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admin 22.07.2014 provides a comprehensive approach to caring for people with Herpes and HPV Infections. We provide information about the diseases, what non-prescription and prescription treatments work, and where to find medical help and medication. Herpes InformationLearn more about Herpes and HSV including resources, testing, treatment options, and white papers.
This website has comprehensive discussions about herpes infections and related issues as well as useful information on helpful treatments. The Medical Director reviews scientific literature on available products, both prescription and non-prescription, so that an informed consumer can make the proper decisions as to how to control herpes or HPV infections. At no times, and under NO circumstances is any medical relationship of any sort created through any information resources which are available through this website.

ALL MEDICAL DECISIONS, ESPECIALLY TREATMENT DECISIONS, SHOULD ALWAYS BE MADE BETWEEN YOU AND YOUR PRIVATE DOCTOR. The WHO approximates 320 million infected, 178 million of which are women and the other 132 million are men. On the other hand, HSV-2 results in painful blisters that may be accompanied by flu-like symptoms.
It appears that people living in developing countries have a higher incidence of contracting the disease compared with those living in first-world countries like America and Europe. See MoreThe HPV VaccineUnderstand the FDA approved vaccine developed to prevent cervical cancer and other diseases in females caused by certain types of HPV. In addition, children in rich countries are also less likely to contract the infection, but both men and women have an increased chance of acquiring genital herpes via oral sex.

Learn MoreAbout Blood TestingBlood testing for HSV infections can seem very complicated to many.
Here you will find lots of information about Herpes and Internet resources, with a focus on Advocacy and information sharing.

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