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To paraphrase and summarize, Lodi says that he after finishing a book called Medical Miracle, he could no longer continue with his current treatment recommendations. He talks about the body’s natural ability to heal and he views treatments such as chemotherapy as poison.
What Lodi is saying, is that you can increase your own health to help your body fight the cells and to correct the damage. The former view is nice in principle but if you have an aggressive form of cancer, then you may not live enough to see benefits from his treatments.
Applying this to preconception, when your doctor wants to find out what is wrong, he will send you for tests and scans. In addition, if the problem is just a matter of slight imbalances within your body such as a slightly higher pH in the cervical mucus, conventional medical tests might not be able to identify the problem. The beauty of natural fertiliy strategies is that they are not based on these conventional assessments but individual symptoms and diagnosis. US Gov’t Patents Marijuana as Anti-Oxidant, NeuroProtectant; Cures Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Autism, etc.
BOOKSTOREDo you want to help your own body cure itself from any known and unknown diseases without using expensive antibiotics, radioactive diagnostics, and invasive surgeries, at the comfort and privacy of your own home?
Mainstream medicine is based on poison chemicals, profit oriented and outside the realm of Good Science. In the Detroit courtroom, the cancer doctor named numerous, dangerous drugs that he prescribed to his patients. Some of Fata’s victims are disappointed that they didn’t get the opportunity to speak at a trial, according to Click On Detroit.
White Lake resident Karen Baldwin said her husband, Harrison, was treated for a diagnosis of brain cancer. Civil suits filed against the Michigan doctor over fraudulent cancer treatments include other doctors and oncology nurses as well.
For most people, a cancer diagnosis is seen as a death sentence, and the grim prognoses by doctors certainly don’t help, either.
Driven (understandably in most cases) by fear, cancer patients submit to their doctors’ advice and accept chemotherapy despite the fact that it was recently shown to actually make cancer tumors more malignant. With more and more chemicals, GMOs and other cancer-causing materials in our environment, the decision to go the “modern” medicine route or to take a more natural and holistic approach is one that countless millions of people will make in the upcoming years. After 17 years working in a lucrative career as an oncology nurse, Valerie Warwick finally had no choice but to walk away. Warwick had always been skeptical of using the heavily expensive and debilitating procedure to treat patients, as she tells host and chemo-free cancer survivor Chris Wark in the video below. In the interview below with Wark of the website Chris Beat Cancer (see their Facebook page here and subscribe to their YouTube channel here), she describes her experience, including the difficult times she’s had watching patients and family suffer from chemo, radiation and poor nutrition choices, as well as some info on promising natural treatments.
The active participation of everyone in spreading inconvenient facts has put some courage to insiders to come out in the open and share their direct experience inside the most elaborate control mechanism that has plague the whole human consciousness with lies causing in it immeasurable injury.
The vaccine scam, is just one of many devices that is so wicked it induces the public to subsidize its own demise.
Finally, a CDC insider recently decided to put his knowledge and experience with how the agency, task of protecting the Americans, knowingly ignored enormous data confirming the relation between MMR vaccine and autism. I regret that my coauthors and I omitted statistically significant information  in our 2004 article published in the journal Pediatrics. I want to be absolutely clear that I believe vaccines have saved and continue  to save countless lives. My concern has been the decision to omit relevant findings in a particular study for a particular sub­ group for a particular  vaccine. I am grateful for the many supportive e-mails that I have received over the last several days. My colleagues and supervisors at the CDC have been entirely professional since this matter  became public.
CDC, Big Pharma’s legal marketing arm lost the fight for the classification of damning documents about its primary involvement in orchestrating artificial pandemics. A USA TODAY review shows more than 100,000 doctors, nurses, medical technicians and health care aides are abusing or dependent on prescription drugs in a given year, putting patients at risk.
Anita Bertrand doesn’t remember much about the first time she stole narcotics she was supposed to administer to surgical patients. It was the third hepatitis outbreak since 2009 linked to a health care worker using patients’ syringes (the others were in Denver and Jacksonville, Fla).

