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If you or a loved one has cancer, do not continue to feed and encourage the tumor growth! The conventional cancer therapies currently available are surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy; aka the "cut, poison, burn" model. You should be well informed about all treatment options, survival rates and what scientific studies (in vitro and in vivo, on animals and clinical trials on humans), state about each of them so that your decision would be one based on facts, one that maximizes your chances of survival and beating your cancer.
Conventional medicine’ s official position about the primary cause of cancer is that it is unknown. The same are stated for all types of cancer, on every other official medicinal cancer website. Do you Know that the cause of all types of cancer, is Modern diet, with depleted nutrition and toxic chemicals we are exposed?
Researchers at the University of Michigan (UM) Comprehensive Cancer Center, Conventional cancer treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiation do not destroy the small number of cancer cells that support cancer growth”, UM Comprehensive Cancer Center. Most traditional therapies, however, including chemo and radiation, “lack the ability to effectively kill these CSCs,” and it’s the stem cells and their capacity to self-renew that drive cancer’s proliferation, according to many scientists. Recently, several studies have found that a number of dietary compounds can affect cancer stem cells.
Inhibiting cancer stem cells indirectly by interfering with their abnormal “signaling pathways”—that is, the cascade of signals produced when molecules in cells send out messages. When it comes to cancer, scientists used to think it was totally caused by glitches within our genetic code. Most Degenerative diseases are reversible by switching back to Intensive Nutrition and Lifestyle Modification. In addition to the many research studies that have been conducted on the healing benefits of intercessory prayer, maintaining mental peace and a positive outlook are absolutely critical to cancer prevention and treatment.
This patient has cancer on the left lung which is dispatched with sharp chest pain and general inanition of the body. Only ONE product has stood the test of time and the day is very close when every cancer patient, no matter which type of cancer he has, will no longer be afraid of his disease!
The product is called "Varumin", and after 23 years it is still very successful in treating several of the most difficult diseases known to the world today. During the past 30 years of experience in scientific agriculture my main occupation was collecting wild medical plants with basic effort of developing new formulations and products that will make this world a better place for living.
Varumin has raised its popularity because of the fact that it can successfully treat cancerous diseases. Without surgery, patient uses 5 (five) treatments with chemotherapy and improvements are almost none. Starting with Varumin (January, 2005) patient's reaction to the medicine is very positive and on 14-March-2006 mammography test is negative.

There is no possible risk of interactions if Varumin is used during the standard therapy of malignant diseases.
Varumin can be used during and after chemotherapy, radiotherapy, immunotherapy and surgery of tumors. From the beginning of the year of 2002, I started working with the natural anticancer product Varumin. Varumin influences conductively in cases of malignant and non-malignant tumors in the internal organs, skin, bones with different histology, as it stimulates then immune system to discover and destroy malignant cells.
Varumin is salutary in a number of heavy infections, chronic diseases and immune-deficits statuses such as multiple sclerosis, diabetes, HIV, tuberculosis and post operation statuses.
Varumin is a support remedy in cases of chemotherapy, radiant therapy, cytostatics and cortico-substances as well. It is the best anticancer remedy and does not have alternative in the fight against malignant disease. Varumin does not contains any chemicals, tocsins, or any other non-natural ingredients that could attack or do any harm to human body, because Varumin is produced from natural ingredients that has never been exposed to some chemical or toxically additions or any other non-natural influences and for their quality as herbs without any exceptions only cares untouched nature from Macedonia's area.
An x-ray examination in 2005 showed substantial decrease of the tumour in the left lung wing and no growth at all of the other two tumours. After the examination in 2005 I saw that the tumour had dramatically decreased in size. Because of the quality and composition of Varumin, there are NO contraindications or undesirable effects ever known. Varumin can be used in the same time with the all kinds of therapies or chemo-therapy and it won't cause any problems, it won't stop their effects, but only will help their efficiency.
A 24-years old patient who had undergone surgery because of a cancerous growth in the testis's area, experienced spreading cancer in his lungs even after. From 21-Jan-2001 he started therapy by Varumin, and the chemotherapy was stopped as a wish of the patient. On 21-May-2001 control computer assisted tomography was made and it is completely normal - without pathologic changes.
Through the period of recovery the patient had been healed by Varumin permanently, and has been keeping a strict diet.
Based on many years of experience treating patients that desire natural remedies for their illnesses, with Varumin, I concluded that this herbal remedy has positive and objective effects. Most of the cases treated by Varumin are in the last fourth stage by the TNM system for the level of tumor dissemination report. More precise statistics about the succes rate will be published after several clinical studies which are in progress at the Macedonian Clinical Center in Skopje.
Their primary cancers were located in the breast, brain, lungs, kidneys, pancreas, esophagus, stomach, colon, prostate, ovaries and skin.

Chemotherapy is typically the main regimen for most cancers. However, many tumors develop resistance to these harsh drugs, known as chemoresistance, which can complicate matters, to say the least. We are talking of surviving for a period of 5 years after being diagnosed and being treated with conventional methods, NOT about healing. Conventional medicine states that there are many “risk factors” that eventually lead to cancer, but how a cell turns cancerous and suffers DNA mutations is yet unknown. However, recent studies suggest that when CSCs are targeted and killed, it will lead to elimination of the tumor, “ says one group of cancer stem cell theorists. So far, scientists have identified several signaling pathways that play a key role in the CSC’s ability to keep on renewing itself, and the same pathways are often implicated in various types of cancer. But now it looks like epigenetics is also a critical factor….Cancer cells start out as normal cells, with the same set of instructions present in every one of our cells… In the process of becoming cancer, a lot of these instructions are forgotten because specific genes that regulate the behavior of a cell are turned off by epigenetics. Be advised that the statements regarding alternative treatments for various diseases have not been evaluated by Indian Medical Association. I’ve increased its efficiency, making it one of the best natural products available. It was very surprising and remarkable since the patient has not received any treatment from the hospital. On the same date computer assisted tomography of the lungs was made, where could be seen a great number of cancerous growths.
In adult organisms, stem cells and progenitor cells act as a repair system for the body, replenishing adult tissues.
In other words, it may not matter whether cancer is in the breast or the brain, for example; what’s important is the underlying cell signaling pathways that have gone awry. It involves the study of tiny chemical tags that attach themselves to the genes, turning them on or off. Anderson Cancer Center describes how a field called epigenetics may change the way researchers look at the disease. As you age the pattern of tags, your epigenome, changes…it can be affected by toxins you are exposed to or even what you eat. Chavdar Mihailov who is working with Varumin for more then 4 years, at 90% of the patients it comes out subjective improvement, decreasing of lassitude, improvement of appetite, patient weight increasing and changes of the skin complexion. Information on this web site is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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