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A They are generalists who examine blood, tissue, and other fluid samples using microscopes and other advanced technology to help evaluate the health condition of the patient. They are focused on doing research about how the human body works, which is why their usual workspace is the laboratory, where they conduct research experiments. The expected growth rate for this occupation, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, is 13% for the period of 2010 to 2010. This is as fast as the projected growth in demand for all other occupations in the country. Medical Laboratory Scientist Job DescriptionMedical laboratory scientist performs a lot of tests in the laboratory that are often used to check the patienta€™s electrolytes, cholesterol levels, and the normalcy of the bodily functions. They usually work in various clinical lab areas, such as chemistry, blood banking, immunology, hematology, microbiology, and histology. They also examine the accuracy of test results and report their findings to specialists, such as pathologists. These findings often determine what kind of medical treatment the doctor will provide to the patients.

As a part of their job, medical laboratory scientist should know how to operate computers, complex electronic equipment, and precision instruments.
How much does a Medical Laboratory Scientist make ?Average medical laboratory scientist salaryMedical laboratory scientists are grouped with the medical and clinical laboratory technologists by the BLS. Medical laboratory scientists actually receive a basic salary of $41,208 to $99,894 a year, but they may also get a bonus of $7,300 and profit sharing of $8,243 from generous employers.A medical laboratory scientist who has less than a year of work experience makes $30,757 to $64,341 a year. There is a huge jump to a higher salary for those with nine to five years of experience since they get paid around $38,172 to $80,447, while an old hand at this occupation with over 20 years of experience earn $49,833 to $112,465 a year.The certification also determines how much the medical laboratory scientist will be.
A scientist who is a Certified Clinical Research Associate is among the high earners with a salary of $49,706 to $103,910 per year, while a Certified Clinical Research Coordinator makes $47,500 to $98,971 a year. The industry of medical devices and clinical research follow closely with an annual pay of $46,141 to $100,730 and $41,863 to $99,224, respectively.
The medical lab scientists enjoy a basic salary of C$40,168 to C$92,678 plus a bonus of up to C$5,398.New medical lab scientist gets C$33,410 to C$56,873 per year, although this increases to around C$38,586 to C$73,954 with one to four yearsa€™ experience in the business.
This is much lower than the salary of a scientist with over 10 years of experience, which is A?20,164 to A?59,421 per year.Medical laboratory scientist salary in South AfricaAccording to PayScale reports, South Africa pays a medical laboratory scientist salary of around R215,297 to R593,268 per year, while their median salary is R377,174.

They have a basic salary of R203,805 to R563,311 and a bonus of up to R49,833.Experience does pay, as with any other occupation. For a scientist with one to four years of experience, the annual salary ranges from R220,970 to R474,400 per year. Meanwhile, the medical laboratory scientist’s salary for those with five to nine yearsa€™ experience is R281,875 to R586,088. For some, courses on hematology, immunology, microbiology and qualitative analysis.States have different licensing requirements.
The top 10% of this healthcare workersa€™ population make $78,900, while the lower 10% earn only $39,580 per year.

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