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Carbon farming is a topic of growing interest for both the research and policy communities. That makes a lot of sense… if you live in a world where you think you can capture and reduce the impact of all liabilities to simple economic terms. That being said, you seem to have chosen a site that uses the Disqus format, so the Commenteriat will likely simply make fun of you here. Its dispiriting, as I continue to hold out hope as misplaced as a Greek bank customer at an Athens ATM, that Elie will again honor the Commentariat with his drive-by insults, rapier wit, wisdom, his ……do I have to keep going? The EPA’s mercury regulations were more than reasonable, even when weighing compliance costs, as the numbers you mentioned note. And bear in mind that EPA already did consider costs when it set the mercury levels allowed by the rule – the question in the suit was just whether it considered the costs at the right time.
Regulators could knock speed limits back to 15 miles per hour, make all vehicle passengers wear five-point harnesses and helmets, and restrict the times certain heavy vehicles are mixed into traffic with lighter vehicles, and the effect of these changes would likely be that automobile deaths would decrease dramatically. The Chinese mainland's Taiwan affairs spokesman, Ma Xiaoguang, said on Wednesday that the island's new leader must, without any equivocation, clarify her stance on cross-Straits relations.
Ma, spokesman for the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, said at a regular news conference that Taiwan must clarify the issue. In a speech after taking office on Friday, new leader Tsai Ing-wen was ambiguous, despite cross-Straits relations being of the utmost concern to people on both sides of the Taiwan Straits, Ma said.
Tsai did not explicitly recognize the 1992 Consensus, which says that both the mainland and Taiwan are parts of one China, and she offered no concrete proposal to ensure the peaceful and stable growth of cross-Straits relations, he said.
The cross-Straits cooperation process will only continue when the island's new leader fully endorses the one China principle, Ma said. The mainland opposes all separatist activities advocating "Taiwan independence" in the name of "law amendments", he added. Meanwhile, the island's "economics minister", Lee Chih-kung, said on Wednesday that Taiwan's new government has no schedule for restarting trade talks with the mainland. Beijing has already condemned the Democratic Progressive Party's proposed "supervisory law", and critics in Taiwan said it could paralyze relations with the mainland. The bill requires government officials to get legislative consent before, during and after any talks with Beijing. Ma said directors of the departments of cross-Straits affairs on both sides have had five meetings since 2014, and interactions have included establishing a hotline. The mainland's Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits issued a statement after the new leader took office, saying that the association's determination to improve cross-Straits relations wouldn't change.
Her most popular novel, Baptism, depicting a group of intellectuals adjusting to a new society in the early 1950s, has been translated into French and English.
Her memoir Six Chapters from My Life "Downunder", on the daily lives of intellectuals during the "cultural revolution" (1966-76), has been translated into English, French, Russian and Japanese.
Yang began learning Spanish in 1959 at age 48, and started to translate Don Quixote in 1962.
In that year, the Spanish king and queen visited China, and then-leader Deng Xiaoping gave the royal couple Yang's translation as a gift.
She was married to Qian Zhongshu, a renowned scholar and author of the best-selling novel Fortress Besieged. Yang's memoir about her family, The Three of Us, written after her husband and daughter died, in 1998 and 1997 respectively, was translated into German. It is the first case of a domestic manufacturer taking on the world's largest smartphone vendor. Huawei said the dispute involves the fourth-generation wireless standard in the US, while in China it relates to 4G standards as well as other smartphone functions. Media reports said the company claims its South Korean counterpart has infringed on as many as 11 patents related to such technologies.
Huawei, the world's third-largest smartphone maker, did not say how much it is seeking in compensation. The company said: "Huawei has every right to seek reasonable compensation from any firm that uses our technology without a license. Samsung China said the corporation would take appropriate action to defend its business interests. By the end of last year, Huawei had 50,377 authorized patents and had applied for 52,550 in China and 30,613 abroad, according the company's annual report. Li made the remarks in a keynote speech delivered at the opening ceremony of the China Big Data Industry Summit in Guiyang, the capital of Guizhou province. The summit was attended by leading Chinese and multinational companies, including computer maker Dell Inc and SAP, a German-based multinational corporation that makes enterprise software to manage business operations and customer relations. Li said China is promoting another round of reform and opening-up while creating a nondiscriminatory business environment for all enterprises registered in the country, both domestic and foreign ones.
The government controls 80 percent of data and information generated in China and will publicize more information, apart from that concerning areas such as national security and business secrets, the premier said. The platform enables 1.7 million drivers and 300,000 member logistics companies to locate their optimal partners to transport freight. Li said the platform has increased efficiency and reduced energy consumption - a good example of Guizhou moving quickly in this area since February as a national comprehensive pilot zone for big data.
The premier told more than 1,000 participants at the ceremony that many people would be surprised to know that Guizhou is hosting a summit for high-tech industries, as the province is one of the least developed regions in western China. While talking with business leaders on the sidelines of the summit on Tuesday, Li said that he welcomed foreign investment in China, particularly in central and western regions. He told them that there is a development disparity between eastern and inland regions, where there is great growth potential and plenty of investment opportunities.
He also pledged that China will focus on protection of intellectual property rights, the respect for and protection of trade secrets, and enhancing cybersecurity.
