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If your cholesterol reading is high, then it means that your LDL (low density lipoprotein) reading is higher than the recommended levels.
The following are some of the suggestions that are effective in bringing down the LDL level. Drink 2 glasses of any of the following fresh fruit juices every day -- grape juice, orange juice or cranberry juice. Called a "Best Blog" by What PC, Computer Active MagazineFind a topic then click a link It's Simple! Pfizer, the drug company, got a nasty shock when they discovered that a new blockbuster drug they were developing to increase HDL good cholesterol had too many bad side effects. When people talk about the good cholesterol and the bad cholesterol they are referring to HDL and LDL. You will see different numbers listed for desirable levels of cholesterol depending on where you look. FH is less severe in people with just one gene for it but people with the homozygous (double gene dose)variety of familial hypercholesterolemia can even have a heart attack in the teens or twenties if no treatment is provided. The popular entertainer, David Letterman, who has had coronary artery bypass was apparently aware of high cholesterol levels. Coca Cola Launches Minute Maid Heart Wise Juice: Foods to Lower Cholesterol: Margarine and Salad Dressing Too!
In the classic explanation of the dangers of high cholesterol, high cholesterol leads to the narrowing of the coronary arteries and a plaque may break off and block or occlude the artery.
WHY DO VEGETARIANS HAVE TO WORK HARDER TO GET PROTEIN AND WHAT THE HECK ARE PROTEINS ANYWAY? RECENT:Does the Cholesterol Drug Crestor Lower Heart Attack Chance Even in People with "Normal" Cholesterol? Tremendous Video Brain Surgeon Talks about Athletes Sports Head ConcussionWhat Barks Like a Seal and Has Trouble Breathing? Guy With NO Arms Plays Piano With His Feet Well!!One Guy's Story A Blog and Video The Challenge of Weight Loss SuccessQuadruple Amputee Swims English Channel with Prosthetic Legs Can Acupuncture Help You Get Pregnant? How cholesterol naturally foods, How to lower cholesterol naturally with the right foods and simple lifestyle adjustments.
How cholesterol naturally drugs medication, My wife’s cholesterol was climbing and going out of control last year. 17 ways cholesterol naturally fast - draxe, An imbalance cholesterol levels increase risk heart attack stroke.
Lower cholesterol reduce cholesterol level lowering, Lower cholesterol important healthy heart. Tips cholesterol naturally - mercola., If decide cholesterol-lowering drugs addressing underlying problem, stopping body’ natural healing process, . The HDL (or high density lipoprotein) is the good cholesterol that reduces the risk of developing health disorders.
However, in order to speed up recovery and also bring down the level of bad cholesterol, you can make simple changes in your dietary habits and lifestyle. They contain lot of saturated fats that increase the level of bad cholesterol in the body. However, in case you are undergoing any treatment or taking medication, consult your physician or medical expert to confirm whether this would not cause any adverse effects to your body.

