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A verdant Brazilian rainforest provides the paradisiacal setting for MEDICINE MAN starring Sean Connery as Dr.
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If you can't find the answers to your question on our FAQ page, please submit a support ticket, and our staff will respond to your question(s) right away. Campbell, a brilliant but offbeat research scientist pursuing a cure for cancer in the Brazilian rainforests. Resin table sculpture features the bust of a medicine man with feathers in his long braids and beaded necklaces around his neck.
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A gun with beaded feather accent and a shield rests at his side, and a small banner on the round base reads "Brave Knight." Table sculpture is finished in earthy colors with red, blue, and ivory and features two real feather accents. Crane, a female scientist who is dispatched by a pharmaceutical corporation to monitor his work.
Campbell has discovered a cure for cancer; however, an ingredient is missing from his original formula, made from a rare bromeliad that grows high up in the tall trees.
It was found in the cave of Hohlenstein-Stadel in the Valley of Lone, Baden-Wurttemberg (Germany), in 1931, dated as Aurignacian, in a level recently dated to 40 000 BP, making it the oldest sculpture known.
This back to nature and the 1960s drug culture film (complete with native nudity, cursing and a Timothy Leary drug guru) beats the save the environmental drum with a muddy sound track and faulty camera work. Moreover, Campbell and Crane find themselves in a race against time to retrieve the formula before the impending physical destruction of the forest by advancing civilization.
Years after the initial discovery the museum officials were presented with an ivory lion muzzle found in the cave.

However, as Campbell introduces her to jungle ways and the pleasures of exotic drugs, their feuding tapers off. With Sean Connery in it, MEDICINE MAN should do well at the box office. This male 'venus' may be an attempt to capture the power of the lion. The LA¶wenmenschen from Hohlenstein-Stadel. However, the movie is not about finding a cure for cancer, but rather about back to nature and the 1960s drug culture (complete with native nudity, cursing and a Timothy Leary drug guru), and it tries to beat the save the environmental drum with a muddy sound track and faulty camera work.
Found in the cave of Hohlenstein-Stadel in the Valley of Lone, Baden-Wurttemberg (Germany), in 1931. Dated as Aurignacian, in a 32 000 year old level. Although this is known in some places as the lion lady, it is by no means certain that it is female.
It is known as both Die Lowenfrau and Der Lowenmensch. The arms bear striations carved into the ivory. Due to the beginning of the Second World War, it was forgotten and only rediscovered thirty years later. Between 1997 and 1998 additional pieces of the sculpture were discovered and the head was reassembled and restored. The sculpture is 296 mm high, 56 mm wide and 59 mm thick. There are seven parallel, transverse, carved gouges on the left arm. Originally, the figure was classified as male by Joachim Hahn.
From examination of some additional parts of the sculpture found later, Elisabeth Schmid decided that the figure was a woman with the head of a "HA¶hlenlA¶win" (female Cave Lion). European cave lions, male and female, lacked the distinctive manes of the African male lion, and so its absence here cannot lead to an interpretation as a 'lioness'. Recently the ancient figurine has more often been called a lion headed figurine, rather than a 'lion man'.
The name currently used in German, LA¶wenmensch - meaning 'lion-human' - similarly, is neutral. Interpretation is very difficult.
The sculpture shares certain similarities with French cave wall paintings, which also show hybrid creatures.

Forming the shoulders and head was difficult because it involved working at right angles across the concentric structure of the ivory, which often required the use of both hands on the tool. In addition, the details of the eyes, nose, mouth and ears had to be added; the grooves on the arms were replicated using a hammer or a blade as a chisel.
The experiment took 320 hours of skilled, laborious work but did not include any polishing.
The war abruptly interrupted the excavations, and the findings were sent to TA?bingen and from there back to the Ulm Museum.
Only in 1988 was the Ice Age figurine been reconstructed from hundreds of fragments in Ulmer Museum. In this case it has been proposed that this was made from mammoth or a mastodon tusk a€“ the ancestors of modern elephants. The Ulm Museum where this figure is housed says this was carved by a€?stone tools out of mammoth ivorya€™. It is unclear on what basis the ivory type of the LA¶wenmensch was decided. The US Customs Department uses the Schreger Pattern to decide between elephant or mammoth ivory. (left) Schreger lines for mammoth ivory. If the cross-hatch angle is more than 90 degrees, the ivory could be modern elephant (modern elephant ivory forms angles greater than 115 degrees.) On the other hand, Mastodons cross-hatch angle is 125 degrees on average.

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