Huang Qunhui, director of the Institute of Industrial Economics at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said China's big data and e-commerce industries need more participation by multinational companies and foreign investment to boost infrastructure and train professionals.
Transparency and fair competition are keys to a market economy, in which all players can benefit, Huang added. President Xi Jinping used a field inspection trip to Heilongjiang province this week to spread the message about the central leadership's decision to revive China's northeastern industrial belt. He called for more action on economic reform and on environmentally friendly development in Heilongjiang and the northeast region.
The central leadership has issued a new plan to revitalize the economy in the northeast, which has long been hampered by a lack of reform and industrial upgrading. The region, consisting of Heilongjiang, Jilin and Liaoning provinces and the eastern part of the Inner Mongolia autonomous region, was an industrial bastion in the 1950s and 1960s. During his three-day tour, Xi traveled to Heilongjiang's forest areas, farming areas, the homes of ethnic minority groups, and technology companies in Harbin, the province's urban center. In Yichun, a city with 4 million hectares of forest that used to be known for its lumber trade, resident shave abandoned the industry since 2013. He encouraged them to seek sustainable business from the protection and conservation of local natural resources." But you can always count on the central government's care," Xi said. Wu Peishan, 33, who lives in Yichun, started her business in Beijing, selling the high quality honey collected from 30 households, 10 of which used to depend on the lumber industry.
Right now, there's a debate about the merits of the British system of teaching versus that used by China.
Let's start from the beginning - like most of my peers born in the years immediately after World War II, I attended a perfectly good state-run junior school before taking, at the age of 11, the dreaded 11+ examination, which determined your ability in certain subjects and allocated you to a senior school accordingly.
First was a grammar school, second was a technical school, and third was a relatively new addition, the secondary modern school. Of course, no system is perfect, but education had evolved in Britain to encourage the brightest and best - not just those from private schools - to establish themselves, and if they wanted, try for a place at university. I was fortunate enough to get to a splendid grammar school, Southfield Grammar School for Boys.
These schools have not done any of us three any harm - my brother went on to become headmaster at a prestigious school near Woodstock, and my sister, after years of being head of a nursery teachers' training college in Reading, is now deputy director of education for Dulwich College International, based at its Shanghai campus. As for me, well 50 years of globetrotting journalism (I kid you not - when, as a callow foreign correspondent I got married in our village church in Oxfordshire in 1982, the Oxford Mail, my first newspaper, carried the banner headline "Local Globetrotter Weds"), I have ended up with a dream job on China Daily in my sixties. Now, we in the UK are in the grip of that dreaded class of intellectuals, who call themselves educationalists, and they have never been able to leave well alone. It all started when a Labour government back in the 1960s decided to scrap grammar schools as being too elitist, instead lumping all schools together and calling them comprehensives, preferring to work on the basis of the lowest common denominator. And public schools, which is what we Brits call private schools, lost their tag as havens for the rich but less academically inclined children, and instead became places of excellence. I freely admit my wife and I sent our two daughters, at considerable expense, to a public girls' school, and they both did brilliantly. Now, UK public schools are places to which thousands of Chinese parents send their children, some of whom are the best and the brightest the Chinese system can offer, to finish off their secondary education.
I freely admit I will be fascinated to see what comes of the current idea of adopting Chinese teaching methods for some subjects. As the open-door and reform policies were further implemented, the number of notarial cases soared to 25,000 in 1988.
It is flourishing these days as more and more people are going abroad for different purposes, including advanced study, visiting relatives, inheritance of property, immigration and work.
In the past few years, Chinese authorities have taken a series of measures to streamline administrative approvals and slash red tape to unleash economic vitality.
During a State Council meeting last year, Premier Li Keqiang called for more efforts to further streamline government procedures and scale back controls. The ninth Pan-Beibu Gulf Economic Cooperation Forum will open today in Nanning, capital of the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region. The 20th China International Software Expo will open at the Beijing Exhibition Center today.
Disney's Alice through the Looking Glass, the latest film based on the Lewis Carroll story, will hit Chinese screens tomorrow. Nearly one out of every five websites run by governments at or below county level is failing to provide useful information and services to the public in a timely manner, according to a recent survey by the State Council.
Liu Shanying, a political science researcher at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said there is a lack of effective supervision of government websites. The survey looked at 607 government websites at or below county level during the first three months of the year.
Most of the unsatisfactory sites lack useful public service information, the survey found, and information such as travel reports, weather reports and upcoming films in the county were the only items up to date. The administration office for the provincial government in Henan province, for example, said it had found that about half of the government websites in the province were not functioning and some failed to meet standards.
In Anhui province, nearly 2,000 dysfunctional government websites have been shut down since March last year. The latest survey found that some information on websites from the forestry bureau in Zezhou county, Shanxi province, and the education bureau in Jianchang county, Liaoning province, had not been updated for seven years.
Complaints about government websites have increased recently, and criticism has been aroused by unsatisfactory replies to questions from the public.
In March, the website of Xiapu county in Fujian province responded to a question in its communication column by saying: "Please read our previous reply three times. A national land resources bureau in Sichuan province, when asked why property rights for local residential buildings were only 40 years, instead of the national standard of 70 years, replied: "Whether we will still be alive in this world 40 years from now remains a question.
