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Mind-body medicine is a new way of understanding health and disease which recognizes that emotional and psychological issues influence whether we are sick or healthy. Mind-body research has shown that our emotions, beliefs, relationships with others and behavior habits can influence our immune system, making it stronger or weaker, and thus move us towards sickness or health.
Beliefs: believing that you must die from being HIV-infected can trigger fear, decreases in immunity, avoidance of health-promoting behavior and ultimately result in a shorter life-span. Stress: being stuck in "survival stress" for many months -- where you feel somehow unsafe or threatened -- can wear down immune system functioning and speed up the progression to developing AIDS. Grief: feeling grief is normal after a significant loss of an important person, pet or cherished goal. Self-Disclosure to Trusted Support: science has learned that talking about your problems honestly with someone you trust provides a boost to immune system functioning. Life Purpose and Goals: research studies on HIV+ people who remain healthy for long periods show that these HIV+ folks typically have "reasons to live," whether they are general purposes ("I want to enjoy my friends and family") or specific goals ("I want to take a cooking class next month"). Self-Assertiveness is defined as the ability to say "no" to something you really do not want to do, and "yes" to something that you want or like. Body Care is defined as making sure that you are doing the right things on a regular basis to keep you body healthy. How can you use this new information about the mind-body connection to enhance your HIV+ health? Ancient wisdom and modern science integrated under inspirational stories of how the heart works as the seat of our lives. Aeoliah is a Reiki master, painter, and composer whose visionary music reflects his deep commitment to healing. A comprehensive guide to getting every aspect of your life in order so as to enjoy the fruits of success. This leading-edge book by Esther and Jerry Hicks, who present the teachings of the Non-Physical entity Abraham, will help you understand the emotions that you’ve been experiencing all of your life.
Our individual achievement of optimal health does not begin with a lower health insurance premium. For over 6,000 years Yoga Science has provided tools to help human beings learn the art of healthy living.

You can live in an optimal state of balance and healthfulness––if you simply learn to make living in that state a priority and unite the intuitive wisdom of the spirit with the healing power of your mind. They have looked at why some people get sick and die from HIV, while others remain free of symptoms and healthy. If that grief is "held in" and not expressed for many months, it can trigger a decrease in immunity and speed up the progression of disease. Medical research shows that being self-assertive promotes the strength and quantity of Natural Killer (NK) cells of the immune system. This includes being aware of your breathing patterns and correcting any problems (like shallow breathing or unconscious breath-holding).
An example of moderate exercise is a 20-minute brisk walk that gets you to breath a little harder and perhaps some sweat on the forehead.
For each of the issues mentioned above, rate yourself on how well you are doing: good, OK or poor.
Mike Rowland is a keyboardist and composer who also communicates spiritual truths through his music.
We are breathing and thinking beings also––living with complex thoughts, desires and emotions.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, Georgia report that the key factors influencing an individual’s state of health have not changed significantly over the past twenty years. This is important because NK cells can kill HIV in the body and can do so in people with very low CD4 counts. You should be drinking a minimum of eight glasses of water every day and having good nutrition and eating patterns so that all of your body, including immune cells, gets the nutrition it needs.
Then, make a list of the issues rated "poor" and pick someone to talk honestly with about each problematic issue. Yoga Science (including meditation)  views the body as a covering outside the mind, and the mind as a covering outside the center of consciousness (the soul). With active and discriminating participation in our own health management, we can form a healing partnership with our physicians––and stop working against our own best interests.
As part of a complete daily wellness program, meditation, diaphragmatic breathing and an easy-gentle yoga practice can improve mental, emotional and physical well being and give you the necessary skills to become an active partner with your physicians in maintaining health and vitality.

Getting regular sleep that allows you to wake up "feeling rested" most mornings is also important. To experience health and well-being, we must properly care for and feed the body, regulate our breath, coordinate the functions of our mind and base all our actions on the inner intuitive wisdom of our spirit, as reflected by the conscience (buddhi).
Mederi implies a sense of attending to or paying attention to something in order to facilitate well being. Elmer Green of the Menninger Foundation, Swami Rama demonstrated the ability to stop his heart from pumping blood for 16.2 seconds and to produce an eleven degree difference in temperature between different parts of the palm of his hand. After the discussion, create a plan for improvement for each "poor" issue and begin working on your plan. In meditation, you sit quietly and ask the mind to let go of its everyday tendencies to think, analyze, remember, solve problems, and focus on past events or on expectations of the future.
Through these studies at Menninger Swami Rama repeatedly demonstrated full mastery of his autonomic nervous system, which until then most Western doctors had assumed was impossible.
Meditation increases theta waves (the electrical waves that appear in the brain just before one falls asleep) while the meditating person remains alert and focused. The decisions people routinely make about their daily lives are by far the greatest factor in determining their wellness. This, in turn, slows down the mind’s rapid series of thoughts and feelings, and replaces that mental activity with a calm, inner awareness and attention.
If people could be introduced to some essential, basic information and be motivated to make more skillful choices, they’d experience better health and, as a consequence, lower health-care costs. As a consequence of this quiet, effortless, one-pointed focus of attention, the body and mind both become rejuvenated.
By maintaining a daily meditation practice, symptoms of stress, fear, depression, fatigue, high blood pressure and addictions can be diminished and the body can become free to function to its healthy potential.

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