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All vinyl watertight solid patios covers are custom fabricated inside Vinyl Fence Depot's fabrication facility upon request.
Our watertight patio covers are made to withstand the constant day after day beating from the sun. Recessed lighting, ceiling fans, in wall speakers and light fixtures can be installed during the installation process or added any time after completion.
Patio cover posts (The main vertical structural supports that are attached to the ground and support the beams, rafters, lattice, picket or solid top) can be set in the ground in a concrete footing or if properly engineered, may be attached to an existing concrete slab using a variety of other methods. Or SAVE 10% by filling out the following form to set up your free in home no obligation consultation.
Established in 1994, Vinyl Fence Depot has been manufacturing, fabricating and installing quality vinyl fencing products for over 18 years. Specializing in Vinyl Fencing, Railing, Decking, Patio Covers, Gazebos, Gates and Arbors, we take it to the next step by providing custom designs and layouts for each client. Vinyl Fence Depot knows that in any industry, to be successful; you have to set yourself apart. Visit our Van Nuys factory and showroom or our new Santa Clarita showroom to view samples or call us to arrange a free consultation at your property. The Westinghouse ductless mini-split heat pump offers both cooling and heating purposes to maximize the comfort level of your home in both winter time and summer time.

I am fixing up a 576 sq ft mobile home in Palm Springs and want to put a mini-split in the bedroom and one in the living room.
Vinyl Fence Depot has the ability to custom fabricate any solid patio cover to fit each and every clientA?s needs. Vinyl covers do not absorb heat so itA?s always cooler under a vinyl structure and can help you save hundreds on your energy bill. Vinyl Fence Depot also fills the posts with concrete and rebar in order to create a solid permanent structure, this method gives our patio covers a much stronger finish both structurally and to the touch.
As one of the first family-owned vinyl products companies, Vinyl Fence Depot takes pride in delivering a quality product with outstanding customer service. Since no two properties are symmetrical, we individually customize, fabricate and install each vinyl project for each client. Choosing the right product to accomplish your needs and improve your property value is an art.
With all the features offered in this mini-split unit, you can let the unit do all the work for you with its extensive automation features. The Home Depot partners with installers and home service professionals who meet the highest standards for experience, know-how and customer service to get your .
Every home is unique; our sales representatives can help you design your own solid patio cover and bring your ideas to life.

Both beams (the horizontal members that usually go between the posts and support the rafters) and rafters (which usually span from the home to the main beams and support the shade components such as pickets, louvres, lattice or solid top) should be attached internally using a engineered connection system, as well as the proper internal enforcements such as a galvanized steel C-Channels to support weight, prevent sagging, bowing and an unsafe patio cover structure. Each member of our staff is a trained professional in design, layout and building codes which means to you, your project will be done right the first time while improving the value of your home.
Our service professionals will not only get you there but will also make it fun to discover the possibilities. This unit is also very green friendly and will save you energy with its efficient cooling and heating methods. I would prefer to close my door and cool my bedroom down to 72-78 and let the rest of the house sit at 80 when it's 115 outside.
Please call us at The Home Depot Home Services at 1-800-557-5221 to schedule an appointment.
It doesn't make sense that it costs double when all you are getting is another evaporator, or am I missing something?

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