The government of Liaoning province recently decided to remove the websites of governments at county and township levels and urban community offices from its working plan to improve the transparency of government administration, and it will integrate some from these sites into the websites of governments at higher levels. China will continue to deepen its defense and security cooperation with members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, State Councilor and Defense Minister Chang Wanquan said in Vientiane, the Laotian capital, on Wednesday. While attending the sixth China-ASEAN Defense Ministers' Informal Meeting, Chang said China proposes a joint exercise with militaries from ASEAN nations on maritime search and rescue, disaster relief and application of the Code for Unplanned Encounters at Sea. China would like the exercise to be conducted in Zhanjiang, Guangdong province, and its coastal waters in the second quarter of 2017, Chang said. China also intends to strengthen its anti-terrorism cooperation with ASEAN members in terms of intelligence sharing and counterterrorism exercises, he said. Additionally, Beijing is willing to enhance the collaboration between the People's Liberation Army's Southern Theater Command and the militaries of ASEAN nations in a wide range of fields including border and coastal defense, maritime security and anti-terrorism efforts, Chang said.
He added that China will continue to honor its commitment to regional peace and stability and will unwaveringly follow a peaceful development path.
Rear Admiral Guan Youfei, director of the Defense Ministry's Office for International Military Cooperation, told reporters at a news conference after the ministerial meeting that defense ministers from the ASEAN nations "highly recognized China's significant contribution to the regional economy, trade and cultural affairs". They also expressed appreciation for the Chinese military's efforts to safeguard regional peace and stability, Guan said. Regarding the South China Sea, the rear admiral said most of the ASEAN member states hold an "objective attitude" toward the issue and hope the countries involved can address their differences through communication and negotiation.
In addition, China will never accept arbitration on the South China Sea or its results because it is merely a "political provocation disguised as a legal issue", he said. More than 400 books, published in China but mostly in English, will help New Zealand's people and visitors get a better understanding of China in many areas, including politics, the economy and culture, said Guo Weimin, vice-minister of the State Council Information Office.
Liu Qibao, the Communist Party of China Central Committee's publicity chief, attended the exhibition on New Zealand's South Island on Wednesday, the day it opened. Liu is leading a delegation of senior cultural officials who are visiting New Zealand from Tuesday to Thursday. The exhibition will introduce the English-language version of Xi Jinping: The Governance of China, to Queenstown's people and visitors, Guo said during the exhibition's opening ceremony on Wednesday. During the meeting with New Zealand's prime minister, the two countries reached "important consensus" on cultural exchanges, Guo said. New Zealand is the first country to sign intergovernmental film and television co-production agreements with China.
Vanessa van Uden, the mayor of Queenstown, said the city has witnessed enhanced cultural exchanges between China and New Zealand in recent years. The exhibition is expected to help local people know more about China, and New Zealand could learn from China's experience in preserving history and protecting historical sites, she said. Marks said that in recent years he has witnessed an increasing number of Chinese coming to New Zealand.
Liu Qibao, head of the Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, and Vanessa van Uden, mayor of Queenstown, attend the opening ceremony of the Beautiful China photo and book exhibition in Queenstown, New Zealand, on Wednesday. As in many other tourism destinations around the world, there are numerous Chinese saleswomen, restaurants and gift shops in this part of New Zealand's South Island. Yet for many non-businesspeople who have never been to China, the country remains a remote place with a quite different culture and history.
Events beginning Tuesday, including the 2016 New Zealand China Film Week and the Beautiful China photo and book exhibition, are parts of the efforts to build a bridge for people across the two countries.
New Zealand Prime Minister John Key has played a leading role in dealing with China, and last month he finished his sixth visit to the country.
Hopefully, more New Zealand people will learn from their prime minister to get to know China, do business with Chinese people and make friends with them.
He Jiang, a 2016 Harvard PhD graduate in biochemistry, will deliver a speech representing the university's 13 graduate and professional schools at the commencement on Thursday. After three rounds of fierce competition, including drafts and auditions, three orators were chosen by a panel of judges to deliver an address - from memory - to an assemblage of about 32,000, including members of the governing board, honorary degree recipients, faculty, parents, alumni and graduates.
China has been one of the top markets for US exporters and represents huge potential for future opportunities for US businesses, according to the latest report from the US Department of Commerce.

The 19 Top Markets Report released on Wednesday showed that China has ranked highly among top US export markets in sectors from automotive parts, civil nuclear, building materials, construction equipment to education, financial technology, manufacturing technology and franchising. Stefan Selig, US undersecretary of commerce for international trade, described the report as "helping American business not only compete but win in the global marketplace". An estimated 11.5 million US jobs are supported by exports, according to the Commerce Department.
The reports released Wednesday are a part of the Top Markets Series, which was launched by the International Trade Commission under the Commerce Department in July 2015.
In the country analysis for aircraft part, the report said China is expected to be the world's largest single-country market for civil aircraft sales over the next 20 years. On the building materials sector, the report said that although the Chinese economy is experiencing a slowdown, it is the world's largest construction market and will continue to provide a strong opportunity for exporters.
