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Integrative Eastern Medicine addresses the root causes of illness and activates the body’s innate healing ability for physical transformation.
Integrative Energy Soul Therapy supports ongoing and conscious wellness through energetic practices and balancing the emotional and spiritual body. Mika Ichihara has been a practitioner of integrative wellness and transformational healing for over 20 years. To begin this process, we invite you to call us at (212) 242-8701 and set up a 15-minute complimentary phone consultation. Love & Compassion Center is conveniently located in Midtown Manhattan, two blocks from Grand Central Station at 124 E.
Strengthen vital organs for: digestion, elimination, breathing, perspiration, urination, menstruation, fertility, detoxification, circulation, body temperature, mental clarity, vital energy (Qi), and physical strength.
Strengthen your immune system to heal chronic inflammation, autoimmune disorders, allergies, and infections. Rebalance your autonomic nervous system, hormonal system, sleep patterns, and emotions for the body’s optimal functionality.
Learn meditation to manage daily stresses and negative emotions; apply a conscious approach to daily events from a positive perspective.
At the conscious and subconscious levels, heal by understanding, accepting, and letting go. Clear false beliefs impacting your emotional-mental wellbeing; replace with positive qualities such as light, love, compassion, purity, acceptance, understanding, forgiveness, happiness, and serenity. Create your own protective boundaries and strength in supporting and enabling your spiritual growth and empowerment. Develop a life filled with divine purpose to serve humanity and Mother Earth, by sharing and supporting others with your talents. Our mission is to help guide and assist patients in the conscious transformation towards greater health, happiness, and compassion towards themselves and others.
Rea has been in the more conventional mode of metaphysics since 1970, beginning with the reading of Ruth Montgomery's books.
Rea is an ordained Universal Life Church Minister and a teacher at the Reiki Mountain Center of Natural Healing. Tassajara Zen Center is located in a remote part of the Ventana Wilderness in the Santa Lucia Mountains and for centuries has been visited as a place of healing. In 1966 the first Soto Zen monastery outside of Asia was established at Tassajara by Shunryu Suzuki Roshi and the San Francisco Zen Center. During the summer, May to September, guests are welcome to come and enjoy the unique beauty and natural hot springs of this secluded valley as well as Tassajara’s renown gourmet vegetarian cuisine and fresh-baked bread. Guests are always welcome to join the residents for meditation and chanting every morning and evening. Rei - being widely accepted as meaning Universal and Ki - representing the Life Force Energy that many languages and religions speak of, such as; The Christ, Chi in Chinese, Prana in Hindu, Mana by Kahunas and many others.

All living entities benefit from the positive energy of Reiki, animals, plants, trees, anything that has the life force of KI.
It is not a massage, hypnosis, or a tool for diagnosing illness, and should be used in conjunction with conventional medicine, not in lieu of it.
Reiki is a powerful technique that gently promotes balance among all the bodies systems and the normal regeneration processes of the mind, body and spirit.
Controlled studies confirm that contact with the natural environment can alleviate stress, relax blood pressure, and even reduce the need for pain medication. Here you will find a space for holistic healing therapies as well as training and education in integrative wellness.
She is a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist, Reiki Master, Feng Shui consultant, and licensed clinical pharmacist (Japan), among other qualifications. If these signs are ignored, the body will continue to degenerate, and quality of life will diminish, derailing your potential for having a productive and happy life.
Once the body and mind are free from the obstructions of disease, a sense of freedom and lightness will set in, inviting a life of harmony, joy, and connecting with the Soul’s unlimited potential.
During this call we’ll discuss how we can address your needs and set up a customized treatment plan for you. Occasional cleansing with juicing, fermented foods promoting live beneficial intestinal bacteria, and intermittent fasting are also helpful. Develop self-healing Learn Reiki, a simple and easy self-healing modality for mitigating aches and pains, rebalancing and rejuvenating energy levels, and restful sleep.
Begin by releasing negative emotions from the body, including organs and joints at the cellular level. Tassajara Zen Mountain Center provides a place where students of Buddhism can withdraw from the busy world for a period of intensive meditation and study. Each side includes a tiled indoor hot plunge, an outdoor plunge, large decks appropriate for sunning and yoga, a steam room, showers and a small private bath with hot springs and cold water spigots. It is excellent for relaxation and increasing an unlimited positive energy that is manifested for our use. Reiki is however, a recognition of a Higher Power, that channels positive healing energy through attuned students that consciously set their ego’s aside and open up their hearts to facilitate the healing of self and others. She has treated thousands of people all over the world and is gifted with the extraordinary capacity to awaken and activate innate healing processes, helping patients reach a deeper level of wellness and conscious living. Our patients walk away with a deeper sense of connection to their physical and emotional well-being, better able to maintain positive self-care practices, and have more energy and motivation to live with purpose. Always consult a medical doctor or appropriate physician to discuss your conditions and receive their medical advices. A brief ten-minute chair session was a determining factor that there was something to Reiki.
An avid practitioner of Kiko,( the Japanese version of qiqong,) a health and healing modality that requires increasing one’s energy and then depleting his own life energy while giving treatments.

Kurama, he experienced Reiki, realizing that depletion of energy was not a factor, indeed, his energy increased upon giving Reiki. Many are tired, unsteady, nauseous, or in pain, and often experience anxiety, depression, or fear. You should not rely on this website for diagnosis or medical advice, which serves solely as general holistic guidance to your conditions.
It was then that he took immediate action to proceed with Reiki training under Master Morin.
Deprived of control of their daily lives, they’re forced to repeatedly visit the same building for many hours each day, for weeks at a time. Rea received his Usui Reiki I & II certification from two different Reiki Masters, Bernard E.
The natural world offers a varied, therapeutic respite from this repetitive experience.In suburban and rural areas, a cancer center can easily be surrounded by a garden or a grove of trees.
The Information provided by Mika Ichihara and this website is not a substitute for medical advice.
Mika Ichihara assumes no responsibility or liability for any consequence resulting directly or indirectly from action taken based on her holistic advice and the information or material on or linked to this site. His Usui Reiki Master and Karuna ® Reiki certifications were received from Paul Donovan. To create a natural environment, designers looked beyond the surrounding asphalt, a few hundred yards south of the building, to a standing grove of pine trees that blocks the view of neighboring houses. Since that was the only existing connection with nature, it was important to find a way to capture it.To engage the view of those trees and to hide the parking lot, chemotherapy infusion stations were placed on the second floor facing south. Inside, sea grass in glass provides some privacy for the infusion stations while perpetuating the shore theme.Patients receiving radiation come in briefly but regularly to the first-floor treatment room.
Since there’s no view beyond the parking lot from the first floor, the view was instead blocked with a low 4-foot wall and plantings.
A 95-foot-wide, two-story space cuts through the building, allowing views of the same grove of trees, even from the extreme northern end of the facility. The view of the cars was concealed at the end of the lobby with a sculptural feature in the foreground. A freestanding structure connected to the main hospital by an elevated walkway, the cancer center is surrounded by asphalt and concrete.
In the distance, however, are the Pocono Mountains, serving as inspiration for the natural elements of the design.

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