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Have you been looking for a career that allows you to help others find the answer to long standing health issues quickly? Join with the many Natural Therapists and students studying with the College today, to learn skills that make a difference. If you have never experienced kinesiology and would like to find out more about it, we welcome you to book into a kinesiology session.
To be considered for admissions to our programs we require all students must have a high school diploma or proof of GED. At only $54.00 per credit hour, the tuition for our programs is much more affordable than other Holistic colleges, but yet we feel our academic holistic programs are far more advanced.
You'll quickly discover why students are choosing the Natural Healing College for their Holistic Education. Shipping of Books & Materials - Orders are shipped in 3-4 business days once the payment and enrollment documents are confirmed. Access key to our Online Learning System - Inside the learning system you will find valuable learning resources that are geared to take your learning experience to the next level. The NHC online Student Learning Center will also be the place where you will obtain your assignments, take your quizzes and tests, interact with your teacher, and have topic discussions. Student Services at NHC is here to not only ensure your education at NHC is easy to understand, interesting, fun and well rounded, but our Student Services will also help you get ready to enter the holistic health world by offering free resume creation, letters of recommendation, and diploma acquisition. This program is the building block to applied Herbal Medicine, Herbal Preparation, Formulations, Anatomy, and Alternative Medicine.
This program is the building block to understanding Weight Management, Anatomy, Holistic Health and Nutrition. This program will prepare you to become a Holistic Health Practitioner with the use of applied Holistic Health Sciences, Nutrition & Alternative Medicine. This program will prepare you to become a Ayurvedic Health Practitioner using the principles of Ayurveda with practical healing applications.

Besides the pure satisfaction you'll obtain by helping others increase their longevity, holistic medicine has also become a trillion dollar industry.
Graduates are now eligible to apply for specialization, board certification and credentials.
Just to be perfectly clear these 10 credits are part of our Master Herbalist or Ayurvedic Health Practitioner diploma program. Tuition Cost is based on 10 credits at $54.00 per Credit Hour and a onetime enrollment fee.
If you feel drawn to a mission of cultivating a sustainable community through holistic living or creating a natural home the family herbalist program at NHC is a great place to start! The goal of this certificate program is to deliver broad based foundational knowledge of practical herbal applications for both personal and family purposes. One of the great things about this certificate is the credits earned can be transferred into professional diploma programs offered by NHC!
There is no application or prerequisite to take this certificate program so you can enroll and get started when you are ready! Before you commit to long term study with us, this short program consisting of two classes will expose you to a wide spectrum of alternative healing modalities. Become a Nutritionist & Diet Consultant with a deep understanding of weight management, Herbal Supplements, Anatomy, and much more. Become a Master Herbalist - Study Anatomy, Natural pathy, Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, and Alternative Medical Sciences and much more.
The College is fortunate to have highly experienced and qualified trainers and facilitators who also work successfully in their own professional practice. At this time you have a choice of paying for the program fully or pay as you enroll in each class. Not only in the technology used, but in the sheer amount of holistic knowledge one acquires from our programs.

Upon shipment of your study materials you will receive a tracking number via email to the same email address you enrolled with. Our online classes are designed to meet your needs and provide flexibility to fit your time schedule, lifestyle and budget. This is your chance to leap into the Holistic Health world by offering Holistic and Alternative Wellness consultations while emphasizing the need to look at the whole person, including analysis of physical, nutritional, environmental, emotional, social, and lifestyle. With more people than ever, looking for alternative and holistic approaches towards healing, disease prevention and holistic alternatives to harsh drugs.
When you start with Family Herbalist Certificate then continue into either the Master Herbalist or Ayurvedic Health Practitioner diploma program your diploma tuition will be reduced by the cost of 10 credits and the enrollment fee which you only pay one time- when starting classes with us.
4 classes designed to teach you scientifically proven healing properties of herbs, the historic uses of herbs, how to create herbal simple syrups, tinctures, teas infusions and more for health and wellness. If you are just starting in this field we suggest considering enrolling for this program first. You will have access to a vast amount of information that you can use for research references and study.
In addition to learning the how, what and when of herbalism you will also learn the does and don'ts in our herb drug vitamin interaction class.
If you are living abroad outside the USA you must arrange for your own shipping from the USA.

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