The report also described civil nuclear sector growth in the next decade in China will ensure commercial opportunities for US civil nuclear exporters. While a growing middle class allows more Chinese families to send their children abroad for their tertiary education, future growth in the number of Chinese students studying in the US is tempered by the slowdown of China's economy, a devalued currency, and the shrinking number of college-age Chinese students, according to the report. Premier Li Keqiang called on Tuesday for enterprises to upgrade traditional manufacturing by using big data and cloud computing. Every aspect of human production and daily lives has been penetrated by big data and cloud computing, Li said. He made the remarks to entrepreneurs attending the China Big Data Industry Summit, which starts on Wednesday in Guiyang, the provincial capital of Guizhou.
Li said, "China is now integrating information technologies with production to increase the quality and quantity of goods and cultivate new momentum for a new economy.
The craftsman's spirit is a term that has been used to describe the integration of labor and technologies. Michael Dell, chairman and CEO of Dell Inc, the global computer manufacturer, said, "The information and communication sector is the key enabler of economic growth in the US.
Dell said the same phenomenon has just occurred in China, and includes all sectors using information and communication technologies. Terry Gou, chairman of Foxconn Technology Group, which is based in Taiwan, said Oxford University has predicted that 47 percent of jobs will be replaced by robots in 20 years. His company aims to use information, finance and technologies to shift from labor-intensive manufacturing to manufacturing driven by advanced technologies. Ma Huateng, chairman and CEO of Chinese internet company Tencent Holdings, said the company saw a 40 percent year-on-year increase in revenue last year from a "sharing economy", which included a car-hailing service. The comment came after remarks by US President Barack Obama that "big nations should not bully smaller ones". Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said that of the 12 neighbors China has completed demarcation agreements with, five countries are smaller than the Philippines in size and 10 are smaller in population. The Philippines has unilaterally initiated an arbitration case against China in the Permanent Court of Arbitration at The Hague over their disputes in the South China Sea.
Obama told an audience in Hanoi on Tuesday, "Big nations should not bully smaller ones and disputes should be resolved peacefully". Hua called for countries outside the region to respect the efforts of those in the region to maintain peace and stability. Tao Wenzhao, an American studies researcher at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said the US sees China as its biggest threat, both at present and in the long term. Obama said during his speech that the US "will continue to fly, sail and operate wherever international law allows". Hua urged the US to clarify whether the freedom of navigation it claims is the freedom of navigation that abides by international law or simply navigation enjoyed solely by the US military.
Zhu Feng, head of a South China Sea research center at Nanjing University, said Washington is practicing gunboat diplomacy.
Obama, who started a three-day visit to Vietnam on Monday, has announced the lifting of a decades-old ban on weapons sales. I think these are the real challenging dimensions of this trip, not this is part of a pincer movement aimed at China. Remember that Obama only had one bilateral meeting at the just concluded Nuclear Security Summit, and that was with the Chinese president. The president's decision takes the normalization process between two former battlefield foes one step further and provides Vietnam a hedge against China's increased assertiveness in the South China Sea.
Obama's decision to end (the US) embargo on arms sales to Vietnam is the final step in normalizing relations between the two countries, but it is also driven by regional concerns. The end of the US embargo on lethal weapons exports to Vietnam represents one of the final steps in the normalization of US-Vietnamese relations, a process begun under Bill Clinton in 1995 and supported by both the Bush and Obama administrations. However, this decision is ultimately driven by regional concerns, with Vietnam emerging as a key strategic partner for the United States. Some of China's regional neighbors are becoming popular choices for Chinese choosing to study abroad, according to a survey. Asian countries, including Singapore and Japan, are attracting more Chinese planning to study overseas, according to a White Paper on Chinese studying abroad in 2016. The paper was released on Tuesday by Vision Overseas, a company under New Oriental Education & Technology Group that provides services for overseas studies. The survey questioned nearly 3,000 Chinese students planning to study overseas and found fewer were willing to study in the US, the UK, Australia and Canada when compared with 2015.
The proportion of those showing an interest in countries such as Singapore and Japan is rising. Guo Xiaojuan, director of Vision Overseas' European and Asian Division, said the fact that the two Asian countries have become more popular with Chinese students is due to their strengthened quality of education and booming tourism industries. Sun Tao, vice-president of the company, said the four traditional destinations do not have to worry about losing their leading positions. The survey also found that choosing the right major is the top consideration for Chinese students and their parents when selecting an overseas educational institution. The ranking of the institution is the second most important factor they consider, while a year ago, institutions' rankings were the main concern. Sun said, "A great change has occurred among Chinese students, and especially their parents, who were known for choosing prestigious universities. Two framework deals have been signed by China National Nuclear Corp with Sudan on nuclear power development, including building a 600-megawatt atomic reactor, the first such project in the African country. The agreements may involve a blueprint for nuclear power development in the next decade for Sudan and building the first nuclear power station in the country, according to a statement issued by the State-owned nuclear giant on Tuesday. The agreements were signed on Monday during a three-day visit to Sudan by a Chinese delegation. Sun Qin, chairman of CNNC, said the company will cooperate with Sudan's Ministry of Water Resources and Electricity through the agreements. The company did not disclose the contract value or the type of nuclear technology to be used for the reactor.
But experts said there is a great opportunity for the homegrown reactor design Hualong One, a type of third generation technology, to be used for the reactor. With the world's largest number of reactors under construction, China plans to develop this experience into nuclear exports.