Much of the damage goes unnoticed or undocumented; oversight mechanisms to detect, report and address drug problems in health care settings are haphazard and limited. The toll also can be brutal for the medical professionals who suffer with addiction — often in high-stress jobs with little help. Bertrand, who returned to practice after treatment, now counsels other health care professionals with drug problems.
USA TODAY reviewed an array of government data and independent studies on drug use among health care practitioners, including records on hundreds of doctors, nurses and others caught diverting drugs. Stephen Loyd became addicted to pain pills after using them to relieve stress during his residency. Stephen Loyd, doctor of internal medicine, turned to narcotic pain relievers to cope with stress during his residency.
We can mitigate the effects of any chemicals and neutralized all types of parasites without using highly toxic drugs and expensive procedures, but only with a very simple and complete protocol that defeats all known and unknown diseases for good, without any long-term side-effects.
Researchers from the University of Florida are asking the FDA to remove the drug phenylephrine from store shelves, claiming it is ineffective as a decongestant.
It’s an argument that kind of affects us all too, seeing as one day we might be in the tragic position of having to choose one of these types of treatment.
What most doctors recommend however is extensive treatment such as chemotherapy that is designed to kill the dangerous cells (though this can kill healthy cells too causing all kinds of symptoms). Medicine as with most science is based on models and laws which in turn depends on generalisations.
This is all good except that the results of the tests such as hormonal profiles need to be categorised. This means that the assessment is specific to you and so the treatment will also be tailored specifically to you. It offers you specific individual support as well as group support to balance your hormones and regularise your cycles naturally. Thomas Lodi realized that he “could no longer ethically practice conventional medicine.” He speaks about healing cancer naturally. Farid Fata, a prominent cancer doctor in Michigan, admitted in court to intentionally and wrongfully diagnosing healthy people with cancer.
Attorney Barbara McQuade will seek life in prison for what she called “the most egregious” health care fraud case she has ever seen. Hoping it would help his case, Fata’s lawyers attempted to get the case moved from the Detroit area, according to CBS News this summer.
I thought this is insane,” Swantek said about her short time in Fata’s office in 2010 where she noticed patients receiving chemotherapy incorrectly. Kroff says that the chemo suppressed his immune system so badly that he lost both of his legs. For example, Donna Virkus, the daughter of one of Fata’s patients, says that her 78-year-old father, Donald, was referred to Fata by a concerned physician to rule out esophageal cancer.
I can’t believe we put our trust into a doctor that was supposed to take care of him and ended up killing him,” Virkus said. The omitted data suggested that African American males who received the MMR vaccine before age 36 months were at increased  risk for autism. There have always been recognized risks for vaccination and I believe it is the responsibility of the CDC to properly  convey the risks associated  with receipt of those vaccines. Brian Hooker over the last 10 months regarding studies  the CDC has carried out regarding vaccines and neurodevelopmental outcomes including autism spectrum disorders.
I will do everything I can to assist any unbiased and objective scientists inside or outside the CDC to analyze data collected by the CDC or other public organizations for the purpose  of understanding whether  vaccines are associated with an increased  risk of autism. Across the country, tens of thousands of doctors, nurses, medical technicians and other health professionals struggle with abuse or addiction.
She doesn’t remember exactly when she installed the intravenous port in her ankle so she could inject the drugs more efficiently.
Across the country, more than 100,000 doctors, nurses, technicians and other health professionals struggle with abuse or addiction, mostly involving narcotics such as oxycodone and fentanyl.
Nearly 8,000 people in eight states needed hepatitis tests after David Kwiatkowski, an itinerant hospital technician, was caught injecting himself with patients’ pain medicine and refilling the syringes with saline. And for each of those worst-case scenarios, there are countless more practitioners whose drug-related errors are more isolated — a botched surgery, an incorrect dose of medication, a worrisome vital sign missed. Still, a USA TODAY review of state and federal records identified hundreds of cases in recent years in which physicians and other health care practitioners were disciplined or prosecuted for drug diversion or other medical misconduct related to substance abuse.

Many struggle with guilt and despair, physical and mental health ills, and indifferent professional environments. Lollini was infected with hepatitis C by an addicted surgical technician who was stealing syringes of fentanyl at a Denver hospital, injecting herself, then refilling the syringes with saline and putting them back on a tray for use on patients. The newspaper also interviewed medical professionals, addiction specialists, regulators and law enforcement officials. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, released in 2007, indicated that an average of 103,000 doctors, nurses, medical technicians and health care aides a year were abusing or dependent on illicit drugs. No state has universal drug testing requirements, and hospitals, nursing homes and other facilities almost never do so on their own. Disciplinary action for drug abuse by health care providers, such as suspension of a license to practice, is rare and often doesn’t occur until a practitioner has committed multiple transgressions.
By 2004, practicing in Tennessee, he was gobbling up to 100 pain pills a day — Percocet, Vicodin, whatever he could steal or finagle.
This can be the result of oxidation, radiation and other stressors that ultimately alter the structure of the DNA and render the cell unuseful.
This spreads and spreads until eventually you have organ failure or another fatal complication. This means that for a scientist or a doctor to accept something as true it needs to fall under specific categories.
So if your results say that you fall under the normal category, that means that there's nothing is 'wrong' and you are given the 'all clear'. The government itself is not serving the people’s agenda but only those of the corporations. McQuade said that in addition to insurance fraud, which involved a $35-million Medicare fraud scheme from 2009 until the present, Fata also harmed, and in some cased subsequently killed, his patients with dangerous chemotherapy drugs they did not need.
The civil suit alleges that Donald developed a blood-related cancer as an effect of the chemotherapy treatments.
Decisions were made regarding which findings to report after the data were collected, and I believe that the final study protocol was not followed.
Vaccines prevent serious diseases, and the risks associated  with their administration are vastly outweighed  by their individual and societal benefits.
And she doesn’t remember how many patients she may have put at risk before getting into treatment.
Last year, New York’s Supreme Court ruled that a hospital was not liable for the overdose death of a physician who, after returning from drug rehabilitation, was given operating room duty, where she had ready access to the propofol that killed her.
Various studies suggest the number could be far higher; an estimated one in 10 practitioners will fall into drug or alcohol abuse at some point in their lives, mirroring the general population.
Many institutions also lack video surveillance and high-tech systems to track dangerous drugs.
This actually happens all the time but when it happens on a large enough scale it becomes damaging. The cancer doctor’s guilty plea shocked many in the courtroom, according to The Detroit Free Press.
I was not, however, aware that he was recording any of our conversations, nor was I given any choice regarding whether  my name would be made public or my voice would be put on the Internet. You might fall under the 'normal' category but that is not your normal so you will still have the same problems like someone who doesn't fall under the normal category. People do have their own unique characteristics that defy conventional, even scientific categories.
Fata owned Michigan Hematology Oncology, which had multiple offices throughout Detroit’s suburbs. Court documents from also 2013 allege a charge of “Unlawful Procurement of Naturalization” for stating that he had not committed a crime in the U.S.
Fata’s reach included offices in Clarkston, Bloomfield Hills, Lapeer, Sterling Heights, Troy, and Oak Park, Michigan.
The doctor stated his plea in the absence of a plea deal and with tearful eyes, according to CBS News. In all, he pleaded guilty to two counts of money laundering, 13 counts of health care fraud, and one count of conspiracy to pay and receive kickbacks.

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