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Praxis' Operation Thoth Conference participants view the Power Engineering facilities at Medicine Hat College.
Medicine Hat College is a public, board governed, comprehensive community college serving a large region of southeastern Alberta and southwestern Saskatchewan, Canada. Medicine Hat College (MHC) has been serving students in southeastern Alberta and beyond since 1965. Currently, more than 30 diplomas and certificates are offered along with 25 university transfer programs. The college has been an instrumental part of the community for decades, and it's changed dramatically since officially opening in 1965.
In 1983 the neighbouring Cultural Centre opened, and in the last decade alone several new wings of the campus have been constructed along with a new library.
Despite not staying in the Hat for my post-secondary education, upon returning I've ended up doing a lot of work for them with Stream Media in helping to create a few of their recruiting videos and College Day productions.
A week ago I was invited back to Medicine Hat High School to tour the construction site and to photograph the ongoing demolition.
Around the Hat is a history based photography series about the natural and cultural landmarks located in Medicine Hat, Alberta.
Roadside California is a road trip based photography series that highlights landmarks throughout California. Aloha Hawaii is a travel based photography series focused on landmarks around the island of Oahu, Hawaii. Motor City is a travel photography series showcasing landmarks and attractions around Detroit, Michigan. Pacific Northwest is a travel photography series that highlights natural wonders and cultural landmarks throughout Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia.

Around Alberta is a travel based photography series that highlights the culture, history, and natural wonders of this Canadian province. Shambhala Music Festival takes place every summer at the Salmo River Ranch in British Columbia, Canada. History of Alberta is a facebook page dedicated to archival images, photo essays, and stories surrounding this Canadian province. Situated in Canada's sunniest city, MHC's main campus services almost 2,500 students each year with another 200 attending Brooks Campus, located 100 km west of Medicine Hat. There are also several opportunities for degree completion at MHC including nursing, applied arts, and social work. At that time it was actually operating in space provided by Medicine Hat High School, and it wasn't until 1971 that the Medicine Hat College moved onto their own brand new campus.
Centennial Hall also opened in 2005 and made the main entrance the dramatic focal point that the college had been missing. Last year MHC provided education to 8844 students, and with so much recent growth you can bet that the college is going to continue to be a hub for a lot of locals. Featuring original photo essays, archival images, postcards and artifacts, this series paints a vivid portrait of this Canadian prairie community. From the coast to the desert, from Los Angeles to San Francisco, this series strives to paint a vibrant portrait of this incredible state. From Waikiki in Honolulu to Pearl Harbor to beaches on the North Shore, this series captures highlights from the most populated island in the state.
From Motown to the North American International Auto Show, this series highlights some of the incredible stories and history in the area.
From Portland to Seattle to Vancouver Island (and a bit of everything in between) this series is a snapshot of the region.

From Banff and Jasper in the Rocky Mountains to the Canadian Badlands and attractions in Calgary and Edmonton, this series features the dynamic scenery and culture found throughout Alberta. In August 2015 I attended this massive electronic music festival to go behind the scenes, capture the culture, and showcase the experience.
The page was created to support my original photography and content on historic landmarks throughout Alberta. As such, he was believed to be the inventor of astronomy, engineering, botany, geometry and land surveying. The videos — aimed at younger students, in  grades from kindergarten through high school — will be accessible through a dedicated MIT website and YouTube channel. With some of the lowest student-to-instructor ratios in the province, Medicine Hat College offers a very personal, one-on-one student experience. A partnership with the University of Calgary makes it possible for nursing students to complete a full bachelor's degree at Medicine Hat College while graduates from diploma programs such as Police and Security may also complete degrees.
MHC offers a wide variety of programs to meet the ever-changing needs of students from southeastern Alberta and around the world.
Medicine Hat College is proud to offer other unique diploma programs such as Addictions Counselor, Technical Illustrator, Paramedic, and Deaf and Blind Support Specialist. New applied degrees are also offered in Ecotourism and Outdoor Leadership and Visual Communications.

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