Chinese nuclear companies are making huge inroads in global nuclear markets, including Britain and Argentina.
CNNC has clinched deals with Argentina to build two nuclear reactors, while CGN, another domestic energy giant, partnered with Electricite de France to build three reactors in Britain.
Sudan has faced power shortages in recent years and is seeking to build two 600-mW pressurized water reactors to meet the growing demand for electricity, with construction on the first one starting in 2021. Sudanese Finance Minister Badr-Eddin Mahmoud said the agreements reviewed all energy issues facing the country and will provide solutions for these and for new projects. A major star of Yugoslavian films who was popular with the older generation in China has died at age 82 in Belgrade.
Velimir Bata Zivojinovic won popularity in China for his role as Walter in the 1972 movie Walter Defends Sarajevo.
In February, the tourist organization in Belgrade counted on his popularity in the movie to attract more Chinese tourists to the Serbian capital with a promotional video. The 1972 film, about partisan resistance in Sarajevo, was one of few foreign movies shown in China at the time, offering a glimpse into the outside world. It was seen by hundreds of millions of people in China, turning Zivojinovic into a nationwide star. Zivojinovic recovered from a stroke four years ago, but several weeks before his death he had his leg amputated due to gangrene. In 2002, he was the Socialist Party's candidate in the Serbian presidential election, but after failing to win a majority of votes he withdrew from politics in 2003.
Velimir Bata Zivojinovic, popular in China for his role as Walter in the 1972 movie Walter Defends Sarajevo (left), visits the Shanghai Expo in May 2010.
Claims and counterclaims of a likely terrorist hit or pilot error, or even a rogue pilot - with memories still fresh of the Germanwings plane that was made to ram into the French Alps - flew thick and fast. They were reminiscent of the photos just after the deadly Brussels airport blasts, with one Jet Airways flight attendant becoming the haunting "face" of the vile terrorist attack, as she sat dazed and bloodied, half her clothes blown off in the explosion - her uncomprehending eyes saying it all.
Pictures like these bring home to viewers the magnitude of any disaster or act of violence. One may recall also that heart-wrenching Pulitzer-winning 1993 photo of a skeletal child bent over on the ground in southern Sudan, while a vulture behind her waits to feed - a savage portrait of famine that won photographer Kevin Carter acclaim and scorn in equal measure. Pictures of the horrors of war or natural calamities engage public sentiment and increase pressure on leaders to ensure action. But when documenting the effects of tragedy, maybe we could spare a thought for those trying to come to terms with the pain of losing loved ones, that too in a sudden and likely violent way. Item from May 25, 1988, in China Daily: An official from the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, the agency that cracks down on illegal business activities, gives leaflets to passersby at Beijing's Wangfujing area, warning them of fake and shoddy goods. Few places in China were known for their production of fake products a few years ago, but now every province, municipality and autonomous region is making them.
After decades of efforts to prevent the sale of fake goods in the marketplace, China's battle against intellectual property infringement and counterfeiting is shifting its focus toward the booming e-commerce sector. On May 4, the State Council, China's Cabinet, vowed to intensify crackdowns on counterfeit goods, particularly on items being sold on the internet.
The country will also boost exchanges on IPR with the United States, Russia, Japan and European countries while strengthening cooperation with Africa and Latin America, it said.
Two weeks after the statement, Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd was suspended from the International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition, the global organization fighting counterfeit goods, amid complaints by some US and European brands. Michael Evans, president of Alibaba, said later that the company was "100 percent committed" to fighting counterfeit goods. The 2016 Women-20 Meeting will be held in Xi'an, capital of Shaanxi province, starting today. The 2016 IBF World Championship Bout will be staged today at the Diamond Stadium in Beijing's National Olympic Park. Retail gasoline prices are expected to be adjusted today, in line with national fuel price mechanisms and global fluctuations.
Six popular Chinese films will be shown this week in New Zealand movie theaters amid efforts by both countries' governments to increase cultural exchanges. Liu Qibao, the Communist Party of China Central Committee's publicity chief, attended the opening ceremony in Wellington, the New Zealand capital.
He is leading a delegation of senior cultural officials on a visit to the country from Tuesday to Thursday that is aimed at boosting cultural exchanges.
Wang Lutong, the Chinese ambassador to New Zealand, said the country is the first to conclude intergovernmental film and television co-production agreements with China. Zhou Jiandong, an official from the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, noted that The Mermaid, which was shown on Tuesday afternoon in Wellington, is China's highest grossing film ever, with box office revenue of 3.38 billion yuan ($516 million).
Stephen Chow, director of The Mermaid, said at the opening ceremony that he wanted to shoot a movie with scenes filmed in New Zealand, given the beautiful scenery there.
