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Known hazards of Borago officinalis: The plant, but not the oil obtained from the seeds, contains small amounts of pyrrolizidine alkaloids that can cause liver damage and liver cancer.
Medicinal use of Salad Burnet: Both the root and the leaves are astringent, diaphoretic and styptic, though the root is most active. Other uses of the herb: Plants have extensive root systems and are used for erosion control, they are also used to reclaim landfills and mined-out terrain. It has a particularly good reputation for its beneficial affect on the mind, being used to dispel melancholy and induce euphoria. As people adopt a more natural and healthy lifestyle, medicinal herbs are used more and more, and the demand for them is growing. In addition to the powerful fragrance (the essential oil in lavender is one of the top-ten most used in the fragrance industry), it has many medicinal values as well. It’s primarily used as a stimulant on cats, but it can also be a soothing sedative for humans. In addition to its popular usage as a mood-altering herb, it can serve as skin treatment, provide immune support, and provide prevention during cold and flu season. Grow and sell these favorites and you’ll be on your way to growing profits in the herbs business. When they are large enough to handle, prick the seedlings out into individual pots and plant them out in the summer. They are also added whole as a flavouring to various drinks such as Pimms and wine-based drinks.
The seed can also be sown in situ in the autumn, this will produce larger plants and earlier flowering.
Here are seven of the more popular medicinal herbs that could profitable plants for a herbal  business.

These include women and children’s health, skin care, nervous system conditions, and pain relief.
Turn it into a marsh mallow tea and you have something tasty and healthy for cold and flu season. It can also bring about pain and stress relief as well as helping with cold and flu symptoms. Be sure to wait until it’s fully matured before harvest so you can get the maximum benefits of this popular herb. The leaves, and to a lesser extent the flowers, are demulcent, diaphoretic, depurative, mildly diuretic, emollient, expectorant, febrifuge, lenitive and mildly sedative. In fact, lemon verbena is best propagated from softwood stem cuttings rather than from the seeds. You’ll want to grow the German variety as this will produce harvestable flowers in just over two months.
They also die down completely in the winter, giving weeds a chance to become established. The leaves can be used fresh, or are harvested in July and dried (the plant should be prevented from flowering). Mixing with hot water or vinegar, or adding salt, inhibits the enzyme and produces a mild bitter mustard.
An infusion is taken internally in the treatment of a range of ailments including fevers, chest problems and kidney problems, though it should not be prescribed to people with liver problems. Very hairy, the whole leaves have an unpleasant feeling in the mouth and so they are best chopped up finely and added to other leaves when eaten in a salad. The leaves should always be used fresh, because they lose their flavour and colour if dried.

To get the most medicinal potency out of it, grow a variety with a high resin content, such as “Resina” found at Johnny’s Seeds, a popular online source for medicinal herbs. An infusion of the leaves is used as a soothing treatment for sunburn or skin troubles such as eczema. They can be used fresh or dried but should not be stored for more than one year because they soon lose their medicinal properties. These can be sold at street fairs, stores, church fundraisers, and more, and are proven sellers. The seeds are a rich source of gamma-linolenic acid, this oil helps to regulate the hormonal systems and lowers blood pressure.
The flowers are very nice, both to look at and to taste with a sweet slightly cucumber-like flavour.
It is used both internally and externally, helping to relieve skin complaints and pre-menstrual tension. Here’s How to Earn Extra Income Farming GarlicWould you like to make some extra money in your backyard nursery? Unfortunately, the seed ripens intermittently over a period of time and falls from the plant when it is ripe, this makes harvesting the seeds in quantity very difficult.

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