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Use a blender to mix powder supplements with organic fruit, milk, or try honey for kids 1 yr & older. It seems there are many opinions on food pyramids partly because there are many styles of eating. I remember when the FDA’s food pyramid had the top section dedicated for sweets and sugars.
For more on the cruel and disgusting food today, read this article by the Huffington Post on Processed Food: 9 Nasty Truths About The Meals You Eat.
After-all, the FDA, USDA, Big Food, Big Agriculture, and Big Pharma are all on the same team in this corporate food and drug monopoly that’s taking control of our food system and government. Also check out this Raw Food Diet Conversion Chart to help you get some more specific ideas on the best foods for your health. Other articles to spare a moment for are The Dirty Dozen Plus Two, and You Really Can Eat Healthy on a Budget.

Go to Fight Big Food to help take on corporate power for America’s farmers, families, and the future of our food. I would like to hang the Natural Health and Nutrition Poster in my office for patients to see. I’m curious as to your logic behind lumping dairy products and grassfed beef together? Maintaining a balanced PH is one of the most important things we can do to enjoy vibrant health and avoid disease.
Supplements in capsule form can be opened to blend or pour onto something your child will eat. Instead, we should use our brains to choose the foods that give us the nutrition we need to live a healthy life free from disease and sickness. The dairy is packed with hormones and antibiotics, the chicken is chucked full of arsenic, the GMO infested meat is from cows that ate corn and that lived an unnatural and unhealthy life.

But, if you use this pyramid as your main guide for health & nutrition – it will help you be the healthiest you can be! Unfortunately, most people are far too acidic, which creates an environment open to unwanted invaders and ill health. Don't get stressed if you don't achieve this, it's an ideal to shoot for.The most important thing we can do is to ensure that the majority of foods that we eat are fruits and vegetables. These distinctions seem a little bizarre, especially considering the issues with both mercury and radiation in seafood, as well as the types of conditions under which even organic poultry is raised.
I am not trying to argue against dairy products being an occasional thing, especially as one gets older, but beef (and other ruminants for that mater) seems likely safer and more nutritious than chicken or turkey.

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