A movie shot nearly six decades ago provides intriguing insights into ties between China and New Zealand before the countries established diplomatic ties in 1972. The black-and-white movie, Inside Red China, was made by New Zealand couple Rudall and Ramai Hayward in 1957, at a time when China's relations with the West were clouded by the Cold War. The documentary, which is less than 30 minutes long, captures poignant moments from people's lives in four cities: Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing and Wuhan. The movie, shown at the New Zealand embassy in Beijing just days ahead of the 2016 New Zealand China Film Week, has a scene in which Ramai Hayward presents a Maori feather cloak to Mao Zedong, the founder of the People's Republic of China. In April 2013, the National Museum of China, where the cloak was kept, loaned it to the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, the country's national museum, for an exhibition. Besides the presentation of the cloak, the documentary includes such scenes as pandas at Beijing Zoo and construction of the historic Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge, the first road-and-rail bridge across the Yangtze. John McKinnon, New Zealand's ambassador to China said the movie reflects a "frank and straightforward view" of China in the 1950s and provides a "reliable report" about the country during that time.
Liu Qibao (center right), head of the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee, and Stephen Chow (top center), Hong Kong pop artist and director, attend the opening ceremony of the 2016 New Zealand China Film Week at New Zealand's national museum in Wellington on Tuesday. Many overweight students at Nanjing Agricultural University are signing up for a new sports class that offers them the chance to lose weight and gain credits, with higher marks handed out to those who lose the most. According to teacher Zhou Quanfu, about 60 percent of the students who have applied to take the extra class are eligible.
Students who sign up have their waistline, height and blood-fat level measured so a comparison can be made later to see how well they did. Zhou said that more than 1,060 of the 6,300 freshmen and sophomores at the university in Jiangsu province are overweight. According to data released last year by the National Health and Family Planning Commission, 30 percent of Chinese adults age 18 and older were overweight in 2012, a sharp rise from the 22.8 percent in 2002. The commission said 25 percent of Chinese adults had hypertension in 2012, and about 10 percent were diabetic.
Against the backdrop of increasing levels of obesity and weight gain, the university created the elective course. After carrying out research and preparing for more than a year, Zhou won the support of the university and began offering the six-week elective course. Students who opt to take the course - there are usually 35 in each class - have three or four specially designed sports classes each week.
During classes, in addition to jogging, students do other exercises including the plank, which strengthens the abdomen as practitioners brace their bodies in a bridge shape.
Zhou also teaches the students about healthy eating and tells them how to calculate their calorie intake.
At the end of the semester, the students complete the course by submitting a thesis connected to weight loss. The United States clearly intends to check China by taking advantage of Hanoi's maritime disputes with Beijing, according to Chinese analysts. They were speaking on Monday as the US extended an olive branch to Vietnam by lifting a decades-old arms embargo. Washington is attempting to draw Vietnam into its circle of influence in politics, security and economic affairs through US President Barack Obama's first visit to the country, they said. His visit comes 41 years after the end of the Vietnam War, and he is the third US president to visit the country since ties were restored in 1995. At a state luncheon in Hanoi, Vietnamese President Tran Dai Quang toasted Obama's first visit to the country as the "arrival of a warm spring after a cold winter".

The two nations also reaffirmed efforts to ratify and implement the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a 12-nation trade pact that has struggled to gain traction in the US Congress during an election year. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said on Monday that China hopes the developing ties between the US and Vietnam will be conducive to regional peace and stability. Fan Jishe, a researcher of US strategies at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said the situation demonstrates Washington's firmness in advancing its Asia-Pacific rebalancing strategy. Su Hao, a professor of Asia-Pacific studies at China Foreign Affairs University, said it is obvious that the US aims to contain China by taking advantage of Hanoi's territorial disputes with Beijing. Su said Obama's visit offers an opportunity for the two countries to promote their relations based on certain common interests, such as countering China. US President Barack Obama attends a news conference with Vietnamese President Tran Dai Quang at the Presidential Palace Compound in Hanoi on Monday. Li appointed the Wuhan Iron & Steel Group Co as a pilot SOE to reduce excess capacity and transfer redundant workers to other posts with financial and policy support from the central and local governments.
The company has four subsidiaries with an annual production capacity of nearly 40 million metric tons of iron and steel, ranking fourth around the world. SOEs administered by the central government in the coal, iron and steel sectors are due to cut 10 percent of production capacity this year, according to an executive meeting of the State Council presided over by Li on May 18. Last year, the company spent 10 billion yuan ($1.53 billion) to cover expenses for employees, incurring a loss of more than 10 billion yuan, according to the company's report.
Li said the central government will support the SOE's restructuring, which will receive preferential policies and financial support as a pilot project. A total of 100 billion yuan has been allocated to remove excess capacity and transfer workers who are not needed in such enterprises. Zhang Chunxiao, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Governance, said China's industrial chains can now accommodate workers who are transferred from industries that are plagued by excess capacity amid economic restructuring. Li also encouraged manufacturers to further improve efficiency and increase quality with a "craftsman's spirit" when he visited the Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co in Shiyan, Hubei province, which produces 80,000 heavy trucks annually. Zhang said the "craftsman's spirit" integrates labor and technologies, which will boost products made in China from a low-end industrial structure to a high-end one. Li also saw innovations by high-tech companies at the Optics Valley Exhibition Center in the Donghu Lake High-technology Zone. When Wang Hui submitted a job application to a government office in Wuhan, Hubei province, he did not expect to be interviewed by a panel consisting solely of internet company managers. No officials from the Wuhan East Lake High-tech Development Zone, also known as the Optics Valley of China, which oversees the office, attended the interview.
