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A yeast infection may happen due to candidiasis, candida albicans, or a fungus, which is usually present in your body but in small concentrations. Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disorder, in which the body’s own immune system recognizes hair follicles as foreign agents and attacks them to remove them from the scalp. Despite the fact that the powerful stench of onion juice may not make onions a luring alternative for use, topical application or rubbing onion juice on the scalp has been found to stimulate the innate capacity of the hair to grow.
Onions also promote blood circulation to the scalp, thereby supplying all the essential nutrients required for the growth of healthy hair.Furthermore, the effectiveness of onion juice in promoting the re-growth of hair has been confirmed by a study published in the Journal of Dermatology, which has shown a success rate of 86% in men suffering from alopecia areata, on being treated with onion juice, within a time span of 4-6 weeks. Now add half teaspoon of jojoba oil and 4 teaspoons of Grape seed oil to the above mixture and massage it on the scalp. Hair is essentially made up of a protein called keratin and soybeans serve as one of the richest sources of complete proteins that can be substituted for animal-based protein. Soybeans also serve as powerful antioxidants and prevent the accumulation of free radicals in the scalp that can destroy hair follicles.
Predominantly used for treating cold due to its high vitamin C content, amla or Indian gooseberry has been in use for treating hair loss associated with alopecia areata since times immemorial.
Hence, consumption of amla or rubbing amla oil on the scalp not only prevents hair loss and hair thinning, but also promotes the re-growth of hair. Extracted from the flesh present inside the coconut fruit, coconut milk is enriched with proteins, vitamins and essential minerals that boost hair growth.
Hence, topical application of coconut milk on the scalp serves as one of the best home remedies for baldness by enhancing hair growth and preventing hair loss. Even though, no cure has been found so far for alopecia areata, the aforementioned home remedies serve as an excellent way of curbing hair loss and promoting the re-growth of hair, without eliciting any adverse effects. Vitiligo is a skin disorder that is said to occur naturally where chalk white spots appear on the skin and are patchy n appearance. The symptoms that are mostly seen in vitiligo patients are hair whitening and greying, whitening of eyelashes and also loss of color in the retina of the eyes.There are some natural remedies that help in healing vitiligo.
If you are suffering from white patches on your face, arms and other parts of your body and you are consuming doctor prescribed medication, then you will be amazed to see that the base ingredient of all those medicines including certain ointments is coconut oil.
Also known as Psoralea Corylifolia, babchi is a herb that is said to have immense powers for healing vitiligo. Noodles are a favorite among many but it is associated with a lot of oil and fat content too!
Tangerine essential oil is derived from citrus fruits and gets extracted through cold compression method.
Attending a small party and feeding your stomach with all junk food is quite common thing in every one’s life.
After having meals in moderate level, intake of caraway seeds easily digests the food consumed in faster methods. Eating soda not only makes your food items tasty, but also guises as gas relieving medicine. For neutralizing stomach acids and soothing the troubling tummy in quick period antacid are preferable. This article hopefully enables the readers to find best home remedies for soothing your stomach upsets. In olden days, people used watches to keep themselves with the time but later it changed itself into fashion apparel. Our hair is an important aspect of our personality, and it adds to our overall beauty and refines our personality.
Some simple natural remedies can also provide relief from symptoms.Here are the top 10 home remedies for asthma. I have issues w excessive mucus at times so i am wondering if the milk is absolutely necessary or can I substitute water or another liquid instead of the milk? This leads to hair loss and the appearance of round or oval, smooth patches of baldness in men.Most often caused by genetic predisposition to hair loss, exposure to environmental toxins, increasing age, thyroid problems, increasing stress levels and hormonal fluctuations in women, alopecia areata affects about 50% of men and 40% of women.
Besides being a rich source of folic acid, iron, potassium, magnesium and calcium, onions are also a source of powerful antiseptic agents like vitamin A, B and C, which aid in keeping the scalp free from bacteria and fungi.The hair-restoring capabilities of onions can be attributed to its sulphur compounds that aid in promoting the re-growth of new and strong hair in people suffering from alopecia areata. In order to make a stimulating massage lotion using essential oils, blend 2 drops of thyme oil with 2 drops of cedar wood oil, 3 drops lavender oil and 3 drops of rosemary oil. They are also enriched with vitamins and minerals that are required for enhancing hair growth. The high concentration of iron provided by soybeans aid in the formation of hemoglobin, thus leading to an improvement in blood circulation to the hair follicles that prevents hair from falling from its roots.

