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Medicine Hat College is a public, board governed, comprehensive community college serving a large region of southeastern Alberta and southwestern Saskatchewan, Canada.
Medicine Hat College (MHC) has been serving students in southeastern Alberta and beyond since 1965. Currently, more than 30 diplomas and certificates are offered along with 25 university transfer programs. Praxis' Operation Thoth Conference participants view the Power Engineering facilities at Medicine Hat College.
Situated in Canada's sunniest city, MHC's main campus services almost 2,500 students each year with another 200 attending Brooks Campus, located 100 km west of Medicine Hat.

There are also several opportunities for degree completion at MHC including nursing, applied arts, and social work. With some of the lowest student-to-instructor ratios in the province, Medicine Hat College offers a very personal, one-on-one student experience.
A partnership with the University of Calgary makes it possible for nursing students to complete a full bachelor's degree at Medicine Hat College while graduates from diploma programs such as Police and Security may also complete degrees. As such, he was believed to be the inventor of astronomy, engineering, botany, geometry and land surveying. The videos — aimed at younger students, in  grades from kindergarten through high school — will be accessible through a dedicated MIT website and YouTube channel.

MHC offers a wide variety of programs to meet the ever-changing needs of students from southeastern Alberta and around the world. Medicine Hat College is proud to offer other unique diploma programs such as Addictions Counselor, Technical Illustrator, Paramedic, and Deaf and Blind Support Specialist. New applied degrees are also offered in Ecotourism and Outdoor Leadership and Visual Communications.

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