Wang applied for a job in the government office for the development of the Internet Plus industry, whose roles include drawing up development plans and policies for the industry and supporting companies and major projects.
He said he was more surprised by the fact that the office engaged companies related to the concept of Internet Plus to determine its major tasks. Last year, China announced the Internet Plus initiative to enable more businesses to take advantage of the internet. Optics Valley authorities did not plan initially to assign decision-making to internet companies, but they later decided that the office should not be ruled by government and that companies should play key roles. In 1985, the area that later became the valley was just a street housing more than 100 privately owned companies.
In 1988, when the country was forging ahead with reform and opening-up, the Wuhan East Lake High-tech Development Zone was established in a city renowned for steel production that started as early as 1890.
The zone developed into a State-level base for the optical industry in 2001, when traditional industry witnessed the first round of massive nationwide layoffs. After the 2008 global financial crisis and the drop in global demand for China's primary and secondary industry products, the zone's importance was further boosted in 2009 when it became the second innovation demonstration zone in China. It now covers 518 square kilometers, and its mission is to lead change for innovation-driven development. Dan Changchun, deputy director of the valley, said, "We focus on optical work, but more important, enhancing the concept of a valley." Dan added that more efforts will be made to create an environment that is favorable for innovation and business startups.
With the world's largest number of students receiving higher education - 1.18 million - Wuhan gives Optics Valley the edge to host more than 30,000 companies, including about 100 Fortune 500 firms. Last year, corporate revenue in Optics Valley reached 1 trillion yuan ($153 billion), a year-on-year increase of 18 percent.
Workers inspect integrated circuits used for fiber optics communications at a FiberHome Technologies Group factory in the Optics Valley of China in Wuhan, Hubei province, on April 12. Two lions were killed after they severely mauled a man who stripped naked and entered their enclosure in an apparent suicide attempt, authorities said. Director Alejandra Montalba of Santiago's Metropolitan Zoo said the venue was crowded with visitors when the incident happened on Saturday. The 20-year-old man broke into the enclosure, removed his clothes and jumped into the middle, horrifying other visitors who witnessed the attack. Metropolitan Park director Mauricio Fabry said an apparent suicide note was found in the man's clothing. Law and Economics presumes that government action and regulation has knowable economic consequences, and that those consequences should be mitigated wherever possible.
The costs from mercury emissions (or benefits of reducing mercury emissions) are actually higher than the ones above, because it is difficult all impacts.
As each country phased it out, scientists were able to show that lead fume exposure during childhood was responsible for an IQ drop of several points across much of the population in urban areas that grew up when leaded gasoline was in common use. States and the power industry said, and the court agreed, that they should have weighed the compliance costs at the very outset, when they were deciding whether to make a rule at all, and not just when crafting the substance of their policy. Not to get all Posnerian, but there’s a cost-benefit analysis to pretty much all activity we engage in on a daily basis.
But the social and economic costs of those saved lives don’t seem to outweigh the utility commerce and individuals get from going 70 on the Interstate, being able to make deliveries to businesses during working hours, and not belting up like Cole Trickle for a trip to the supermarket. He added that the pro-independence ruling party first wanted to pass a law governing oversight of negotiations with Beijing.
They cannot sign any agreements with the mainland before all three stages of legislative approval are completed. The longest-living Chinese woman writer, she was known for her modest, subtle and witty writing style. A lawsuit is a legal means in this respect, (but) we look forward to finding a better way out, together with Samsung. Payments for such technology licenses are estimated to reach hundreds of millions of dollars a year. Xi applauded the former forestry workers' efforts on forestry protection and the development of diverse new environmentally friendly industries.
My brother and sister, when it came to their turn, went to a relatively new school called Cheney Technical School.
Organized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the three-day event has attracted nearly 600 exhibitors from home and abroad. Directed by James Bobin, the movie is the sequel to Alice in Wonderland in 2010, which earned an impressive $33 million in China that year.
Most people are not being informed, and some websites were set up purely to cope with the administrative inspections of higher-level governments," Liu said. The code was approved by naval officials from more than 20 Asia-Pacific countries in April 2014 at a naval symposium in China. The country will also push forward its efforts to promote regional cooperation while remaining dedicated to peaceful resolution of disputes, he said. As part of the exhibition, about 70 photos focus on perspectives including world heritage in China, intangible cultural heritage and the unity of humans and nature. It's no doubt that Chinese people have gotten a better understanding of the world through travel globally in recent years. When I got a business card from Geoff Marks, business development executive at Lake Wanaka Tourism, I found that the card was bilingual, with Marks' name in Chinese and even his user ID for WeChat, one of the most popular social apps in China, printed on the card. As a result, during President Xi Jinping's state visit to New Zealand in November 2014, the two countries reached consensus to boost cultural exchanges.
On Feb 10, the eve of Spring Festival, the prime minister extended his wishes in Chinese - gong xi fa cai (wishing you a big fortune) and xin nian kuai le (happy new year) - to Chinese immigrants in New Zealand. Other guest speakers sharing the podium include Academy Award-winning director Steven Spielberg.
The 2016 reports provided updated country rankings and analysis reflecting the latest industry, trade policy and global economic developments. Boeing estimates that China will need to add more than 6,000 planes to its commercial fleet to meet traffic demand.
