transporter and showed that it is a major uric acid transporter, influencing gout, the commonest inflammatory arthritis in men (Vitart et al.
We have performed genome-wide scans on all individuals and sequencing in a subset, with a view to accurate imputation of the exome-identified rare variants into all the genotyped samples.
CROATIA-Korcula participants were recruited in the same manner from the Dalmatian island of Korcula in 2007 and CROATIA-Split from the mainland Croatian city of Split in 2009-2010.
For example, mental health research is being led by colleagues at the Division of Psychiatry, University of Edinburgh. We will then carry out both association and linkage-based QTL mapping approaches for identifying low frequency variants, whether singly or clustered, and their effects on QTs.
Dr Ozren Polasek (Croatian Centre for Global Health and The University of Edinburgh) provided excellent local leadership of the field study team to recruit a further 3,000 participants in Korcula, bringing the total size of the Croatian cohorts to 6,000.
Finally, we are using a complementary approach in a large general population sample, the Generation Scotland Scottish Family Health Study, using a combination of extreme selection, genome-wide scans and exome sequencing to find QTL variants by genetic association and other methods.

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