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By Jada GreenCan’t tell if your sore throat signals an infection, or if it’s just your allergies acting up? HealthDiabetes: What Are The Chances Of Getting It When You Drink Bubble Tea?Different people will face varying levels of risk when it comes to diabetes. HealthThe Surprising Way Evening Exercise Sessions Affect Your SleepSwitch up your exercise schedule to instantly improve your shuteye.
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If you are on a prescription medication, you should consult with your doctor before discontinuing or reducing any drugs. This classic trick elevates your soft palate—the fleshy tissue on the roof of your mouth—in order to give you a better view of your throat, says Landon J.
Sometimes red spots on your throat are just normal lymphatic tissue, which actually fights infection, says Dr. Duyka. But smaller, painful red spots and ulcers on your tongue and in your throat can signal a virus—especially if you’ve got a fever, he says.
Feel Your Lymph NodesLymph nodes are soft, pea-size glands underneath your jawbone that play a major role in making sure your immune system stays up to snuff.

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