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When it comes to skin diseases, nothing beats a bowl of veggies or fresh fruits.Now, there are loads of vegetables and fruits out there that can help you in different ways so it is essential that you eat a mix of veggies and fruits daily.
Researchers have proven that a daily intake of zinc can help cure eczema.You will find zinc in oysters, liver, eggs, liver and mushrooms. This robust and slightly bitter tea is literally a liquid boon.A year long study conducted in Japan has established that drinking 3 cups of freshly brewed oolong tea helps get rid of the itching and cures eczema.
People suffering from genital warts can apply ointments containing green tea extract to the site of the infection for up to four months or until the warts are healed.
People suffering from genital warts can take 250 to 350mg of cat’s claw extract thrice a day.
People bothered by recurrent HPV infections can take 250 to 500mg of olive leaf extract daily. Siberian ginseng contains eleutheroside that fights viruses and strengthens the immune system. Tried out everything thing possible for your knee pain – still not able to get relief ?  Well, try some of these home remedies for knee pain which will offer you relief  within a short time, without popping in pain killers in bulk. You will need 3 teaspoons of cumin seeds and 2.5 teaspoons of fenugreek seeds to prepare this drink at home.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Compounds known as sinecatechins found in green tea possess antiviral and antioxidant properties that can rapidly resolve the viral infection.

People prone to genital warts can even consume green tea or supplements containing 250 to 500mg of green tea daily.
The herb contains antiviral compounds called quinovic acid glycosides that can combat the HPV virus responsible for the infection. Oleuropein, the major active component in olive leaf, can rapidly reduce the symptoms of viral infections.
To prevent adverse side effects, the podophyllum resin should be washed off within four hours after applying it to the infection site. This oil needs to be heated so that it gets moderately warm when you can massage over your knee slowly. You can use turnip greens, spinach, collards, broccoli,iceberg lettuce, mustard greens and cabbage for the purpose.
Include plenty of green leafy vegetables, foods rich in calcium and  fresh fruits in your diet. It is recommended to have a diet rich in Vitamin B6 and include garlic, pistachios, fishes, sunflower and sesame seeds in your diet which will help in reducing the pain to a large extent. Home remedies comprising of herbs and supplements can alleviate the symptoms of the infection.
The herb also helps to strengthen the immune system, reducing the risk of recurrent genital wart outbreaks. Studies suggest that propolis can heal the warts faster than conventional acyclovir-based antiviral ointments.

When warm coconut oil is massaged it helps in improving the blood circulation in the region and offers considerable relief from the pain.
Milk will provide you the daily doze of calcium while turmeric with its healing properties will help to reduce any kind of pain.
It is not recommended for people with low blood pressure, leukemia, kidney diseases, liver problems and autoimmune diseases.
People suffering from hypertension, heart problems, mental conditions and hormone sensitive conditions should use Siberian ginseng with caution. In case you are not fond of juices, you can include these in the form of soups and salads which is nutritious and really healthy. Your pain will reduce if taken on a regular basis for a month or more.These were some easy home remedies which can offer you relief from conditions of knee pain. Get help from a trainer and start light knee exercises at home which will help to increase the blood circulation of the area and help in reducing the pain.

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