They cannot sign any agreements with the mainland before all three stages of legislative approval. The key point is whether countries involved have the determination and sincerity to resolve disputes via talks and consultations," Hua said at a media briefing.
But it is rather difficult to interpret the lifting of the arms embargo against Vietnam in any other way. I would simply say, World War II and the Vietnam War are two extraordinarily difficult issues that stir a lot of emotions in the US, independent of China.
We also want a recognition of the tragedy of nuclear weapons and our desire to diminish their role in global politics.
Later this year, we'll have a very important summit between the US and China (at the G20 in China).
For Americans concerned about human rights, Hanoi still has to jump through more approval hoops before it can buy any military hardware. VietJet's order for $11 billion of Boeing passenger planes will deepen ties between these two members of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Many of their universities are also rated highly in the latest world university rankings," Guo said. It was led by Nur Bekri, head of the National Energy Administration and deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission. The film was so popular that a beer brand was named after Walter in China, and each time Zivojinovic visited the country fans turned out in large numbers to greet him. He also suffered from gangrene in his right foot, but initially recovered after receiving special therapies in Cuba, where his daughter lives.
Caught in the maelstrom were the families and friends of passengers and crew, left lurching between desperate hope and abject grief.
Distraught people arriving at Cairo airport, clutching each other in shared agony, their tear-streaked faces searing souls around the world. The seven world leaders, including US President Barack Obama, will attend the two-day event to address pressing global issues with currency wars and global growth on top agenda.
The W20 is a new G20 engagement group established in May last year to promote gender inclusive economic growth. Xiong Chaozhong, the pint-sized power puncher from Kunming, Yunnan province, who is the first Chinese boxer to win a world title, will face Jose A. All students at Chinese colleges and universities must take a sports class, unless exempted, regardless of their major. Obama, who started a three-day visit to Vietnam on Monday, announced the removal of the weapons embargo at a news conference.
Obama has made a strategic "rebalancing" toward the Asia-Pacific region a centerpiece of his foreign policy.
But the analysts said Vietnam will not side with the US without reservations, given its interdependency with China in terms of trade and economic affairs. But when cutting excess capacity, superfluous workers must be transferred to other jobs instead of being laid off," Li told the company. Wuhan Iron & Steel will further cut the number of employees to about 30,000, which is estimated to cost it 5 billion yuan.
Since then, bold concepts have been used to make the valley a key example of how China can adapt to changing economic scenarios. The valley applied for more than 16,000 patents in 2015, more than three times the number in 2010. EPA, the Court ruled that the EPA must consider the costs of its first ever mercury regulations on power plants and the industry as a whole.
That’s what happens when the Court decrees that you can, and must, put a price on clean air. Its fundamental equation, B > PL , suggests that if the (B)urden of a regulation is greater than the (L)iability of the harm, times the (P)robability that the harm will occur, then the regulation should not be supported.
But an EPA estimate suggests that between $37 billion and $90 billion would be saved in unnecessary death, balanced against the $9.6 billion cost of the regulation. For mercury, there is evidence that it causes subtle neurological damage in the form of reduced IQ at levels below which overt symptoms are seen. Registration or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Jiang Yongbin, another former forestry worker, now earns a living from aquatic farming with his former colleagues. Public notary service, an internationally recognized legal procedure, gained its acceptance in China just a decade ago. The zone covers the Chinese provinces and regions of Guangxi, Guangdong and Hainan as well as Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia and Brunei. Last year, China unveiled the Internet Plus strategy to integrate mobile internet, cloud computing, big data and the Internet of Things with traditional industries and fuel economic growth. Geoff Marks, business development executive at Lake Wanaka Tourism, said that the exhibition is a good way for New Zealand's people to understand China.
Meanwhile, China's fleet of business jets, helicopters, training aircraft and other general aviation planes is expanding quickly. We need to see if a similar move that is blatantly hostile to Beijing emerges from the Japan leg of President Obama's trip. From almost no trade when the US lifted its trade embargo in 1994, Vietnam has emerged as the largest exporter to the US from Southeast Asia, outstripping dynamos like Singapore. Those were my thoughts in the hours and days after news broke last week that EgyptAir Flight MS804, en route from Paris to Cairo with 66 people on board, had gone off radar over the Mediterranean. Think of the sailor kissing a woman on Times Square - epitomizing the end of World War II, the black power salute by US athletes at the 1968 Mexico Olympics, or 9-year-old Kim Phuc running naked from the site of a napalm attack in Vietnam. To have camera or a microphone boom shoved in your face, wanting to capture every sniffle, every sob or scream of despair - where does reality TV stop and reality begin? Held by the All-China Women's Federation this year, the theme of the three-day event is "Equal Participation and Innovative Development".
Some of those taking part said they stopped eating high-calorie foods, such as cakes and fried chicken, after they learned how many calories such foods contain. Otherwise, you’d be legally obligated to put your child in a bubble whenever it went outside. Che Guevara's iconic portrait graces millions of T-shirts, the Cuban revolutionary now a symbol for rebellious youth worldwide, while Marilyn Monroe's "flying skirt" over a New York City subway grate radiates Hollywood allure for all time. But, I’m comfortable with letting professionals at the EPA make that call, as opposed to an unelected actuary in a black robe.

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