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Nine retailers are recalling two flavors of store-branded children’s cold medicine because of a potential overdose risk. Perrigo Company Medicine, sold nationally under a number of brand names, contains a dose cup with incorrect markings. Put down the orange feel-better-instantly-so-you-can-get-on-with-your-life-and-get-better-faster liquid.
Sure, that over-the-counter cold and flu medicine might soothe the throbbing heat in your cheeks and even relieve the dull pounding at the top of your head. But new researchA suggests "miracle" fever-reducing drugs like DayQuil, Tylenol, and Motrin (or any drug containing NSAIDs, acetaminophen, or ibuprofen) might not be such a good idea after all. In other words, you may start feeling better, but you may not actually actually beA better. While good data is hard to come by, the new study estimates that our heavy use of such medications could be increasing the number of seasonal flu cases in the US by as much as 5%. The researchers cite a few factors that could make these medications far from a panacea for colds and the flu. There's also some evidence to suggest that fever-reducing drugs can increase a process called viral shedding, which is how viral particles that can spread the flu or a cold get released into the environment to get other people sick. Several experiments have looked specifically at how fever-reducers affect viral shedding, but most of the data comes from animals (there are ethical issues with infecting people with viruses).
In the experimental study from way back in 1982, ferrets (who are considered the best animal model for studying the flu in people because a) they're susceptible to human flu; and b) they develop some of the same symptoms) shed more virus when they had their fevers reduced compared to animals who didn't. Further research on the subject has been done in people, but since these studies are mostly limited to volunteers who become sick naturally, scientists haven't yet been able to firmly nail down the link. In one study of people with the common cold, researchers found that those who took fever reducers shed more of the virus than people who didn't.

While not definitive, these studies suggest that grabbing the nearest pill or bottle at the earliest signs of a cold may not be the best way to treat it. Still, more than 90% of parents give their kids fever-reducing medicines in some Western countries when they get sick. Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center emergency medicine doctor Shawki Zuabi is one of those doctors.
Since we don't have a cure for the common cold or the flu yet, symptom-reducing drugs like DayQuil and Tylenol are our best option to help people who feel terrible "at least feel like a human again," Zuabi says.
Either way, the study authors and the experts we consulted stress how important it is to get lots of rest and stay at home when you feel ill. Over-the-counter medications might ease your symptoms, but the only way to get over a cold or the flu is to give your body time to recover.
Strawberry flavored cough syrup, herbal cold medicine for children, View herbal cold medicine, Topic Product Details from NISSIN PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRIES CO., LTD. One-third of those parents, like myself, believe that it is the taste of the medicine that affects how easy it is to get their children to take it. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. First, someone who's sick but is taking medication to tamp down their symptoms will probably feel better and thus be more likely to go out in public and infect others.
Still,A other research backs up a potential link between fever-reducing drugs and longer, more infectious illnesses.
The animals whose fevers had been brought down also saw their viral levels decrease more slowly, meaning they stayed sick for longer. And a recent study of people with one strain of the flu found that the more doses of fever-reducing medicine someone received, the longer they stayed sick.

As such, fever-reducing drugs aren't something doctors and pharmacists should be prescribing too frequently, he says.
He recommends people take fever-reducers because they not only help people feel better but because there simply isn't enough solid evidence yet to suggest that they're harmful. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. There are a few medicines that they will take no problem, but others they complain about the taste and gag.
Cocoa™ for Children is made with a combination of ingredients including 10% real cocoa for a real chocolate taste, and all of their products are dye-free, gluten-free and alcohol-free. Cocoa products are FDA regulated medicines and should be used only as directed and kept safely out of reach of children.
Cocoa™ for Children offers a new option, chocolate flavored cough and cold medicine for children.
Jonathan knows he dislikes cough medicine and at times gets himself so worked up he ends up throwing up. After explaining to him that it was a different cold & cough medicine he was reluctant to give it a try until I told him that is is made with cocoa. After seeing how it looked like chocolate, he drank it, and after making a little face he said that it didn’t taste too bad.

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