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Quick Manuscript Submission - The procedure of submitting your manuscript is easy and quick. The Mexican axolotl, Ambystoma mexicanum, is a unique vertebrate species which has amazing powers of limb regeneration.
Anoctamin 5 (Ano5), which belongs to anoctamin gene family, was recently identified as calcium activated chloride channel (Ca CC). The manuscripts elucidating basic molecular mechanisms of regeneration of human organs, as well as, facilitating streamlining of research into clinics will be given the publishing priority. As a part JSciMed Central Open Access platform, JSM Regenerative Medicine & Bioengineering supports the scientific innovation and advancement in molecular mechanisms of regeneration of human organs research community by increasing access to peer reviewed scientific literature.
The targeted readership will primarily include scientists working on molecular and cellular bases of regeneration, physicians implementing novel strategies of molecular and stem cell therapy, and teams conducting the clinical trials in regenerative medicine. Precision Medicine: Discovering unique therapies that treat an individual’s cancer based on the specific abnormalities of their tumor.
We now recognize that cancers are fundamentally diseases of the genome and that understanding cancer begins by identifying the abnormal genes and proteins that confer the risk of developing cancer. After decades of research, we are poised to enter a new era of medical practice where detailed genetic and other molecular information about a patient's cancer is routinely used to deploy effective, patient-specific remedies to treat it. The President’s Budget for NCI for Fiscal Year (FY) 2016 contains funding increases for priority research to advance the field of precision medicine.
Under the Precision Medicine Initiative, NCI will assemble and analyze additional genomic data sets to increase our understanding of cancer genomes and their relationship to gene variants that a patient may have inherited. Under the Precision Medicine Initiative, NCI will target funding increases to three broad areas. For more details about how NCI will work with NIH on the Precision Medicine Initiative, see the New England Journal of Medicine editorial entitled A New Initiative on Precision Medicine.
Cancer presents an exceptionally promising opportunity to refine the principles and practices that will serve as the foundation for precision medicine.
Another feature of these trials is the opportunity to link their genomic findings to clinical data, lifestyle risks such as tobacco use and obesity, environmental mutagens, and viral infections. A major obstacle to successfully treating cancer is the challenge of resistance either to new, targeted therapies or to traditional chemotherapies. NCI will also build information platforms to support the integration of genetic information about tumors with data on how the tumors respond to therapy.
NCI’s knowledge system will incorporate genetic, biochemical, environmental and clinical data from patients to define molecular subtypes and identify the approaches to cancer care that will improve patient outcomes. This FY 2016 initiative rests on a solid foundation of NCI programs that support and advance precision medicine. NCI Immunology and Immunotherapy Research: As NCI identifies the potential of tumors to alter their genetic code and generate potent antigens, immunotherapy is becoming an integral part of precision medicine.

