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The organic and mineral salt deposits on the inside layer of the kidneys are referred to as kidney stones.
The kidney stones that are in the body could cause various complications including ureter blockage and severe pain. Boil 2 figs in water (1 cup) and drink this concoction every day in the morning on an empty stomach for a month. Mix juice of holy basil leaves (1 tsp) with honey (1 tsp) and have this each morning for about 5 to 6 months.
Inositol nicotinate, derived from rice bran is an effective cure for black or brown kidney stones. Kidney stones comprise of calcium, so logically speaking less calcium must be consumed to lower the peril of kidney stones.
Cranberry extract is found to increase the risk, whereas the unsweetened juice will in fact reduce the threat.
Spinach, tea, strawberries, bran, beet greens, almonds contain very little amounts of oxalic acid and hence do not have any significant effect.
It is noticed that the diet of the people with kidney stones is usually rich in proteins and are mostly derived from animal source. When the amount of vitamin C exceeds more than 3000 mg in a day, it can lead to the development of uric-acid stones. One cup of radish leaf juice taken twice a day is also effective in treating kidney stones.

Besides following these remedies, it is also important to cut down on the consumption of salty foods, pickled foods, table salt such as snack chips, processed cheese, meat etc.
If they are small in size, it will pass through the urinary tract unnoticed, but they might cause severe pain upon exiting. Cut the vegetable into thin long strips and soak these pieces in about two liters of water all night. The dosage must not exceed the recommended amount, as excess intake of this substance will result in palpitations, dizziness, flushing and itching. A study conducted by the ‘Harvard School of Public Health’ has revealed that drinking apple juice (1 cup) daily will actually increase the risk by almost 75 percent and drinking one cup of grapefruit or orange juice will increase the risk by 85 percent. The negative outcome of the fruit juice is quite worse when they are the only fluid taken during a meal.
Oxalic acid is present in kidney stones, so it seems logical to avoid eating vegetables and fruits that contain this substance. The Swiss chard and vitamin K present in spinach will help in the absorption of calcium by the bones and thus calcium is not excreted out in the urine. The body converts excess vitamin C into oxalate, which can lead to the increase of kidney stones.
However, remember that it is also a vital vitamin required by the body, so don’t reduce the intake totally.
Mix together same amount of lemon juice and olive oil (about 2 oz.) and drink it immediately.

Scientific evidence proves that the beneficial aspects of water will kick in at around 5 glasses per day. Boil the pods of kidney beans in water without the seeds for a long time over a reduced flame. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. A natural substance present in urine dissolves these mineral salts and prevents them into becoming calculi or solids. If you have already gone through a bout of kidney stones or consider yourself as a likely candidate for developing this condition then you must beat all the odds with the help of the home remedies mentioned below.
However, if you are diagnosed with kidney stones then it is always helpful to drink water as much as you can.
Hence, it is important to reduce the intake of high protein foods such as sardines, sweetbread, red meat, wine, shrimp, mussels, mackerel, herring and fish roe.

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