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Chinese herbal materia medica includes flowers, bark, grasses, roots, bugs, and animal parts. Chinese herbal medicine provides the basis for corresponding systems of diagnosis and treatment. A skilled practitioner of Chinese medicine will provide thorough differential diagnosis, appropriate acupuncture, and strategically selected herbs designed to address both symptoms and etiology. Asian Southern Fusion TeaAsian teas are distributed directly from superior growers, served Gong Fu or Gawain style. If you have a concern, simply ask your practitioner if the herbs are tested and safe to consume. Chinese herbs are most often used in combination to make a formula, as there is a synergy to using them together than cannot be achieved when used alone. There are many forms Chinese herbs can be taken in, including raw, powder, pill or tincture. The herbs I use in my clinic are tinctures from Herbalogic, as I find them to be very fast acting and effective. Pharmaceuticals tell the body what to do in a very forceful way, hence all of the side effects that come with most drugs. Any interaction between a pharmaceutical and a Chinese herb is well known by your practitioner.
The only experience I have with Chinese herbs are the ones that I would boil in water and they would make my whole house smell like a wet dog. Throughout human history, plants were the oldest known sources of our medicines as well as our food. It is believed that acupuncture was developed as a way to mimic herbal actions in the body.
The goal of traditional Chinese medical treatment, including Chinese herbal formulas and acupuncture, is resolution and prevention of illness through physical balance and emotional well-being.

This makes me¬†happy because it get’s the conversation going around a 4000 year old medicine that is amazingly effective! I don’t know of any practitioner who is not conscious of the safety of the herbs they offer. There are climates and terrains in China that are conducive to the growth of certain herbs, which cannot grow in other places and produce the same medicinal properties. You can’t tell your body to do one thing with that much force and not get another equal reaction (usually an undesired one).
In my practice, I prefer to use only those herbs considered highest class in the Divine Farmer’s Materia Medica. Like acupuncture point combinations, Chinese herbal formulas work synergistically to address both simple and complex illnesses. While this is still an option and the method used in traditional Chinese medical schools (California), modern advances offers alternate methods of extraction so that herbs can be prescribed as pills, tinctures, and granules.
Much like the herbs I use in my clinic, which are from a fantastic company called Herbalogic.
Most Chinese herbs need to be prescribed by a licensed practitioner, other than a few formulas you can find at your local health food store for common ailments. There are, however, many more common herbs that are grown all over the world that we often use in Chinese herbology, like ginger, cinnamon and peppermint. It’s like pharmacy school in many ways, as we learn the properties, temperature, indications, dosages, interactions, etc for each herb. Raw herbs are the raw form of each herb cooked together in water for a certain amount of time, with the water from the boilings being the medicine.
Chinese herbs don’t force your body into a reaction like drugs do, they have a gentle effect and can therefore take longer than a drug to produce a result. Herbs are great because they work with your body and gently nudge it in the direction of balance.

The more information out there about this fantastic natural medicine, the more trust we can develop around it and the faster we can all get well! This ancient text was authored by Chinese Emperor Shen Nong, the most respected authority on Chinese medicine.
In 600 AD, Sun Si Miao, a scientist and humanitarian, scribed the first comprehensive encyclopedia of Chinese medicine which included over 4500 formulas. There’s been enough bad press for Chinese made goods and products in the last few years to last a lifetime. Powder herbs are the liquid from raw herb preparation powdered and then dissolved in water.
Of course, when used improperly, they too can cause unwanted effects, but when prescribed by a licensed practitioner, Chinese herbs are very safe and effective, with no nasty side effects. The company provides scientific proof that their preparation methods are in accordance with strict Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).
However, A LOT of things you consume come from China (and are safe) and therefore cannot be automatically discredited for this reason alone! Like I said before, it’s 4000 years old, so the Chinese have had LOTS of time to figure it all out. Pills are the herbs compressed into pill form and tinctures are a liquid form that also comes from the raw preparation with a bit of added alcohol for preservation. The information he handed down from third century BC is supported by modern pharmaceutical research. A trained and licensed Chinese Medical Practitioner will give you the formula that’s right for you, and will make sure they are safe for you to take.

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