It strengthens the immune system to ward off microorganisms that attack hair follicles and also promotes blood circulation to the scalp. In order to extract its benefits, rinse your hair by mixing equal quantities of amla juice and lime juice in a protein shampoo.
It strengthens the hairs from its roots, thus slowing down the process of hair loss and baldness. Add a few drops of lime juice in coconut milk and gently massage it on the scalp, especially on the bald spots. Moreover, they are cost effective as opposed to the commercial hair products available in the market. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. So, you should start using coconut as a natural remedy to treat vitiligo. Simply rub the affected area with some virgin coconut oil at least two times a day. The scientific name for neem is “Azadirachta indica” which is known as a great purifier of blood. You can eat carrots on an everyday basis or have one glass carrot juice daily for at least two months without missing a single day. Make sure you use only organic honey for this purpose as it has a rich vitamin and mineral content as compared to the processed honey available in the market. Babchi contains a chemical compound called Psoralen which is very effective in treating vitiligo. Addition of fennel seeds in a cup of tea liberates all the gas from stomach and makes belly free of heavy feeling. This leafs as ingredients in tea and having it with empty stomach clears all the stomach issues.
Asthma attacks occur when there is an obstruction in the flow of air in the lungs.The exact cause of this disease is not known but it can be triggered by allergies, air pollution, respiratory infections, emotions, weather conditions, sulfites in food and certain medications.
This infection is extremely uncomfortable as the production of yeast causes burning and itching. Rinse your hair in the morning using a mild shampoo and lukewarm water.This remedy has been examined by researchers who examined the effect of the above-mentioned combination by comparing the results obtained from a control group that only used carrier oils formed by a mixture of jojoba and grape seed oil.
Biotin found in soybeans acts as a precursor for the protein keratin that strengthens and maintains the sustainability of hair shaft.
Hence, soybean based foods like soy milk, soy beverages, soy cheese, tofu, etc., serve as natural boosters of hair growth for promoting the re-growth of hair in individuals suffering from alopecia areata. You can also boil dry pieces of amla in coconut oil and use it as a hair tonic for massaging it on the scalp.
However, too much of something good can also be bad and hence moderation is the key to extract the benefits from natural alternatives or home remedies for mitigating the symptoms of alopecia areata. Given below is a catalog of some natural ingredients that work wonders in treating vitiligo.
So you should apply the extract of the babchi plant on the affected area to cure white patches. Many of us love party food, which makes to loose consciousness over their diet and fills stomach with out restrictions.
Even milk which is considered as pure health drink do harm in more quantity to the people having intolerant attitude towards lactose. Similarly ginger tea plays a very important role to offer rid from nausea, gas and other stomach upset issues. Eucalyptus OilPure eucalyptus oil is an effective treatment for asthma symptoms because of its decongestant properties. It is always better to cure the problem of yeast infection at its earlier stage, so that the infection will not spread further.
About 44% of the people among the treated group benefitted from the daily use of essential oils within 7 months as opposed to 15% of the people in the control group. You will gradually notice that the white spots will start tuning pink and eventually fade away.
You can drink neem juice on a daily basis or apply neem paste on the affected area at least twice daily.
The correct method is to mix the babchi seeds in ginger juice and kept for three days and then it should be left to dry for two days. There are a number of remedies that you may find in your home, which can fight against the yeast infection immediately.

As these are simple problems of belly, few home remedies can clear the problems with out the involvement of doctors.
This can be avoided by just nibbling some light snacks or fruits like apple, banana or any fruit juices or gas soda. Avoiding masala’s and pepper quantities which irritate the stomach by liberating high level of acids in abdomen. Let it steep for five minutes, allow it to cool down and then drink it.To detoxify your lungs, prepare a fenugreek decoction by boiling one tablespoon of fenugreek seeds in a cup of water and mixing one teaspoon each of ginger juice and honey in it.
CoffeeThe caffeine in regular coffee can help control asthma attacks because it acts as a bronchodilator. Kunwar Singh , how can you suggest a cow`s milk to a person that soffer of Asthma ?, when is scientific proved that the cow-milk is the worst drink , for this type of hard desease ???? Morons you and the lot just like you Jenrose June 30, 2015 at 9:28 am ReplyPersonally I find the garlic in milk remedy suspect on many levels. First of all, much of the compound that has the most healing potential in garlic is broken down quickly during cooking. Cooked milk tends to promote inflammation, especially.Personally I use magnesium, which has almost completely erased all asthma symptoms from my life.
I say almost because severe exposures to allergens can still trigger breathing issues for me, and so can viruses, but the chronic tightness I was taking four drugs to combat is gone on a simple dose of magnesium citrate every day. It might increase your immunity, but during an asthma attack, it badly worsens your condition.
Estty August 13, 2013 at 9:07 am ReplyMixture of garlic, black pepper, ginger,alligator pepper and honey has been very helpful to me ! I use it first thing in the morning when I’m awake from sleep and as many times as possible. Regular sports such as tennis, basketball, beach swimming, biking, but on a clean air environment.Hope the above, as far as I can remember can help all others suffering.
I had Tedral SA and Asthalin 4mg, and I got relief after few hours, and got a better sleep.
I had aurvedic midecine form the aurvedic goverment hospital, But it was a course ( powderd medicine with pure honey ) —- stopped having it, no satisfaction. I had homeo, I hope it might worked possibly for 40% ( liquid form Blatta Ori Q, arsenic alb , powder of arsenic alb and what not. I had Mustard seed oil, warm applied on a leaf and to the chest for say 3 to 4 times a day when symtoms present, ( may be this might have also worked on me, As we see Mustard seed oil is been used in these messages also) 5. I had Frog hind legs, three to four pair, fried it with little oil, pepper Powder, chilli powder, and salt (all as per your taste only ), these was all I had from my life for the lastime and later I had some sensation of asthma but may be for few minutes, not for long months and vanished. Margaret January 9, 2016 at 6:20 am ReplyRobin, Please try the figs remedies for your daughter. I also suffer from asthma, and as I am writing this and sipping away, I have finally stopped coughing.
And everyone if you or your child has asthma at first find out what triggering the attack, and prevent it.
Whoever had asthma stay away from dust, cotton, birds specially pigeon, furry animals like rabbits,cats etc as those are triggers for all. My boyfriend had asthma since childhood but his parents couldn’t find out what triggering it for almost 6-7 years, then they find out it causing from drinking milk, which every children eat.
And later he had allergy test which found out 15 other foods can cause him asthma attack also smoking, sweating, cotton, home dust. I heard nuts could be so dangerous for some child patient that it could cause death from attack.
Prajna January 7, 2014 at 8:08 am ReplyI am allergic to chocolates (cocoa), green seedless grapes (tiny sweet ones), banana. Can you please advise me !!Margaret January 9, 2016 at 6:30 am ReplyDhamodaran, I have asthma since I was 7 years old. Also tell her not to eat or drink anything cold because it will makes her cough & wheeze more.

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