What is true is that it is even more desirable to have lower levels of bad cholesterol when you have risk factors for heart disease. Luckily there are ways of dealing with familial hypercholesterolemia such as medication and a blood "cleansing" procedure called LDL Apharesis.
The body enlists cholesterol to synthesize important molecules that it needs, molecules like the male and female hormones testosterone and estrogen, not to mention Vitamin D as well as constituents of the body's cell membranes. There are six statins on the market with the newest contender being Crestor (rosuvastatin).
Statins block the manufacture of cholesterol in the liver by interfering with an enzyme that orchestrates cholesterol production,HMGCoa Reductase.
Zetia works in the intestine to block cholesterol absorption, not in the liver like statins. Jenkins, of the University of Toronto and colleagues tested a vegetarian diet to lower cholesterol. You eat it and nobody will come within 10 feet but what about reports that garlic can lower cholesterol?
The result is little or no blood flow to the part of the heart being supplied by that artery and a heart attack.
Libby, a professor at Harvard Medical School, has pointed out that the cholesterol lowering drugs seem to decrease the number of coronary events such as heart attacks even though angiograms don't necessarily show a decrease in the stenosis or narrowing of the artery.
Check out the vital statistics of this sexy molecule from when Cholesterol was Molecule of the Month and if you need even more details look at a more recent exposition of cholesterol from Kimball's Online and from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute Cholesterol Up Close and Cholesterol Subclasses. Netbook with 9 hours Battery!Blind Kids Who See With Sound 5 Posts GASTRIC BYPASS FANTASTIC SUCCESS pros cons video and a DOCTOR'S BLOGCLICK here RED WINE Should You or Shouldn't You?
Scientist Who Worked in Nobel Prize Winning Research Gets Bupkis!Look Out LIPODISSOLVE AND SMARTLIPO ? Join Frank's Natural Health Newsletter And Discover Proven Natural Health Secrets Your Doctor Never Told You! Immediate steps needs to be taken to lower the LDL levels as otherwise, it could lead to serious health problems related to the heart. I've mentioned LDL, that is tagged with the moniker "bad cholesterol" but HDLs are called the good cholesterol because high levels of HDL seem to decrease coronary heart disease risk.
Recommendations for the "bad" LDL cholesterol vary but generally 100 or less is satisfactory.
Read the story of a woman who had two angioplasty procedures and a coronary artery bypass They Wash the Cholesterol Out of My Blood. High levels of the "bad cholesterol" LDL in the coronary arteries increase the chances of atherosclerosis. According to an analysis reported here Garlic and Cholesterol there was a mild cholesterol lowering effect attributed to garlic but apparently it's not very dramatic. You can quote the content, link to the content and refer to the content and we'll try to link to your site too.Please mention Purple Medical Blog as the source. Routinely doctors say that the HDL acts to carry away the bad cholesterol from the artery walls, however, there is also evidence that HDLs may interfere with LDL oxidation. Because cholesterol is a lipid, it is soluble in oil but not very soluble in water so it is transported in the relatively watery blood aboard a transport molecule. Enzymes are chemicals called proteins that act all over the body to speed up chemical reactions.

Hot flashes are a big problem for niacin users and sometimes they are so unpleasant that people just won't use niacin.
Atherosclerosis refers to a process that occurs in the inner lining, the endothelium, of the arteries where complexes of cells and cholesterol called plaques develop within the artery walls.
Plant sterols are molecules found in plants that resemble cholesterol and compete in the intestine with cholesterol for absorption.
Peter Libby points outsometimes a plaque grows so large that it virtually halts the blood flow in an artery and generates a heart attack or stroke. Do YOU know what fission is?Videos about the Laron Dwarfs: Science Study of Dwarfs Who Don't Seem to get Cancer or Diabetes Mellitus Can Mind Body Stuff Like Yoga and Acupuncture Help Pregnancy Infertility?Can Acupuncture Prevent Migraine Headache? Oxidation of LDL refers to a chemical process that happens on the LDL and is believed to be one of the steps in the process that leads to heart attack.
Cholesterol is manufactured in the liver and travels out of the liver aboard lipoprotein particles called VLDL which are then converted to LDL, short for Low Density Lipoproteins. Arteries are the blood vessels that carry the oxygenated blood away from the heart to the body. They have been demonstrated to lower cholesterol.Coca Cola has Minute Maid Heart Wise Juice containing Cargill Corowise phytosterols.
The copyright does not allow duplication of posts for use as original material on other websites.. That's the situation that confronts people who have a genetic problem with cholesterol disposal called Familial Hypercholesterolemia.
That's why they get a blood test to check liver function when someones starts a statin and why they monitor liver function.A rare but dangerous possible side effect of statins is rhabdomyolysis characterized by muscle pain and weakness.
The heart muscle has it's own arteries, coronary arteries, that feed it a steady flow of oxygen rich blood.
Cargill Corowise Phytosterols Information A number of other foods having plant sterols are on the market with names like Benecol and Take Control. Their bodies don't have the full mechanism for dealing with cholesterol LDL and as a result they are at very increased risk of heart attacks.
Foods high in animal fat and foods that are high in saturated fats, cholesterol and trans fats are likely to raise LDL, the "bad cholesterol".
One statin,cervistatin, was removed from the market because of problems with this phenomenon.
Doctors often say that high cholesterol can "clog an artery" but the reality is probably more complex. Cells have receptors on their surfaces that trap LDL in the bloodstream and then internalize them for cellular use.
It may be the result of drug interactions between statins and other medications which result in high concentrations of the drug. LDL particles are major actors in an intricate process where LDL particles accumulating within the inner walls of the coronary arteries are possibly the linchpin of an intricate dance that can lead to a heart attack.

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