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A healthy person's blood once clotted will show a red area with interconnected black lines of a protein called fibrin. When the tester looks at this matrix and makes note of what are called a€?polymerized proteins,a€? this gives a good indication of the level of oxidative stress.
This is performed by putting a drop of blood on a slide and letting it clot for 30 seconds.
Abnormal looking fibrin molecules are an indication of elevated oxidative stress and free radicals which cause disease. This observation is usually indicative of cancer, degenerative disease, high free-radical stress & toxins, systemic infection, systemic circulatory insufficiency, and collagen diseases.

Under hyperbaric circumstances, oxygen adheres to all of the gas laws of physics and Henry's law, which states that if you increase the pressure of the gas, there will be a directly proportional dissolution of said gas into any solute. By giving the body an overabundance of oxygen, this treatment helps to stimulate brain neurons in people suffering from cerebral palsy and other brain injuries, and it also treats un-healing wounds, which are related to diabetes. Since free radical activity is a factor in nearly all diseases, this test can be used as a quick reference to determine the severity of your health problems. Thus, in the body, the increase in oxygen is noted in the red blood cells, the plasma, bone, lymph, urine, and most importantly, the cerebral spinal fluid.
Research has shown that, when administered by a professional, hyperbaric oxygenation has many health benefits and can help cure or at least stall numerous neurological diseases, including cerebral palsy, cerebral ischemia, chronic childhood encephalopathy, narcotizing enterocolitis, anoxic encephalopathies of neonates, intestinal ischemia, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is a very safe and reasonable therapy for the above mentioned disorders.

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