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In the darkest depths of these twisted lands few things are as welcomed as a good laugh, a merry song, and razor sharp blade.
The Jester shines in the flickering light of the campfire, bringing his lute and unerring wit to bear against the fears and stress his companions suffer.
As for every hero, the Jester has four different colour palettes to choose from: red, purple, green and black. Jester's unique camping skills, Tiger's Eye, Turn Back Time, and Every Rose Has Its Thorn are references to famous songs of the same names by music artists Survivor, Cher, and Poison respectively. Medicinal herbs extremely useful due to debuff traps and attacks, as well as curios, like Eerie Coral.
On the offense, the Jester leaps to and fro in a bloody cacophony, positioning himself for a glorious end in the front ranks! He can inspire greater combat prowess, or raise the group's spirits at the cost of singling out a target for his acrimonious scandalizing.
Only a fool would underestimate the vicious bloodletting power of his sharpened sickle, or the discordant throng of his lute.

You might want to avoid reading further if you don't want to spoil the surprise for yourself! It is a water-logged nightmare filled with pelagic horrors, once used by the Ancestor for unsavory deliveries - and unspeakable pacts.
Conversely, blight damage is extremely useful due to low resistances and the presence of high PROT enemies with ability to guard weaker foes. Armed with a sickle and lute, this maniacal minstrel is a versatile class that has several tricks up his sleeves. Alternatively, he can hang back, delivering chilling melodies and unsettling riffs that terrorize his foes, and give strength to his allies. With his oddly shaped blade he can slice the 2nd and 3rd positions of the opposition to ribbons, causing them to bleed out.
It is recommended to kill the Thrall as soon as possible no matter the circumstances, however. With his lute he can provide in-battle comfort for his companions, playing songs that inspire greatness or relieve tension.

It's also worth noting that the Occultist does increased damage against eldritch enemies, which can be very useful here. Leave maggots, stingers and heavily armored enemies for last as they are the least dangerous. Regardless of his position in your party, he is able to dance elegantly around those pesky party shufflers and set up opportunities to single out an enemy and bring about its utter, almost laughable demise.As an entertainer, he can make a stressful night of camping turn into a night of merriment and wit. The melodious riffs of his lute will make any party member's mind quiet as he encourages them to strike quickly and precisely like a tiger. Beware though, not all find the Jester's antics amusing as mockery and cynicism is only funny until it happens to you.
All who dare to confront the Darkest Dungeon know that it might mean their end, but with the Jester in tow he will make sure that it is at least a heroic end.

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