Finally, components of other NCI basic and translational science programs, including investigator-initiated competitive grants, NCI research and development contracts, and programs such as the RAS Initiative are also making important contributions to precision medicine, which demonstrates the breadth of NCI efforts in this field.
Phenomenology recognizes that…the work of a nurse is the work of an embodied subject, a feeling and knowing and experiencing person in relationship to another embodied subject, the patient, who is another feeling and knowing and experiencing person.
Phenomenology is a descriptive approach to obtaining knowledge that focuses on capturing the essence of human experience through the point of view of a distinct individual. Authored by international scholars of qualitative nursing research, the book elucidates the theoretical rationale for using phenomenology, describes its components, and delineates a plan to conduct studies that includes appropriate methods, ethical considerations, and potential pitfalls. Subscribe To Our Weekly Free Medical BooksJoin our mailing list to receive the latest Free Medical Books from our team.
It is accomplished by stimulating patientsa€™ natural healing abilities with bio-engineered molecules, as well as by therapeutic deliveries of bio-engineered cells.
JSciMed Central also brings multiple internationally peer reviewed member journals under one roof thereby encouraging knowledge sharing, collaboration and promotion of interdisciplinary science.
Thanks to the investment by Congress in NCI and NIH research, we have arrived at a new understanding of cancer. Identifying and analyzing these abnormalities will define how we diagnose cancer, determine how we develop and use targeted therapies to treat cancer, and shape the strategies we use to prevent cancer. As NCI focuses on oncology research under this FY 2016 initiative, increases proposed for other NIH institutes will advance precision medicine in other fields of science.
Based on the genomic information we uncover, NCI will test new therapies against childhood cancers and several common adult cancers. NCI will conduct the priority activities of the initiative through competitive grants, cooperative clinical research, and research and development contracts. With additional resources in its FY 2016 budget, NCI will increase funding to support clinical trials that offer two distinct approaches to advancing precision medicine.
This additional feature will become a resource to support further discovery and identify new strategies for cancer prevention, early diagnosis and early intervention. This is the knowledge system envisioned in a 2011 Institute of Medicine (IOM) report entitled Toward Precision Medicine. NCI will continue this ongoing work as it also supports new and expanded precision medicine research under the FY 2016 initiative.
These programs use molecular methods to identify drugs that will deliver optimum results for treating tumors. Through programs such as The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA), the Therapeutically Applicable Research to Generate Effective Treatments (TARGET) Initiative, and the Cancer Target Discovery and Development (CTD2) Network, NCI is supporting research and related translational and clinical science activities that are making important advances in precision medicine. NCI continues to support many extramural grantees and intramural investigators who are working to treat cancers using immunotherapy.
Through programs such as NCI's Quantitative Imaging Network and The Cancer Imaging Archive, NCI is developing and refining tools to help oncologists make decisions about the optimum cancer treatment pathways for individual patients.

Phenomenology in nursing will be concerned with the subjective, living person in her or his lived body in the experience of health and illnessoboth nurse and patient. As a form of qualitative nursing research, it provides a perspective apart from that of empirical sciences, which see the human mind and body as physical or material objects open to study only through empirical science and treatable only through physical remedies.
The book provides guidance for writing a research proposal that justifies the importance or potential impact of a study and describes how to conduct interviews that best elicit information. This journal aims at creating a forum for advancing science elucidating foundations for molecular and cellular bases of regenerative medicine.
NCI will also develop better animal and cell-based models of cancer, study mechanisms of drug resistance, and identify new therapies and therapy combinations to overcome drug resistance. The first approach recruits patients with all types of cancer, and then selects a targeted drug based on the specific genetic abnormalities of the patient's tumor. As the IOM recommends, the NCI system will integrate molecular and clinical knowledge in ways that are useful to both scientists and clinicians. In addition, NCI is also focusing on patients identified as exceptional responders based on their strong and favorable response to investigational drugs or conventional chemotherapy. NCI also supports precision medicine research through programs such as the Tumor Microenvironment Initiative (TMEN), the Integrative Cancer Biology Program (ICBP), and through NCI intramural programs such as those focusing on genomics and chromosome biology. It focuses on achieving rigor in phenomenological research in regard to accuracy and replicability, and discusses different types of data collection and analysis and when to use them. NCI will build on what it has already learned in ways that will accelerate the pace of discovery and deliver benefits to patients through clinical practice. NCI is using this approach in its Molecular Analysis for Therapy Choice (NCI-MATCH) Program, which enrolls pediatric and adult patients with tumors that no longer respond to standard therapy.
NCI is conducting genetic assessments of tumors from these exceptional responders to learn about the basis of their favorable response. It is part of an innovative series for novice researchers and specialists alike focusing on state-of-the-art methodologies from a nursing perspective. Appendices include a list of qualitative research journals, textbooks, and other resources for more in-depth study.
The second approach, demonstrated in the NCI Lung-MAP study, recruits patients with one type of cancer and then subdivides patients into genomically defined subsets, treating each subset with a different targeted drug. The book will be of value to novice and experienced nurse researchers, graduate teachers and students, in-service educators and students, and nursing research staff at health care institutions.

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