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I’ve seen great results in my practice with pain relief, immune system support, and neurological health. Nearly everyone to experience my healing services have noticeable improvements in emotional and mental wellbeing.  Energy healing can help us to be more centered in our true selves, remain in our integrity, and to think and act with clarity. Facebook PostsInspirit - Metaphysical Healing 3 days ago Inspirit - Metaphysical Healing added a new photo. Hijama Care has designed this course to educate the Sunnah way of treatment, based on Islamic teachings from Quran and Sunnah which includes Metaphysical issues like Jinn Possession (Al-Mass) Evil Eye (Al-Ayn) and Black Magic (Al-Sihr) these issues can be treated with the help of Al-Ruqya Shariah and Prophetic medicine with the combination of Hijama cupping.

Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Click here to learn the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and general healing uses of crystals. He's very thorough & focused on his work, and has been one of the only energy workers to give me results. This course is suitable for everyone those who want to learn, revive and educate the Sunnah.

I felt more clarity in my life; a sense of security & confidence that I had been missing for some time. I have great gratitude for having experienced this inner happiness & peace with his guidance.J.

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