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Cancer is hard and tough, but getting healthy after the cancer treatment is more tougher and harder. With the whole of caner stress and with the cancer treatment it is likely that there will be changes in you with the whole of your routine being changed. The most interesting thing for everybody is how the nanotechnology will contribute for the improvement of the quality of our life and our health. The scientists already work on testing and treating the implementation on the nano materials for diagnosis and prevention of diseases.
How important the implementation of nanotechnology for medicine is, show us the fact that the National Cancer Institute already created Alliance for Nanotechnology in Cancer in the main idea to invest and contribute in the branch of nanotechnology medical products and in general for nanotechnology researches. This can lead to fascinating breakthroughs in the field of terms of detecting, diagnosing, and treating various forms of cancer and the most important thing: It can save numbers of lives.
Through more targeted drug therapies or “smart drugs” these new drug therapies have already shown fewer side effects than the traditional therapies.

The companies CytImmune and BIND Biosciences have published the preliminary results of the first Phase Clinical Trial of their first targeted chemotherapy drug. Researchers have also shown that the nano particles taken in a pill form or vaccine can destroy viruses. Important to know is that some scientists already informed that the nanoparticles have also negative side effects by treating viruses and cancer. We hope that the benefits of nanotechnology in a very short time will contribute to improving the quality of our lifestyle. You must have heard this before, but the single best thing you can do as a survivor is stop.
It will be tough in the beginning but the benefits of regular activity make it well worth the effort to fit it in. A healthy diet can help keep weight in check, give your body the nutrients it needs and the energy you need to make it through a busy day.

Cancer survivors fight extremely hard with the disease, but they find it a little not so easy in gaining back their health.
This will boost your health and also improve your mood and the best part is that it will help you counter cancer related fatigue. Focus on vegetables, fruits and whole grains and see to it that the red meat consumption is minimum. One of the most important way of fighting this disease completely is by getting a healthy body. Regular exercise may lower the risk of recurrence and help cut the risk of other chronic diseases.

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