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I was diagnosed with Angioimmunoblastic T-Cell Lymphoma back in May 2009 after a doctor found a enlarged lymph node in my right armpit and did a biopsy. Imagine if bacteria and fungi and viruses could morph from one to the next, if they were pleomorphic. Well, medicine only now has begun to arrive at full circle and to discover that indeed this is the case, that the Pasteur world view is incomplete, at best. Pasteur's perspective was that ALL bad diseases originate from outside the body, act as invaders, and must be denied entry. In the world of medicine, Pasteur trumped Bechamp and rendered his subtle, insightful theories obscure, by successfully asserting that all infections gain entry from outside, acting like foreign incursions.
Bechamp, on the other hand, argued that we all live with good and not good bacteria, that fungi, bacteria and viruses are merely different stages, held in check, or not, that they are part of a singular progression and that it is internal imbalance within which allows these bacteria, fungi and viruses to morph, that they are in fact pleomorphic. Next, imagine using munitions grade mustard gas and deadly radiation (which killed discoverer Madame Curie) to tackle a deadly infection called cancer. First, send for undiluted 5% strength lugol's from Kripps Pharmacy or Finlandia, both in Vancouver, Canada, I researched this in depth.
I just had a ultra sound done should have the results back thrusday, finding a Dr who will perform blood work and added tests is not easy, they are trained to think allopathic.
I am really hoping to find you well and I am on Vancouver Island, also have breast cancer with the lump removed no chemo or radiation or scans yet.
So far I feel ok to great some days (not today though ) I try to run 2- k a day, when I can, weather permitted of course in the rain forest. The best thing a fine GP doctor ever told me was this: It is YOUR body, it is YOUR choice, and you are the driver, not the passenger. If you say NO to a bone marrow extract, to removal of your nodes, (like killing off your soldiers), to biopsies, to a CAT scan which is up to 1200 x-rays in one go, bear in mind that all of this is an employment scheme, and all of it is predicated on the assumption that of course you will submit to chemo, radiation.
I went through 3 different types of chemotherapy treatments and did not respond to any of the treatments, however, my body became more and more toxic due to the chemotherapy drugs I was given. In the book "Your Own Perfect Medicine" there was alleged cures of multiple problems, including AIDS. I have had NO orthodox cancer treatment, NO invasive diagnosis, just blood tests & ultra sound, no enlarged liver or spleen.
I had breast cancer in one breast, had it removed and have been doing treatment with supplements and nutrition only.

I also did not do treatments and rely on nature as much as I can, I have developed a sudden large hard moveable lump in my armpit, same side left breast. I just don't want to become sick for the allopathic treatments, my saying is I have two legs and a heartbeat, I can either get on with living or dying. So, I need someone who is going through the same thing, any ideas and remedies that are working. Cut off the quick release sugars and slow down all carbs with fat, butter, sweet organic butter is fine, it is exempt from the "no dairy" rule. In the mean time my lymph nodes in my neck, armpits, and groin area continued to get larger and larger.
It won't hurt anything to paint the skin over the swollen glands with iodine (or SSKI or Lugol's solution, both of which are potassium iodide solutions). When you say four quadrants is that both sides of the neck (behind the ears) and groin area? No chemo or radiation at all and I'm feeling and looking great, 4 months now after initial surgery. I am so glad to have finally found someone I can talk with with the same values, I also live in bc, on vancovuer Island.
I am hoping for the best, also have a rebounder and do have to get busy daily, I was running 2k per day and that seems to bring the life back and happy feeling.
I had read an article on Hydrogen Peroxide in a book that I had purchased and I decided to try their recommendation. It also won't hurt to take L-lysine & vitamin C 1 gram of each every hour while awake (up to l0 grams per day). I have been searching the internet for ladies in my shoes and avoiding chemo and radiation, thank goodness for this site. Chemo is derived from mustard gas used to kill soldiers, a chemical invented by a munitions company, and it causes cancer. After 5 days of taking 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide with distilled water I started seeing a decrease in the size of my lymph nodes. I never heard of rebounding until several months ago but it is superb for cleaning out the lymphatic system! Also the hydrogen proxide story, where do you get 35% food grade from, I have been doing the baking soda and sea salt as well as ACV just have to be really religious with all the treatments.

I started taking this mixture the latter part of August 2009 and have continued to take it and currently my lymph nodes are still decreasing. Since the lymph system has no internal pumping mechanism like the heart - it has to be "moved" or drained out with the assistance of exercise. I also see a TCM and get remedies, so I am really trying to do whatever works on a natural level.
I am wondering now if I really do have cancer or if I had a infection to cause my lymph nodes to swell? I too am going to see a TMC and any blood work that he has asked for they refuse, they claim it is of no value.. SO their only solution to this is to go and redo surgery, remove more tissue and remove the lymph nodes and many I am told, also then do Chemo and radiation. Lymph nodes are one way straws minus a pump, there to protect us by containing debris & other threats.
Admittedly, much more recently "raw family" type green smoothies, Fl-essence anti cancer tea, became part of this program, along with daily ACV, mega green tea caps, selenium, Vit E, & multi enzymes, like serapeptase, etc., plus rebounder, all said to assist cancer cell death.
This is why I said NO to slice-&-dice diagnosis & radiation, unintentionally thwarting the oncologist. We all need a bit of exercise (least perceived effort, most gain is elliptical) to be fair to ourselves.
If you suspect or blood tests reveal your nodes are indolent (silent) lymphoma, it is easy to stage cancer non invasively by palpating by how many quadrants have enlarged nodes. Quadrants are divided by the 2 areas above & below the diaphragm & by right & left sides of the body's centre meridian.
If you oxygenate, cut out ALL sugar, ALL ASPARTAME, all toxins, & alkalinize, you starve cancer to death, (poor thing).
Multi enzymes, mega strength ECGC green tea caps of any brand, grapeseed extract cause rapid cancer cell death, as does selenium, Vit E, which work synergistically together.
Shoot, I am wearing clothes that have come full circle & are now back in style from 20 years ago!

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